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OCTOBER 31, 2015


Dear NCISS members,
Congress is acting to protect employers and fight unfair Department of Labor rules! 

**Fighting the National Labor Relations Board**  
We have set up a new link in the NCISS Advocacy Hub to send a quick letter to your Members of Congress supporting pro-business language in both the House and Senate.
Click on Support Workplace Fairness
  • Then click on "select this recipient" and the letter will populate with information asking your Members of Congress to support t the "Protecting Local Business Opportunity Act". All you have to do is sign your name, fill out your name, address, and email below and click "SUBMIT."  
You have sent a letter  supporting legislation supporting legislation that would overturn the NLRB's recent Browning-Ferris decision! 
It will take you not more than a minute!  

If you prefer to write the letter on your letterhead and submit it as an attachment from your own email, the same letter is below for your convenience. You can copy and paste it on your stationary. 

(Member of Congress)



Dear _____________,

As a constituent and member of the National Council of Investigative and Security Services (NCISS), I write to urge you to support the Protecting Local Business Opportunity Act (S. 2015/H.R. 3549), and if necessary, do whatever you can to ensure that the policies embodied in the legislation are included in the eventual FY2016 finding package.

This legislation will restore the longstanding "joint employer" standard under the National Labor Relations Act-a standard that has paved the way for franchisors, franchisees, contractors, subcontractors and other businesses to create millions of jobs and has allowed hundreds of thousands to achieve the American dream of small business ownership.

On August 27, 2015, the NLRB issued its decision in Browning-Ferris Industries overturning the 30 year-old "joint employer" standard for determining, with respect to a certain group of employees, when one company is liable for the labor practices of another separate company under the NLRA. Until the Board's recent ruling, two separate entities were only considered "joint-employers" when they both exercised "direct and immediate" control over "essential terms and conditions of employment." In Browning-Ferris Industries, the Board announced it will now also impose joint employer liability where an entity has "indirect" control and "unexercised potential" of control over another entity's employees.

As noted by the Board's two dissenting members, this new rule will "subject countless entities to unprecedented new joint-bargaining obligations that most do not even know they have, to potential liability for unfair labor practices and breaches of collective bargaining agreements, and to economic protest activity, including what have heretofore been unlawful secondary strikes, boycotts and picketing."

The decision threatens to disrupt hundreds of thousands of business relationships to the detriment of entrepreneurs, other small businesses and their employees. We urge you to support this essential legislation and urge Congress to pass it quickly.



Licensed Private Investigator
Regardless if you chose to send your letter through 
the Advocacy Hub or on your own letterhead as an attachment, 
please do  one or the other as quickly  as you can. 

If we work together, we can make a difference!
Brad Duffy
Brad Duffy
Legislative Chair - Security
National Council of Investigation and Security Services
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