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A letter from the President
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NADRA Member Spotlight: CAMO
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NADRA Launches CPAC - Download the form
Upcoming Events: NADRA Meeting, Atlanta
Upcoming Events: Deck Evaluation Class
Deck for a Soldier Update
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Too often we fall into a trap- “What’s In It For Me”. Yes, of course, we need to protect the bottom line and grow our businesses in the most profitable ways possible. But what if we get so focused on pinching pennies in our marketing budgets that we overlook greater opportunities to expand our industry’s boundaries? What if we are so worried about sterilized advertising metrics that we miss an opportunity to discover an untapped market?
NADRA was founded with the sole purpose of helping this small, fractured segment of the greater construction industry grow, mature, and provide a better living for us all- while making our clients lives better, allowing them to relax and entertain outside more often, and with a safety and security that only comes from a well-designed and properly-built outdoor living environment constructed with the best materials available.
With increased regularity we see news reports of yet another deck collapse, a balcony railing that gave way, or an unscrupulous contractor who skipped town after cashing the deposit check. Each publicized negative event sets those of us as professionals in this industry back yet again- and gives the regulators and government agencies more reason to restrict and regulate our every move.
Let’s resolve as the industry’s association to work together better; to be willing to step up, and to reach out to others whenever possible to continue our collective education and best practices, and to explore opportunities to “grow the pie” we all feed our families with. We have so many incredible opportunities available through NADRA to get involved! Give the friendly folks at HQ a call, or drop them an email, and let’s see what we can do to work together, and help each other grow.

At your service,
Matt Breyer 
President, North American Deck and Railing Association
When choosing materials for deck construction, it is imperative to understand the difference between Above Ground pressure treated wood versus Ground Contact pressure treated wood. The American Wood Protection Association updated their standards in 2016 to state that some physically above the ground locations require Ground Contact treatment. READ MORE
NADRA Member Spotlight:
Member Name:    Greg Hartman
Member Category:   Manufacturer
Location:   Bristol, CT
A note from NADRA HQ: Greg Hartmann has been a proud supporter of NADRA for over 12 years. He has continuously added tremendous value in the companies he has represented over the years. We are so very grateful for Greg’s dedication to NADRA, and his passion for this industry. Thank you, Mr. Hartmann.  

What inspired you to join NADRA?     Email generated by NADRA Facebook post

When did you first get involved with this industry?  2001

What was the first thing you ever built?    Tiger Claw Clips

We want to get to know you, please tell us a little about your business:  General Manager of National Nail Northeast. Manufacturer of CAMO deck fasteners. We supply fasteners for over 250,000 decks every year.

How do you define success? P erpetual growth. As a business and as an individual.

What advice would you like to share with fellow members that you have learned in your career?   Always be innovating. If you are not working on something new your competitors will pass you by. READ MORE
* A Member Spotlight winner will be chosen each month. For a chance to win, please fill out the questionnaire found    here  
Increase your company’s bottom line. Haven Underdeck is your new resource for purchasing underdeck systems and accessories you can use to enhance your client’s outdoor living experience.
Haven Underdeck ships materials across the United States and Canada for the DIY and contractor markets. Southeastern Underdeck is the installation source for South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.  READ MORE
NADRA is pleased to introduce the NADRA CPAC (Consumer Product Awareness Charter) program.

Dear NADRA Member,

As we have seen in many other industries, when consumers lack confidence due to some “bad eggs” the government often steps in to impose regulations. The increasing media attention on frequent deck/balcony failures and increased deck code development programs point to and support an inherent lack of consumer and distributor confidence.

As “the independent", association for the deck and railing industry, NADRA stands as an impartial advocate for our industry, and its consumers. Our reputation and unique position demanded we develop a “Consumer Awareness” program that would allow our industry leaders to help self-regulate our products through standardized testing protocols supported by independent external verification. Read full letter from NADRA President HERE .

Sign up to download the form HERE
Upcoming Event: NADRA Southeast Region Meeting:
What: Industry pros from the Atlanta, GA area will be meeting for a networking event.
When: Tuesday , March 6, 2018
Where: The Ivy Buckhead.
Sponsors: Opportunities are available.
Please email for more details.
Guest Speaker: Gary Massey, CPA: Will speak about
tax changes and how they will impact our industry.
Registration: SIGN UP HERE
Upcoming Event: NADRA Deck Evaluation Class:

What: NADRA will host this one of a kind educational opportunity, The Deck Evaluation Class. Just in time for Spring to offer Deck Inspections. Learn more HERE
When: Tuesday, March 26th from 8am - 1pm
Where: Caitlyn and Cody's - Quakertown, PA
Sponsors: $250 Sponsorship includes: Table display, logo on email and online marketing of the event, thank you & mention at the onset and conclusion of class.
Registration for attendees and sponsors: Sign up online HERE
Currently accepting labor and material pledges for the next Deck for a Soldier® build in New Jersey:

The New Jersey crew is making some headway.  The building permit is in hand & the town graciously waived all related fees. This is a wrap around porch and roof on a home in Bloomingdale, NJ. The soldier was honorably discharged with a severe back injury after serving two tours in Iraq. This Veteran has been commander of VFW and American Legion posts.  He has attended over 2000 Veteran funerals.  We are currently looking for labor and material pledges from NADRA members. Following are some of the materials we are in need of for this build: READ MORE
Most decks are supported by posts and whatever is underneath that post can be considered a post footer. The essential function of a post footer is to increase the surface area over which the weight of the structure is disbursed. The weight of the deck, usually measured as dead load, live load, and snow load, is transferred downward through the post. By using a footer at the bottom of your post-hole, the weight is spread over a larger area, preventing the post from sinking. AG-CO, a NADRA member, makes FootingPad®, an innovative composite post footer. READ MORE
New NADRA Members: (from January 2018)
One win doesn’t guarantee another, so TWCT (Train, Win, Celebrate, Train)

According to Forbes, approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month, but more employer businesses shut down than start up each month. This statistic may either surprise you or confirm what you already know. Yes, TWCT is something that I just made up, but its overall concept is not uncommon to top performers. Are you a top performer? If so, then you probably live these principles daily. READ MORE
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