June 2014 Newsletter
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Experts Weigh In on Third Party Risk

Risk professionals and regulators at the 7th Annual Shared Assessments Summit discussed the increased regulatory and industry focus on third party risk. 

Shared Assessments gathered another impressive set of risk professionals and regulators at the 7th Annual Shared Assessments Summit to address this year's theme, The Changing Landscape: Moving from Risk Management to Risk Assurance.


We asked industry experts speaking at our event to comment on risk management trends, best practices, and prevention strategies to manage the risks associated with third party service providers. Among the comments received included:


"The regulators have made it clear that from an ownership perspective there's virtually no distinction between first- and third party data risk. In that environment, market and supplier vigilance is no longer a luxury-it's a necessity."
-Atul Vashistha, founder and CEO, Neo Group


"The best way to prevent a data breach is to have a robust program to assess how your vendors are managing data risks. That's the only control you have."
-Catherine A. Allen, chairman and CEO, 
The Santa Fe Group.


"Continually assessing vendor program and related controls is one of the best ways to reduce uncertainty around managing third party risks."
-Mark Holladay, chief risk officer, Synovus Financial Corporation 


"The best risk management program within an organization means nothing if compliance is outsourced along with production. Risk management must extend to organizations' vendors to drive a full-fledged governance program."
-Kenneth P. Mortensen, Esq., attorney and counselor at law; privacy, cybersecurity, and governance counselor


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Commonly asked questions asked and answered


How do we know when it's best to use the SIG Lite vs. the full SIG?



There are several situations where the SIG Lite is frequently a company's best option, they include:

  1. Using the SIG Lite during vendor selection to obtain an initial assessment of their security and data privacy practices.
  2. Assessing lower risk vendors (those that do not have access to customer data or systems)
  3. When initially developing a third party risk program, the SIG Lite is a great way to become familiar with using vendor questionnaires moving up to the full SIG as your program becomes more mature, and you have a better ability to risk rank your vendors.


Vendors and service providers are top targets for data breach attacks;
experts suggest best practices to move from risk management to risk assurance. 

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OCC Guidance 2013-29
Federal Reserve Guidance on Managing Outsourcing Risk
ISO/IEC 27001:2013
NIST: Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

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