FAQs about COVID Testing

Last week we announced that Senesh will require routine COVID-19 testing on 25% of Senesh families and Senesh faculty weekly. Based on parent feedback we have created a window for testing to take place. You can get the test between the date you received, which is a Thursday, and the Sunday after that date.

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about this testing.

Q: I didn’t receive an email with my test dates - can you resend it?
A: Emails with testing dates went out on Friday, October 23. Please contact Stephanie Gomez in the office at office2@hannahsenesh.org if you didn’t receive the email with testing dates. Students who are doing the full time remote streaming for in-person learning program do not need to get tested. 

Q: The testing dates I got were on a Thursday, but I work that day. Can I go over the weekend?
A: We set all student test dates for Thursdays, but it is fine to get the test done by the end of that weekend. This gives parents some wiggle room. 

Q: I received two dates on the email. Which one do I get tested on?
A: If there are two dates listed, please plan to get tests on both those dates (or by the Sunday after those dates at the latest.)

Q: Do just the students need to get tested or does the whole family need to get tested?
A: Only Senesh students need to get tested; not their parents (unless you are a parent who does lunch volunteer duty) or non-Senesh siblings.

Q: I am a parent who volunteers to come in for lunch. Do I need to get tested?
A: Yes, please get tested on the same date as your child(ren). Thank you!
Q: Why are we adding this new practice?
A: With a growing number of COVID clusters in Brooklyn, we believe this is an important practice for our safety plan; and one that is being implemented in many schools across the city.
Q: What type of COVID tests are required?
A: COVID-19 PCR/Nasal Swab Test. Antigen rapid tests will not be accepted as they are not as accurate.  

Q: Where do I get tested?
A: You can get tested anywhere, but we recommend this testing site in Red Hook, which does not require an appointment, currently does not have a wait upon arrival, is free, and has a 36-48 hour turn-around time.
NYC Health + Hospitals:
Red Hook Recreation Center
155 Bay Street, Brooklyn
Monday – Sunday, 9:00am-7:00pm

PM Pediatrics is still an excellent choice, but we wanted to offer the above location, which does the less invasive nasal swab.

Q: What do I do with the test results?
A: Please email them to Director of Operations Nathalie Cabot and the school nurse.
Q: Can my child come to school while awaiting test results?
A: Yes. Students may attend school in-person while awaiting test results.