News about Simulations and Experiential Learning
Welcome to the first Experiential Learning Newsletter - Three times a year  on experiential learning topics for practical class room use.

Maybe we all live in a simulation 

A notion recently debated at the Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate,  American Museum of Natural History, 2016 


  1.  –Have a natural position in learning cycle
  2. Can implement and match to learning objectives
  3. –Can have little or no involvement with the professor
  4. –Implement academic and practical knowledge
  5. –Increase student engagement 
  6. Stimulate discussion
  7. Provide metrics for grading
  8. Provide an exploratory learning environment
  9. Can be inexpensive
  10. Are fun, and engaging
Stay with us for future editions as we discuss learning through simulations, provide topic news and insights in using simulations in the classroom.