FICRA Flash - February 2017
Notable News:
  • February FICRA Board & Trust Meetings - February 9 at 7 & 8:00
  • FICRA Board nominations are now open
  • Please take a short survey to help us plan future FICRA activities
Get Involved in Your Community!

FICRA and the FICRA Building Trust will be holding elections for the Board of Directors and Audit Committee positions at the March and April board meetings, respectively.
If you are interested in running for a Board of Directors position, or the Audit Committee of either organization, contact
The election for FICRA (Fox Island Community and Recreation Association) will be held at the Nichols Community Center, 690 9th Avenue, on March 9th at 8 PM.
The election for the FICRA Building Trust will be on April 13th at 7:00 PM.

Read more about FICRA at 
Please take our community survey!
Click here to take our survey to let us know what you would like to see from FICRA. It takes just 5 minutes to provide your feedback and suggestions. Thanks!
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Our annual Party with a Purpose was held on January 21 and was a lovely evening. Thanks to all the attendees who were so generous in their bidding and 'Raise the Paddle' donations for the FICRA Building Trust! Your participation allows the work of restoring and improving the NCC grounds and building for all of us to continue to use and enjoy. This important event requires many volunteers. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a success!  The 'Evening in Venice' committee would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following caterers who donated some of their special dishes for us to serve at the event:  
Each dish was wonderful, and we appreciate their contributions which help keep our expenses low allowing more money to go toward improving our grounds and building.  Please call them when you need help entertaining. you can see from these pictures, we had a great time! 

Crime Watch Tip of the Month

Mail theft appears to be our biggest problem on Fox Island presently. The Fox Island  Post Office now advises our Citizen Patrol hot line (549-7744) on thefts. That information is communicated to members of Citizen Patrol who can focus on mail routes. Flags are also posted at the bridge. However, coverage by your Citizen Patrol is limited as they are volunteers and their schedules vary.
This is where the residents need to conduct "Neighborhood Watch". Suggestion are as follows:  
  • Be alert to vehicles that follow postal trucks.
  • Rather than raise the flag on your postal box, deliver your mail directly to the Post Office.
  • Make sure packages do not remain unclaimed.
  • Report suspicious activity to the Fox Island Post Office and Citizen Patrol hotline (549-7744).
  • When observing a theft call 911 and alert the Fox Island Post Office.
  • Also remember to recover your trash cans ASAP to remove the impression the residents are gone.
Our goal is to make Fox Island a safe place to live and all to share in that goal.
Your Citizen's Patrol Team

Hotline: 253-549-7744
Sheriff non-emergency: 253-798-4721
Fox Island Emergency Plan
Every year the Fox Island Emergency Preparation Plan (PLAN) is updated and posted on and distributed at the Fox Island Fair in August. If you do not yet have a copy, please download it here. Supplementing that PLAN we  publish monthly activities conducted by members of our Emergency Preparation Team in the monthly FLASH. This month we also include suggestions from the Pierce County Emergency Management (DEM) on how to prepare for a disaster. See below-
  • Make an Action Plan for your household that addresses a disaster likely to be experienced on Fox Island such as an earthquake and bridge outage.
  • Identify an Out-Of-Area Contact that can communicate on your behalf (this also applies to families that have school children in Gig Harbor or Tacoma). Make sure you provide the school with the name of a backup that resides off the island should the bridge be out of order.
  • Store enough water to last at least two weeks.
  • Build an Emergency Supply Kit that includes food, medicine, clothing etc.
  • Make photo copies of important documents.
  • Have supplies for extended events such as batteries, cooking supplies and sanitation.
  • Keep an Under-the-Bed Kit that includes shoes, flashlights and other supplies you might need if you vacate.
  • Learn how to safely shut off power or propane tanks.
  • In event of an earthquake identify safe areas within your home.
  • Understand principles of fire safety.
  • Identify potential hazards that might exist within your residence that can be made safer.
We hope you find these tips  useful. You are in charge of preparation for the safety of your home. Please also read the Fox Island Emergency Preparation Plan (PLAN) as that explains the resources that, in time after an event, will be available to support your efforts here on Fox Island.
Your Emergency Preparation Team
Newest Eagle Scouts

Congratulations to Fox Island's newest Eagle Scouts, Aidan Toney and Robert Zusy. They both passed their Eagle Board of Review on January 4, 2017.

Details and application available here
Seattle native and Grammy-nominated pianist David Lanz will be touring the Northwest for the first time in more than a year, culminating with his appearance at Fox Island's Chapel on Echo Bay. His performance will coincide with the release of a new CD, "Norwegian Rain," and enthrall audiences with his best known works.  
True to its mission of providing private and public cultural programming on Fox Island, this will be the Chapel's first public concert in 2017. Tickets may be purchased at or by calling (253) 549-7039.

Saturday, March 11 at 7:00pm
$30 for Chapel Society Members
$35 for non-members
or call the Chapel
Save the Date!

What's Happening at the Museum? 

In partnership with our exhibit on  Electricity comes to Fox Island, the  Fox Island Museum presents:

Valentines with a Spark!  

A workshop for people of all ages to get creative and make their own Valentines. The museum  supplies art materials, chocolate, and a place to let your creative ideas run wild! 
Save the date:  Saturday, February 11  between 1-4.  
Prepare to have fun!  Museum members are FREE, o thers are $5 per person

Don't miss our midwinter book sale held the same day. B e prepared to spend time browsing through our amazing book selection. There will be something for everyone! 
FIHS Anniversary Celebration
Wednesday, February 22nd
Please join us to commemorate the Historical Society's founding in 1896.  Returning to the traditions of our roots, this event will be held on Washington's Birthday, the original date of the Historical Society's Anniversary. 

Doors will open at 5:30pm with the celebration beginning at 6:00pm at the museum. Please see our website for more information.
The purpose of this day is to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the Historical Society on Fox Island.  We have also traditionally celebrated our 1st president's birthday in coordination with our anniversary. So, let the celebration begin!
This year, as has been done throughout our history, we will have the traditional reading of the changes/events throughout Fox Island during 2016.  There will be music, history, entertainment, and wonderful company as was done over a hundred years ago at the first annual celebration.  
Please join us as we celebrate the history of all Fox Island at the Fox Island Historical Society's Museum.  For questions about this event, please call Karen Kretschmer, FIHS President @  253-514-5884 .
Recurring Island Events

Little Foxes Playgroup @ NCC  
The Little Foxes Playgroup meets on Monday mornings from  10:00-12:00 at the Nichols Community Center. Come out and play!

Men's Coffee @ NCC
Men's Coffee is every Wednesday morning from  9:00 to 11:00am. Bring your friends and meet new ones. Get and share expert opinions on all sorts of topics and stay for the camaraderie.

Nature Center Work Parties
You're invited to help keep our Nature Center in shape. Work parties are held once a month on the 3rd Saturday at  9:00am.

Guitar Clinic 
Tuesdays at 10:00am at the Nichols Community Center. Free!

1st and 3rd Thursdays at 10:00am at the Nichols Community Center. Free!

Monthly Adult Game Night @ NCC
Trivia night is held the last Friday of the month. Join us on February 24 at 6:00.

Fox Island Historical Society Museum board meetings
Last Monday of the month at  7:00pm

Island Event Calendar
Valentines with a Spark!
Saturday, Feb 11, 1-4pm
Fox Island Museum

Museum Anniversary Celebration
Wednesday, Feb 22 at 5:30pm
Fox Island Museum

David Lanz Concert 
Saturday, March 11
Chapel on Echo Bay

FICRA Speaker Competition
April 11 at 6:00pm
Nichols Community Center 

FICRA Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 15
Nichols Community Center
Vinyasa Yoga
T uesday morning at 9:30 am
Thursday morning at 9:30am 
Chapel on Echo Bay
It's free, but a donation is appreciated

Sand & Soil Garden Club Meetings
2nd Thursday, Sept - June
Chapel on Echo Bay at  11:00am
Followed by potluck luncheon
When are FICRA Dues Paid?

The FICRA membership year is August 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017.Your  dues help fund the many community events sponsored by FICRA including community forums, Easter Egg hunt, Christmas Tree Lighting, Santa Visit and Christmas Concert, and concerts such as Casper Baby Pants and the Magical Strings. FICRA Sponsors many other events such as the Men's Coffee, Trivia Night, the Little Foxes Play Group, Adult Game Night, the Student Award Competition, etc. We are always looking for more fun community events to sponsor and your ideas are welcomed. Dues are still just $25 per family per year! 

You may mail your membership dues to FICRA, PO Box 25, Fox Island, WA, 98333 or pay via PayPal online at  Please provide your current primary and secondary contact names, address, phone numbers and email information so that we may keep our  membership listing up to date. If you are unsure if you are current in your FICRA dues, please send an email to and we will check our records and get right back to you. 

Please consider a tax deductible donation to FICRA Building Trust and/or the Citizen Patrol Program along with your FICRA Dues payment. Thank you!

The Fox Island Community & Recreation Association (FICRA) was formed in 1970. Its purpose is to promote matters pertaining to the health and safety of Fox Island residents, to promote the welfare and development of Fox Island, and to provide recreation and social activities of a non profit nature as a public service to the residents of Fox Island.

The FICRA Building Trust operates and maintains the Nichols Community Center, the Fox Island Playground and the adjacent Fox Island Nature Center.  FICRA and the FICRA Trust are volunteer organizations that are here to serve our Island community by providing many great social and recreational activities for islanders to enjoy.
FICRA relies on its many volunteer members to make it all happen, from the Easter Egg Hunt, The Plant Sale and Student Award Competition in the Spring, Fox Island Fair in the Summer, concerts, Christmas Tree Lighting and our Party with a Purpose event in the Winter. Come join us and see how you can help FICRA continue to provide many great activities for our community to enjoy. Go to and click on the 'contact us' button, or e-mail us directly at We are always looking for volunteers. 

To become more familiar with what these organizations do and their great value to the Fox Island community, attend a monthly Board meeting (open to the public). We'll be glad to show you around. You may also call the FICRA President, Jim Braden, at 253-459-5588 for more information.
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