Notes from Portland, Maine
Casey Gilbert
What I love about Portland
by Casey Gilbert, Executive Director

What I love about Portland, (among many other things) is the walkability. We have certainly been spoiled this year, with the great weather extending well into December. This has made for great walking! I see so many people out shopping, going to lunch and generally just meandering through the streets - soaking in all of the beautiful holiday decorations and sights of the city.

I enjoy regular walks with friends - Harold Pachios from Preti Flaherty and I make sure to meet up every couple of months and walk around Downtown. We talk about current news and issues and share strategies on how we can effect positive change in our city. Kara Wooldrik, from Portland Trails, and I take walks to different parts of the city - Downtown, the West End, Deering Oaks Park - and talk about what our organizations are doing and how we might collaborate. The fresh air and physical movement really help to brainstorm! Fun fact: Steve Jobs was famous for his walking meetings.
When I walk, especially if I am not in a hurry, I try to take the time to notice new things - the architectural detail on buildings, a store that just opened, a new sign, or new paint, or even a fresh window display. I love that Downtown is constantly changing and evolving and it is fun to notice and pay attention - much easier when you are on foot!
So, while the weather is still lovely (or even if it's not!), take the time and take a friend and...take a walk! You might discover something new or even re-discover a place you haven't been in a while. Stretch your legs, breathe in the fresh Maine air, and enjoy our walkable, beautiful Downtown.

Penelope St. Louis
Meet Penelope St. Louis
A Q & A with one of our board members

How long have you been on the board?

Two years.

What do you like most about what the board achieves?

The promotion of an energized and profitable Downtown.

Which topics are currently being addressed by the board?

Panhandling and smoking.

What makes the Portland Downtown mission meaningful to you?

As a resident of Portland, I have a vested interest in ensuring a thriving economy and environment which is diverse, educational and safe. Serving on the Portland Downtown board allows me to be a part of the pursuit of these goals with like-minded volunteers.

What do you do for work outside of volunteering for Portland Downtown ?

I'm a mother and an attorney.

What is your favorite hotspot (restaurant, coffee shop, bar) Downtown?

Gelato Fiasco.

What is one fun fact about Portland that others may not know about?

The Masonic Temple is an amazing building on the inside.

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