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Hello from FDRS! 

There are 3 photo albums now available on the FDRS SmugMug account from the April conference that you can access. You can download your favorites for your personal use - no blackmail, please!
* An album of photos Connie took
* An album of photo booth photos
* An album for photos that anyone can upload to (share your favorite candids!)

Please do NOT send the links or passwords out!! These are just for conference attendees now, so you can review them and ask us to take down anything you do not approve of. You can now download photos that you like for the rest of May.

On June 1st, we will turn off the "download" function and set the permissions to public, so everyone can see the photos. At that time, we'll send the photos out for the world to see  - just in time for LIPEDEMA AWARENESS MONTH.

We put the FDRS copyright watermark on these photos, which should help cut down on people 'borrowing' the photos and re-purposing them.

To see the photos taken by Connie

Password 2016fdrs4810

To see the photo booth photos

Password 2016fdrs4810

To see photos attendees have already uploaded

Password 2016fdrs4810

To download photos
1. Click on any of the 3 albums

2. Right click on the photo you want to save

How to upload your own photos
1. Click this link. It's the link to upload photos
2. Enter this password
Password 2016fdrs4810

3. Drag and drop photos here

4. Then, to see the folder of all the photos uploaded by everyone, click this link

We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we did. 

FDRS Board and Staff
Cheyenne, Yvonne, Laura, Nancy, Felicitie, Danielle and Shannon