Volume V, Issue 13

March 26, 2018
Trump Signs 2018 Budget, With Some Big Wins for Healthcare
Alicia Ault reports for Medscape on March 23, 2018 that President Donald J. Trump signed the huge $1.3 trillion budget bill today that will fund the federal government through the rest of its fiscal 2018 year, including some big increases for health programs and money to fight the opioid crisis.

According to Ms. Ault:
  • HHS is set to receive $78 billion, a $10 billion increase.
  • CMS would receive $4 billion for administrative expenses.
  • The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology had been slated for a huge budget cut under the Trump Administration's request for 2018, but Congress instead approved a $60 million budget.
  • The HHS's Office of Civil Rights, which monitors violations of the HIPAA, was due to receive $33 million under the Trump request, but the new spending bill gives the office $38.7 million.
  • Funding to address the opioid crisis was given a $2.55 billion, or 244%, increase, to $3.6 billion
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The difficult conversations physicians have with patients
Hospitalist Uzma Khan, MD details how difficult it is to manage the health of a non-compliant patient with multiple chronic conditions, in a March 21, 2018 KevinMD post.

It's rarely talked about but ultimately each individual is responsible for their own health. An infinite supply of healthcare clinicians and government programs cannot save a patient unable or unwilling to participate in the treatment plan.
8 Predictions 
In a blog post last week, BDO's CPA's and healthcare consultants offer eight predictions for the U.S. healthcare industry including:

Amazon becomes a PBM and an ISP
Walmart dives into the sector
Financial woes for safety-net facilities
More cyber security challenges 

This is a great read for all healthcare stakeholders and offers powerful insights into healthcare's future.



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