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Sweatshirt Chocolate

We made these great roomy and warm hooded sweatshirts expressing exactly how you feel and they are priced to fit every post-holiday budget.

Try to read these printed expressions without smiling and saying I know someone for whom that is perfect! (Maybe you?)

"My Favorite Color is Chocolate" printed in chocolate brown on heather grey in adult and some kids sizes. Only $16.

Sweatshirt Level

We all know someone who this will be perfect for ... Does this one sound like your teenager, your spouse or you? Let the world know. "On the 7th day, G-d created rest; I just took it to the next level!" Comes in grey and black sweatshirts with turquoise print in adult sizes. Only $16.

Sweatshirt Cute

And why not tell everyone exactly how you feel about your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew? This one tells it like it is, "This is what cute looks like!". In kids' sizes only. The sweatshirt comes in heather with purple print or navy with turquoise. Can you believe this super price - only $13!

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