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Sept. 20, 2018
Volume IX  |  Issue 38
Walmart wants to bring its 'everyday low prices' to health care
Tami Luhby

When most people think about health care, rarely do "discounts" and "low prices" come to mind. But Walmart is looking to change that. The retail behemoth, which markets itself as the leader in "Everyday Low Prices," is beefing up its presence in the health care sector. It inked a deal last month with Anthem, one of the nation's largest insurers, to entice more Medicare enrollees to buy over-the-counter medications and health supplies at its stores. It recently tapped former Humana executive Sean Slovenski to lead its health and wellness division.

Inside the Alleged Pharma Scheme at Dallas' Medoc Health Services
Shawn Shinneman | D CEO

Sources describe a complicated system that left patients with piles of pills and creams they didn't need, while executives cashed in-to the detriment of the healthcare system.

In May, FBI agents pulled a couple of ghost white vans outside Medoc Health Services LLC and loaded up at least one of them up with material from the company's 17th floor offices. At the time, nobody on scene would tell The Dallas Morning News, which broke the news of the raid, exactly what was going on. The paper was able to find, however, several other healthcare businesses registered with the state comptroller located at the same address...
Implementing Threat-Based Cybersecurity to Secure Patient Care Innovation
Technology has brought healthcare to consumers' fingertips, putting them at the nucleus of care and blurring the definition of a healthcare organization. This creates unique opportunities and threats within the industry. In fact, U.S. healthcare organizations reported 176 large-scale data breaches in the first half of the year. Threat-based cybersecurity can be used to help address these vulnerabilities. Threat-based cybersecurity is a forward-looking, predictive approach. Instead of (or in addition to) focusing solely on protecting critical data assets or following the basic script of a generic cyber program, threat-based cybersecurity concentrates on investments in the most likely risks and attack vectors based on your company's unique threat profile. Please download the insight for more information.
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Is It Possible to Reverse Dementia? Ex-NFL Linebacker Gary Plummer Believes So
Chris Ballard | Sports Illustrated
A headbanging linebacker who played on the edge for 15 pro seasons and says he had more than 2,0 Big Hit00 concussions, Gary Plummer felt his mind slipping away  once he left the game. Fearful and desperate, he turned to alternative therapies-yoga, music, diet, even gardening-to counter the cognitive decline. Now he says he's feeling, and thinking, better than he has in years.

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