Volume IV, Issue 14

April 3, 2017
Engaging Patients to Optimize Medication Adherence 
An NEJM Catalyst post dated March 29, 2017 examines the problem of medication non-adherence:

...for many Americans, taking their medications according to their health care provider's instructions is a challenge. About half of patients with chronic diseases don't take their medication as prescribed.

Medication non-adherence has important health consequences, ranging from decreased quality of life and poorly managed symptoms to death. But the implications of medication non-adherence extend beyond the individual; non-adherence is also associated with significant societal costs.

In this article, the authors highlight the challenges associated with medication non-adherence, describe the potential factors that contribute to this public health problem, and explore possible solutions that will help us to move the needle toward greater medication adherence. 
Millennials are the ones who will fix health care
Jamie Katuna (a medical student), in a March 29 video posted to Facebook, declares:

Every old generation
Thinks the new one is mistaken 
And so every new generation
Is made fun of and hated
This old adage has been true for ages so
Just embrace it
Because we dictate the future
We are powerful - don't waste it

According to Ms. Katuna:

Yeah - This system sucks
And it is not "because" of us
But we're here now so we're responsible
To fix it up
Obscene Profits: Key West Commissioner Takes on CHS 
Pru Sowers, in a March 27, 2017 KONK Life post, reports on a dispute between the city of Key West and Franklin, TN based Community Health Systems (CHS).

CHS owned Lower Keys Medical Center (LKMC) and Key West officials have had a contentious relationship since last year when city commissioners voted to explore reverting the hospital back to public ownership after hundreds of patients complained of aggressive billing practices and poor care quality at the hospital.

Richard Payne, a Key West Commissioner, said the hospital needs to do more to lower costs, pointing out that CHS recorded a 32 percent profit margin on LKMC in 2015.

"Your hospital has a monopoly. You're 50 miles away from your nearest competitor," Mr. Payne said. "A 32 percent profit [margin] when the national average is 7 percent is obscene and unconscionable."



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