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March 16, 2017
Volume VIII |  Issue 11     
Accessing and Amending Medical Records 
Bill Kanich, MD | Mutual Matters

Case Study #1
During an exam, Mr. Smith admits to his doctor that he used alcohol heavily in the past. The doctor notes this in the patient's progress note. Subsequently, Mr. Smith applies for life insurance and learns that he is denied on the basis of the doctor's note. Mr. Smith is upset and contacts his doctor to request an amendment of his medical record.

Case Study #2
Divorced parents are fighting over the custody of their two-year-old son. The mom calls the child's provider and asks that information be added to her son's medical record regarding a recent injury. She suggests that the injury could be the result of the father's neglect.


The CBO Report on the American Health Care Act in as Few Words as I Can Manage 
Aaron Carroll, MD, MS | The Incidental Economist

The Congressional Budget Office is charged with producing independent analyses of budgetary and economic issues to support the Congressional budget process. It's a nonpartisan office, and its current director was appointed by the Republicans in Congress. Keith Hall is not generally considered a fan of the ACA, and you can go read some glowing quotes about him by then-Congressman and now- HHS Secretary Tom Price here.
Let's be frank: the CBO report doesn't look good for the AHCA. Let's divide its findings into a number of domains in order to understand it more fully.

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AI provides an urgent solution to evolving ransomware threats facing healthcare
Evan Sweeney
Fierce Healthcare

Artificial intelligence that can quickly identify patterns of risky behavior may be the only viable solution to protect health systems against an influx of ransomware attacks.

The use of AI in the clinical environment has been well-documented as more health systems are turning to machine learning to improve oncology care, fight physician burnout, boost patient engagement and even reverse diabetes. But healthcare needs to use the power of machine learning to combat cybersecurity threats, according to a report (PDF) released by the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology.

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Report: Florida Loses Ground In Avoidable Hospital Visits
Daylina Miller
Health News Florida

When it comes to keeping people out of the hospital, Florida didn't score so well on new scorecard that pits state health care systems against one another.

"The Commonwealth Fund" report gave Florida a rank of 45 out of 50 states, plus Washington D.C., when it came to the "Avoiding hospital use and cost" indicator. That's a drop of 13 points between 2012 and 2015.

The report's authors attribute this largely to Florida's refusal to expand Medicaid.

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Medicine is a love that finds us
A Country Doctor Writes

Medicine is a love that finds us wherever we happen to be.

It snatched me, a quiet four year old boy, almost sixty years ago. I don't know how it happened. I remember being in the hospital and having stomach X-rays and I have also been told we had a family doctor who made house calls. I couldn't have seen doctors on TV, because television was only introduced in Sweden when I was three and I saw my first program at age 5, a show about an infantile doll named "Andy Pandy".

At age four I simply announced that I was going to become a doctor and I never hesitated after that.

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