Human Nature pledges 100% of the Bug Shield profits to funding 50 homes in Rajah Buayan. Rajah Buayan is constantly struck by natural disasters and conflict, and is the next door neighbor to war-torn Mamasapano. Now one of the poorest municipalities in the Philippines, many of the community's children grew up with violence as a daily reality.

Together, we can all help goodness rise once more in Rajah Buayan. Each of the 50 homes costs P150,000 to build. We aim to raise P7.5 million before Christmas.

Click here to learn more about Zika Virus and Threat it Poses (article published in Straits Times on 31st August 2016: All you need to know about the Zika virus and the threat it poses).

*Due to high volume order, purchase of Bug Shields online will only be delivered on 7th Sept (Wed). Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

New Product Launch @ Green Living
Marina Bay Sands Convention Center
Booth D09/D11, 09-11 September 2016
Friday - Sunday, 10am - 7pm

100% Natural

30ml - S$ 22.90 (U.P. S$ 29.90)
SAVE $ 7

Experience pure scalp and skin relief with the goodness of Pure Jojoba Oil

Potent Scalp Soother 
86% experienced reduced dandruff in just 14 days of using our Pure Jojoba Oil.* Eliminate stubborn flakes and relieve your scalp of itchiness by massaging a few drops of its premium-grade goodness onto your scalp.

Powerful Skin Saver 
Our Pure Jojoba Oil helps soothe skin irritation with its antibacterial properties. No matter what your skin type is, our Pure Jojoba Oil will work like magic as it's similar to skin's natural sebum and doesn't leave any residue.

DID YOU KNOW?  Human Nature is the first in the world to use Coco Nectar, the flower of the coconut tree in a shampoo & body wash!

*Based on a panel test conducted from April 27 to May 17, 2016

100% Natural 

7g - S$ 20.90 (U.P. S$ 25.90) SAVE S$ 5
  • Gives your cheeks a natural dewy glow
  • Make your lips richer and fuller with a velvety pop of color
  • Available in Rosy and Petal shades
99.76% Natural |Triclosan-free | SLS-free

70g - S$ 2.90 (U.P. S$ 4.90) SAVE S$ 2
120g - S$ 6.90 (U.P. S$ 8.90) SAVE S$ 2

Powered with GREENMINERAL PLUS formula to help fight cavities and tartar as it freshens breath and  kids will love its raspberry flavor with just the right amount of mint as they brush their teeth

100% Natural 

100ml - S$ 9.90 (U.P. S$12.90)  SAVE S$3 
  • Keep bacteria and odor at bay with its tea tree oil
  • Invigorates and refreshes the skin with a blend of cooling peppermint and aloe vera