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Metabolic Impact of Exogenous Ketone Drinks
Ketogenic diets restrict carbohydrate intake and induce nutritional ketosis, which has been associated with weight loss and improvements in other therapeutic areas as well. Adherence to the ketogenic diet can be challenging, however, so what if nutritional ketosis could be achieved or supported by the consumption of exogenous ketones?

This is the question that researchers from the University of Oxford sought to answer through a series of well-designed metabolic studies recently published in Frontiers in Physiology. Short-term effects on ketone bodies and metabolic markers were assessed following the consumption of ketone drinks in the ketone ester and ketone salt forms...

Clinical Pearls for Weight Management
Drs. Kirti Salunkhe and Christopher Keroack
Christopher Keroack, MD

In this podcast, Kirti Salunkhe, MD and Christopher Keroack, MD discuss nutritional strategies for weight management. Key topics they explore include obesity-induced inflammation, diet plans based on gene testing, and the ketogenic diet's impact on weight loss
Dr. Keroack is known for organically blending classical and alternative medicine for a balanced approach to patient care and healing

The "411" on Vitamin D for Women

Vitamin D research and daily news headlines are ubiquitous, but vetting and translating the wealth of information on this essential fat-soluble vitamin can be challenging. 

Women are busy, multi-tasking pros. Personalized takeaways are ideal, so, ladies, here's the "411" on vitamin D. Let's explore commonly asked, female-centric questions about the ever-popular vitamin D...
Webinar Series with Michael Nova, MD, PhD
Part 2: Deeper Dive into Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenomics investigates the interaction of nutrition and genes, particularly as they relate to disease prevention and treatment. Explore part 2 of the 4-part webinar series featuring Dr. Michael Nova, MD, PhD as he  discusses nutrigenomics in precision medicine

HCPs who are educated on genetic risk information are better equipped to screen patients and implement targeted nutrition therapies to affect health outcomes...

To access Part 1: Nutrigenomics and Precision Medicine  click here

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