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Principal's Message                                                    August 25, 2017

I wanted to share some thoughts in regard to teenagers and smartphone addiction. Studies show that smartphone addiction is becoming a major issue for all Americans. We live in a world where all of us are immersed in technology and information. I too, feel the constant need to have my phone out, checking texts, email, and news. I mentioned this last year, and as I observe classrooms and students on campus, it is hard to ignore the fact that teenagers today are becoming overly dependent on their smartphones. Teachers across the nation are learning how to understand and deal with the influx of smartphones in their classrooms. There is no easy answer, and certainly no magical way to handle the distractions the phones present our students. 

At Fountain Hills High School we are working with our students to be respectful and put their phones away during class. We highly encourage you to have a conversation with your child about smartphone usage at school. All of our teachers ask that all students put their phones away at the beginning of class. We also have cell phone "pockets" in each classroom where students can put their phones and keep an eye on them. I have noticed drastic improvements with our students and their usage of phones during class. However, it is always an uphill battle. 

I wanted to share with you this information in hope that we can work together to help our children enjoy technology in moderation, but also demonstrate digital citizenship based on respect for those they interact with, like their teachers.

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Football @ NAU Saturday

The 2017 football season kicks off this weekend at the Walkup Skydome on the campus of Northern Arizona University. The game will begin at 5:00 pm against Northwest Christian High School. Let's go Falcons!

A Word From Our School Resource Officer...

Hello Falcon Parents,
I am the Fountain Hills Unified School District's new School Resource Officer (SRO) Deputy Brooks. I am very much looking forward to serving the Falcons' community this year. My foremost concern is the safety and security of your children on campus, as well as, in our community. This sentiment is shared by every Deputy Sheriff serving Fountain Hills.
Now that school has begun, school zones are back. Please, Please, PLEASE, Slow Down! The speed limit for school zones is 15 mph. Tickets in school zones for speeding can be expensive. Yes, going one mile an hour over the posted speed limit is speeding. Our goal is to educate, rather than enforce this issue. The Deputy Sheriff's serving in Fountain Hills are asking you to slow down in the school zones and help keep our children safe. 

AP's Corner

Thanks to the Fountain Hills Coalition, FHHS will soon have new signage showing our commitment to a Tobacco, Alcohol, Drug, and Weapon free campus!

The support of groups like the Coalition are what make Fountain Hills such a great place to work!  In the short time I've been here the FH Coalition, the Mentor Council, The American Cancer Society, The Boys' and Girls' Club of Greater Scottsdale, and the Fountain Hills Library have all reached out to offer support for our school and students. You too can help support our students as they pursue extracurricular opportunities (AP tests, sports, clubs...)  through the AZ Tax Credit system.  Individuals can donate up to $200 and married couples can donate up to $400 per year.  Tax Credit donation forms can be found on the District webpage, under "Resources."  Donations to the general tax credit fund help us support a variety of opportunities for all students.

A Word From PTO...

We are so excited to announce that the FHUSD PTO is now a part of our high school. This nonprofit parent teacher organization now runs from pre-school all the way to 12th grade. They provide our district with so many incredible gifts and donations, made possible through your  $20  membership, which includes the iconic PTO discount card. We look forward to them on our campus where they have pledged to provide our teachers with a monthly appreciation luncheon. Pick up your membership form and discount card at the front office, or register online at  www.fhusdpto.org .

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Volleyball Home Games @ 4:00 5:00 & 6:00pm
JV Football Home Game @ 6:00pm
9/4 Labor Day - No School
9/6 Coffee with Cain @ 9:00am

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