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Eye on Irma
Hurricane Irma is expected to hit Florida Saturday night.  While many know the impact the storm already has made and is expected to make, Irma could also greatly affect seafood availability.  Stay updated with your sales agent regarding fresh seafood including Chilean Salmon, fresh Tilapia and more.  Almost all Chilean Salmon and Fresh Tilapia goes through Miami airport then distributed throughout the US.  Samuels has the freshest of both fish available, however, should there be disruptions regarding the airport, flights or trucking companies, product will become limited.  There is a variety of other seafood products sent to Miami International Airport including Mahi, Swordfish and Tuna.  In addition, the storm will be keeping fishermen and crabbers on land along the Gulf and Atlantic coast which may affect Shellfish such as Clams and Crabmeat to name a few.  It's hard to say how much product will be limited, we recommend staying prepared and in touch with your sales agent. Because Samuels sources from around the world, we will be able to provide you an alternative for everything, fresh and frozen.   To all of our friends, customers and suppliers down south, you're in our thoughts.

This Week's Fish Updates
Fluke season in New Jersey is open.  We received our first shipment from famous Viking Village and it quickly sold out.  We're also still bringing in quality fish from North Carolina and Fluke is still in high demand.  We hope catch conditions pick up for Jersey fishermen while we wait for the Rhode Island season to open on September 15 th.  Fresh Squid is also limited.  Our suppliers reported poor catch as Squid are not biting and most likely far off shore.  We're bringing in what is available and hope as the water temperature cools, the Squid begin to migrate and bite again, as this is sometimes the case in early fall. 
Rhode Island Black Sea Bass season also opens on the 15 th. The combination of Rhode Island and Massachusetts Black Bass catch should make it a good time for this excellent fish.  As fall begins, we also expect a very nice run of Bluefish, Monkfish, Porgies and Skate.  As the Massachusetts Wild Striped Bass season closed and we wait for the Rhode Island season to open on September 10 th, Stripers are limited.  Down south, we're expecting a shipment of American Red Snapper as the boats came in just before the hurricane and we also have the best selection of imported Snapper.  

Tuna. Big in size and popularity.  In the pacific, rough weather such as Typhoon Hato and a Tsunami warning off the coast of the Philippines are affecting Tuna availability all over the globe.  We expect availability to improve later in the week.  Another big fish, Swordfish, are looking terrific. The Grand Banks are providing the perfect waters for these fish to feed and provide for a shorter trip to Samuels than imported product.  You'll love Samuels Swordfish, ask your sales agent for a sample.  Fishermen are also catching other great eating fish including Mako, Wahoo and Escolar when they go out for Swordfish

Wild Salmon
As Wild Alaska Sockeye and King Salmon fishing is just about finished, we are still bringing in beautiful Wild Alaska Coho and Wild King Salmon from the Salish Sea.  The Salish Sea is bi national as it includes Washington's Puget Sound along with British Columbia islands.  Enjoy big, 11-19 lb fish from this clean and swift body of water while still available. Our customers are eating them up.

New For You
Fresh Greek fish are quickly becoming a favorite delicacy of chefs everywhere.  Along with Samuels Bronzino, Dorade, Trout and Stone Bass, we will bring in Red Sea Bream from Greece.  Red Sea Bream has a resemblance to Japanese  Madai Snapper and can also be enjoyed in smaller plate sized offerings.  Any fan of high quality Bream and Snapper will love this fish with it's white, tender, sashimi quality meat.  Stay tuned for more!

Bream Me Up, Scotty.  Get Your Hands on Greek Red Sea Bream
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