September 28, 2016
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Shimon Peres and FFEU

FFEU President Rabbi Marc Schneier and FFEU Chairman Russell Simmons expressed their admiration and deep respect for the late Shimon Peres: "We were very humbled and honored to receive his steadfast support to our global efforts in Muslim-Jewish relations. Shimon Peres, an indefatigable visionary of peace and coexistence, greatly inspired our work".   

In June 2012, Rabbi Marc Schneier and Russell Simmons were the keynote speakers at the Annual Presidential Conference hosted by President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem
Rabbi Schneier and Mr. Simmons addressed the conference, which was attended by international leaders and opinion makers. President Peres expressed his strong support for FFEU's mission.

Russell Simmons and Rabbi Marc Schneier presenting gift to Shimon Peres for his support of FFEU.

FFEU Leadership in action

FFEU President Rabbi Marc Schneier addressed the Israeli American Council Conference in Washington D.C. on Sept. 25. He encouraged and praised the initiative of ten American Muslim leaders who urged Hamas to release remains of Israeli soldiers. 

FFEU thanks Congressmen Keith Ellison and Andre Carson,  Dr. Sayyid Syeed, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Abdullah T. Antepli, Imam Talib M. Shareef, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf,  Imam Shamsi Ali, Amb. Akbar Ahmed and M. Ali Chaudry for joining this initiative. See JTA article

FFEU Chairman Russell Simmons joined the United American Muslim Day Parade in New York City on Sept. 25. The theme of the parade was "For God and Country". Speakers shared their concerns about the rise of Islamophobia and spoke out against terrorism and ISIS showing that there is no contradiction of being a good American and a good Muslim. 

Rabbi Marc Schneier addressing the Israeli American Council Conference on Sept. 25 
Russell attending the Muslim Parade Day in NYC with Imam Shamsi Ali and Khizr Khan

Join the 2016 Season of Twinning!

2016 Season of Twinning will commence on 10/20/2016 and continue until 1/31/2017! The international Season of Twinning will be held under the theme: 'Standing Together Against Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism.'

Join Thousands of Muslims and Jews around the world who will advocate for interfaith solidarity and oppose bigotry!  

See the leaflet to learn more about the Season of Twinning.

Please contact our Muslim-Jewish  Program  Director Walter Ruby at if you are in North America, South America, and the Southern Hemisphere. 

Please contact our European Director Samia Hathroubi  for North Africa and Europe.  

Washington DC Annual Unity Walk - 9/11 commemoration event

FFEU President Rabbi Marc Schneier delivered a powerful address  calling on people of all faith backgrounds to speak out against the dangers of anti-Muslim prejudice at the Islamic Center of Washington at the conclusion of the Annual Unity Walk in Washington DC on Sept 11, 2016.

Rabbi Marc Schneier speaks from podium 
alongside Rabbi Gerry Serotta, Executive Director, Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington 
FFEU Muslim-Jewish Program Director Walter Ruby and Adra Baylus join the Unity Walk with other interfaith leaders.

According to Rabbi Marc Schneier, "When American Muslims are under attack, we all have a responsibility to speak out and to defend and protect the rights of American Muslims in the U.S. As a rabbi, I believe that there is nothing more Jewish to do than to fight Islamophobia, and there is nothing more Christian to do than to fight Islamophobia."

Thousands of Washingtonians of all faiths took part in the Unity Walk, sponsored by the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, to build harmony between religions.
Muslims Are Speaking Out
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FFEU thanks Norman Lear for his support to the #MASO Campaign 

FFEU hosted a private luncheon in New York City to discuss the efforts spearheaded by the Foundation and its Muslims friends to combat Islamophobia. Legendary TV and film producer Norman Lear was the guest of honor of the luncheon. FFEU President Rabbi Marc Schneier and Secretary of the Board Ken Sunshine presented him with an award for his support of the MuslimsAreSpeakingOut Campaign. Imam Shamsi Ali, Young Entrepreneur Shafqat Islam, Daisy Khan, Comedian Dean Obeidallah and FFEU Executive Director Chris Sacarabany were among the attendees.

Mr. Lear said that his life experience led him to "see the other as an other me". He shared his vision of the American society today and wish for every citizens of the United States to be considered as human being and treated as such. 

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"On 9/11, Al Qaeda didn't just hijack planes, they hijacked a global religion of 1.6 billion people. It's my responsibility as a Muslim not to allow them to do that" - Daisy Khan
Khizr and Ghazala Khan Speak out as parents of a fallen US war hero: "We have reached out from our heart to other hearts. People have heard our voice. People have heard those sentiments, and it has touched them." 
"Being Muslim does not conflict  with being American #MASO - Norman Lear 

Russell Simmons on RT TV about Islamophobia 

#MASO PSA screened at ISNA 53rd convention

Walter Ruby and #MASO Muslims Are Speaking Out PSA filmmaker Laura Seltzer-Duny attended the Islamic Center of North America's (ISNA) 53rd Annual Convention #ISNA53 in Chicago on Sept. 4, 2016. They met Kizr and Ghazala Khan. MASO PSA was also screened at ISNA interfaith banquet. 

L-R: Khizr Khan, Laura Seltzer-Duny and Walter Ruby at ISNA 53rd Annual Convention 
 Screening of #MASO PSA at Interfaith Banquet at  ISNA  Convention 

The Mosque Cares' 27th Annual Muslim convention
FFEU was represented at The Mosque Cares' 27th Annual Muslim convention by Muslim-Jewish Program Director Walter Ruby

Mosque Cares President Warith Deen Mohammed II and Walter Ruby
Walter Ruby addresses the Mosque Cares' Convention 

Advocating for Muslim minorities

Supporting the Muslim Crimean Tatars

FFEU led #OurChildrenNow campaign on LaunchGood a fundraising effort to support the Crimean Muslim Tatars. Thanks to your generosity, our Tatars friends provided food, clothing and school supplies to nearly 100 children of Crimean Tatar men who have been arrested by Russian authorities in Crimea on trumped up charges and sentenced to lengthy jail sentences.
See the first pictures sent by from our friends on the field. Thank you once again for your support!

Supporting the Rohingyas 

On Sept. 19, 2016, the Jewish Alliance of Concern Over Burma (JACOB), a coalition of 16 national Jewish organizations and seminaries held a multi-faith rally in support of the Rohingya Muslims and other persecuted minority groups within Burma at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, First Avenue, NYC.
The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding-FFEU is one of the endorsers of this initiative speaking out against the violation of Rohingya's human rights. We praised Rabbi Simkha Weintraub and Adem Carroll for their coordination role to mobilize the Jewish and Muslim communities around this very important cause. 

Rabbi Simkha Weintraub, JACOB coordinator alongside with attendees at the rally supporting Rohingyas at Dag Hammarskjold Plazw


Samia Hathroubi's Take On Burkini Affair

FFEU European Director Samia Hathroubi was interviewed by media outlets after the burkini affair about the representation of French Muslims in the French society. 

She also highlighted the diversity among the Muslim communities in France and abroad regarding the hijab and it interpretations in the Islamic tradition a nd law. She stressed on the freedom of choices for women in France and in Muslim countries. 

Please see articles below! 

Intervention on Interfaith in Europe and France

Intervention on Interfaith in Europe and France with students from the French Institute of Political Science and "Science Po" Leading Institute. FFEU European Director Samia Hathroubi stressed on the advocacy work done by FFEU in Europe on common issues related to Jews and Muslims such as ritual slaughter and the fight against Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism.

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