Ohio Family and Consumer Sciences
March 19, 2015
Ohio FCCLA State Leadership Goals

As the 2015 State FCCLA Leadership Conference nears, the Ohio FCCLA staff would like to share with you the goals we have for your experience at the 2015 conference.


Throughout this year, we have challenged you to "Unmask Your Potential" through participation in various events. This years state conference is no exception! We hope to drive engagement of all FCCLA members through workshops, service projects, and exciting conference sessions. We will create an atmosphere of poise and professionalism among all FCCLA members as we award them for their accomplishments throughout the 2014-15 school year. Our goal is to reduce the cost of attendance to our conference (only $25 to attend!), ensuring that any member, adviser, or guest is capable and welcome to attend. Our vision for this conference is to provide 2,500 members, advisers, and guests with the Ultimate Leadership Experience! Let's work together to reach these goals and celebrate 70 years of Ohio FCCLA!


Leah Amstutz
Assistant Director
Career-Technical Education
25 South Front Street | Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183
(614) 644-5924| (614) 644-6720 |

State Leadership Conference


Lead Advisers Are Still Needed!


Leads are still needed for the following competitions. If you are interest in chairing one of these events please contact Mary Jo Kohl at maryjo.kohl@education.ohio.gov.


Thursday at Ohio Expo Center:

Hospitality, Tourism and Rec

Wednesday at The Ohio State University Union:

Dining Room Attendant- OSU Union
Culinary Room Attendant- OSU Union
Meeting Room Set up- OSU Union
Applied Math and Culinary- OSU Union


State Conference Workshops:

Look at the exciting conference workshops we have scheduled.

1.     Learn more about National FCCLA With Blake Miller Ohio's own National Officer
2.     Learn the true impact that irresponsible driving can have in a session with Impact Teen

3.     Where do you keep your leadership skills? Learn more about bring out your leadership

        skills in the workshop, Leadership from the cupboard
4.     Learn more about how to manage your money and create healthier spending habits
5.     Listen and learn how to avoid domestic violence through "Tina's Story" of a domestic

6.     Learn how you can help to fight childhood hunger with the Children Hunger Alliance
7.     Get your 60 minutes of activity with the Fuel up to play 60 program. Learn how you can

        bring it to your school
8.     How safe are you? Learn more about your online security and how to protect your

        identity online

More exciting workshops to come.....

Mock Crash:

The Ohio State Highway Patrol and Ohio FCCLA are partnering together to hold a mock crash at this year's conference. The mock crash will take from 1-3 and all FCCLA members are have the opportunity to experiences this life changing event.

Buy your FCCLA gear from Ohio & Alumni Associates 

Alumni Sales Stores

National Winners of Online Events:

Digital Stories: Junior Category - Delphos Jefferson Middle School
Occupational - Greenville High, Apollo Career Center ECE II, Penta Career Center

FCCLA Chapter Website: Junior Category - Anthony Wayne Middle School, Delphos Jefferson Middle School, Occupational - Apollo Career Center Senior ECE II, Penta -Perrysburg High

No Kid Hungry: Junior Category - Delphos Jefferson Middle School, Senior - Anthony Wayne High School, Benjamin Logan High School, Newton High School, Occupational - Greenville High


Congratulations to all of the Winners!


Farewell video

Farewell To Past State Adviser Paulette Farago, Clifford "Poppy" Collins, Momma Glad

On Friday, April 24th we will bid special farewell for three spectacular supports of FCCLA. If you wish to video tape a few words we will be at the Ohio FFA Center on March 25th from 9:00 am -7:00 pm. feel free to stop in anytime. We are looking for digital pictures that chapters have of these wonderful people feel free to submit them at:) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B12yhIQ1q56cTUxhaU5oSktVUkE&authuser=1 All submissions need to be into this folder by April 3rd. Help  celebrate Past State Adviser Farago, Poppy and Momma Glad.
FCCLA State Leadership T-Shirt Order Form

All orders will be handled by Ohio FCCLA Alumni & Associates. This is your INVOICE. Please send (or bring to State Leadership Conference) and make check payable to:

Ohio FCCLA A&A                                      ORDERS DUE BY March 26, 2015

Phil Foutz, Treasurer                               Email: papafoutz@hotmail.com

3195 Oxford Millville Rd.                        Cell: 513-407-5128 for questions

Oxford, OH 45056


Chapter/School Name___________________________Adviser_____________________


School Address_________________________________Adviser email________________


Adviser Phone_______________________(in case of questions on the order)


Please mark total sizes needed per chapter.




_____________ Small     x     $10.00             _____________     2X-Large x $15.00


 _____________ Medium x   $10.00             _____________     3X-Large x   $15.00


______________Large     x   $10.00              _____________    4X-Large   x $15.00


______________X-Large x   $10.00               _____________   TOTAL SHIRTS


                                                                            $______________TOTAL DUE


No extra shirts will be available at the State Leadership Conference.  Pre-sale orders only. T-shirts should be considered souvenir attire only, not a part of official dress for the conference.


Order Deadline: March 26th


Shirts will be available for pick up in the Lausche-Youth Discovery Building where the Career Expo takes place at the A&A Sales Booth.



Modification to WebXam Proctor Requirement

CETE, the maintainer of WebXam, works with the Ohio Department of Education, Office of Career-Technical Education to balance score credibility with administrative burdens.  In the 2013-2014 school year, CETE and the Ohio Department of Education established a proctoring policy for Ohio CTE testing.  Part of this policy was the requirement that tests be proctored by an employee who is not a teacher of the area being tested.  For the 2014-2015 school year, the wording was as follows:

An individual who proctors a test for a student must

*        be a paid employee of the school district.
*        not be a student, student teacher, or unpaid volunteer.
*        not currently be a teacher of the course being tested.

After reviewing the test security policy, to help facilitate the testing process the Ohio Department of Education and CETE are removing the requirement that the test proctor not be a teacher in the area being tested.  In other words, teachers will be permitted to proctor their own tests.

Effective March 6, 2015, the WebXam Ohio Career-Technical Education Testing System Test Security Rule Book is modified to say the following:

An individual who proctors a test for a student must

*        be a paid employee of the school district.
*        not be a student, student teacher, or unpaid volunteer

The policy is in effect as of March 6, and districts can begin proctoring in accordance with these revised requirements. Districts may at their discretion continue to follow the withdrawn requirement, using proctors who are not the teacher.  However, this is now a district-level decision and no longer required.

All other rules regarding test confidentiality and participant responsibility remain in place, as part of our effort to maintain fair, reliable, and valid CTE tests for Ohio (score credibility). Please contact WebXam Support at webxam@osu.edu or 614-292-4988 with any questions about this change


Welcome New Staff Member

Kelly Jung earned her bachelor's degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education from Ashland University in 2010. During her career she taught at Delphos Jefferson High School as a Vantage Career Center Satellite for one year. She continues her career at Plymouth High School where she taught for 4 years. During her time at Plymouth High School she served one year as a state officer adviser and worked on the committee to write the newest state FCS standards. She is excited to serve at your Co-State FCCLA adviser and Educational Program Specialist for Family and Consumer Sciences Education.


2015 Youth Scholarship Applications due April 1

National FCCLA offers several scholarships to student members who plan to further their education after high school. To learn more about our amazing scholarship opportunities and to apply visit our website at: http://www.fcclainc.org/content/youth-scholarship-applications/. Deadline for applications is April 1, 2015 so apply today!

2015 FCCLA NLC Youth Workshop Proposals Due April 1

We invite all advisers to encourage members to submit a Youth Workshop proposal for the 2015 National Leadership Conference. All proposals must be submitted online via survey monkey. While you fill out the proposal form, keep in mind our theme for this year's National Leadership Conference, "Together We Are Healthy." By featuring youth presenters, FCCLA empowers members to share ideas and successful projects, engage in problem solving, enhance their presentation skills and meet new people from their region and across the nation. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, April 1, 2015. 

Teacher Resource

Facebook Link to Family and Consumer Sciences

This link will take you to the log-in page and once you log-in you will be directed to the Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher link.  You must have a Facebook account to utilize this.


Below is the link for google sites in which documents, lessons, etc. are being posted.


Job Posting

Georgetown, Ohio 45121
March 12, 2015 

The following position will be available in the Georgetown Exempted Village School District for the 2015-2016 school year.  Interested parties who wish to apply for this position should notify Superintendent.



Qualifications:  Current Licensure Required: Family and Consumer Sciences 4-12


Interested applicants should submit: 


1)   Letter of Interest
2)   Completed Application  (can be found on our website at www.gtown.k12.oh.us)
3)   Resume
4)   Current BCII and FBI background checks

Application deadline:  March 20, 2015


For further information, contact:  Christopher Burrows, Superintendent
Georgetown Exempted Village Schools
1043 Mt. Orab Pike
Georgetown, OH 45121
(937)  378-3730


Vacancy posting requirements:

1)    Posted internally to all staff (5 days)
2)    Posted externally to public (day 6 until position is filled)


Poppy's Challenge Update

State Farm� Youth Advisory Board (YAB) service-learning grant applications are available beginning March 1 until May 1.  These grants range from $25,000 - $100,000 and are designed to create sustainable change in local communities across the United States. Public K-12 schools, charter schools, higher education institutions, and non-profit organizations are eligible if they are able to demonstrate how they plan to impact student achievement within the public K-12 curriculum. All applicants must have a youth contact and adult administrator, as the programs must be youth-driven and youth-led.


Each grant request must fall under one of these issue areas, chosen by the board itself:

* Community Safety and Justice
* Environmental Responsibility
* Economic Inclusion and Financial Literacy
* Access to Higher Education
* Health and Wellness
* Arts and Culture 


As of August 2014, eight years after the initial launch of the YAB, the board has awarded more than $31.4 million in grants to organizations in the U.S. and Canada and impacted approximately 18.1 million lives.

Find out more at www.sfyab.com! You can also check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!  

Won't you consider making a donation now?  Most Ohio FCCLA members know of State Grandparent Clifford "Poppy" Collins.  He has challenged Ohio FCCLA members, family and friends to raise $5000 which he will match as a gift for future generations.  We are halfway to our goal.
You can send your donations to Ohio FCCLA Endowment, C/O Marlene Jones, P.O. Box 114, Liberty Center, OH 43532 or simply follow this link to make your donation online and view "Poppy's Challenge" video www.ohiofcclaendowment.com (credit cards my be used online).
Thank you for your support and generosity. Deadline is April 1, 2015.
Ohio FCCLA Endowment Board of Trustees

Code of Regulation

Code of Regulations


One on the items of business for The Ohio FCCLA Annual Conference Business Session
will be approval of the Ohio FCCLA Association Code of Regulations (former Ohio
FCCLA Constitution and Bylaws).  The Code of Regulations is posted on the Ohio
FCCLA website for your review.


This process began in the fall of 2012, with a directive from the Office of Career-
Technical Education Leadership that all five Career-Technical Education Student
Organizations have their current Constitution and Bylaws reviewed by outside legal
council to ensure compliance with non-profit organization law.  Ohio FCCLA
Association was the second Career-Technical Student Organization assigned to
execute the directive and begin the process in the Fall of 2014.  Barrett, Easterday,
Cunningham, and Eselgroth LLP law firm was contracted to complete the
scope of work.
In December of 2014, the 1st draft was presented to the Ohio FCCLA Board of
Directors.  A committee was established to review and make recommendations to the
Ohio FCCLA Board of Directors.   In March of 2015, the Ohio FCCLA Board approved
the final Code of Regulations document unanimously. 


After the meeting of the Ohio FCCLA Board of Directors, the proposed Code of
Regulations was posted to the Ohio FCCLA Association's website to be accessible to
the Ohio FCCLA member delegates.   

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