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Discover the Elements in White Cliffs Country

Walking in White Cliffs Country

In this place let your imagination take you back to the first chaos of the world, to that state of things when the waters were separated from the dry land, and light from darkness and no living thing was yet on the face of the earth.

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As Seen on TV... Fake or Fortune BBC iPlayer

The White Cliffs TV Watch BBC's Fake or Fortune - Turner: A Miscarriage of Justice where Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould investigate three landscapes once thought to be by JMW Turner of landscapes in Kent.

Experience the raw beauty of White Cliffs Country as Turner did this Autumn.
The Beacon at St. Margaret's Bay - JMW Turner

The Beacon Light - painted by JMW Turner circa 1845 at St. Margaret's Bay, Kent 


Discover the interaction of the four elements during this most dramatic season.

Stand below our country's most iconic geographical landmark, the magnificent white cliffs representing earth; great monoliths standing firm against the crashing waves of water from the often tempestuous seas of the English Channel.


Embrace the South-westerly wind that blows in air rich with saline ozone developing ruddy-fresh faces of intrepid souls taking in the taste of nature along the coastline and cliff tops.


Open your eyes to the final element of fire represented by the sun, as it sends flashes of silver searing across the iron grey seas through breaks in the cloud-laden, brooding autumnal skies.

Like Turner, find your bolt-hole from convention in this stunning corner of Kent. Take in a refreshing breath of sea air in a place with "the loveliest skies in all of Europe".


  Jubilee Beacon at. Margaret's Bay

The Jubilee Beacon - by GA Oakley at St. Margaret's Bay 2012 


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