1 November 2017


CTS need your help! 

We are gathering interest from our clients, students and subscribers to find out if YOU want your trusted Registered Training Organisation (that's us) to add TLIF2018 Operate firefighting equipment to our scope. 

We have a great opportunity to partner with a local organisation to deliver this to workplaces in the Peel, Goldfields and South West regions, but before we throw ourselves into the deep end, we need to understand the call for it. 

Complete our super quick survey to let us know if...
A - You would LOVE this training for yourself or a company
B - You would like to do this as general training, but don't need the "piece of paper"
C - Nope, not interested  Complete the poll!

Meet Mandy

Introducing Mandy Richards, SW HSE Administrator at Qube, our inaugural Student of the Month! Mandy completed the Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (WHS), and provided her assessor with fantastic and relevant evidence that was applied and utilised immediately within her role. Mandy tells us more about her experience with CTS and her trainer. 

CTS: Why did you enrol in this qualification?
MR: To broaden my knowledge in WHS which in turn will give me a better understanding of my job. To further my career.

CTS: How has this qualification helped you at work?
MR: I am confident in reading and interpreting the OHS Act, Regs, CoP's and Guidance Notes. I now have the confidence and knowledge to risk assess, identify hazards, conduct Class 3 and ICAM investigations to high standards. I'm the main Contractor Management Administrator for site, with a profile of 26 sub-contractors, managing over 130 workers. Now managing workers compensation cases, involving Fit for Work management. Actively involved in Safety Meetings. Not bad for someone who starting doing document control a few days a week.

CTS: How was your overall experience with CTS?
MR: My overall experience has been exciting and enjoyable. There were times that I was challenged and found some of it overwhelming, however the constant support and feedback from Jonathan helped me accomplish my results.

CTS: Can you sum up your CTS Case Manager, Jonathan Potter, in one sentence?
MR: Jonathan is a passionate trainer, with the ability to make the most intense and sometimes boring (but relevant) content, fun, interesting and understandable.  See more on Certificate IV Work Health and Safety.

A CTS training partner and friend!

After an unusual accident 11 years ago Ben has discovered that being a quadriplegic is a lot more than not being able to walk.  

Since then Ben has experienced firsthand many of society's stereotypes about people with a disability and all of which he was guilty of believing before his accident. 

He also has faced the worst version of himself during his battles with Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Addiction. 

Ben has overcome challenges faced and is now running his own business, whilst raising his young family in Bunbury. As a Professional Speaker he discusses the issues of Mental Health, Resilience and Disability of in an amusing, engaging and enlightening style that not only educates the audience about these challenges but also what society can do differently in the future. 

CTS and Ben co-deliver Disability Awareness Training. You can book with CTS on 08 9791 6611 or through Ben's website  30 Foot Drop. 

Dealing with different personalities in the workplace
Nov 9 - 9.00am - 11.00am

NEWSFLASH: You aren't going to LOVE every single person you encounter in the workplace. It's true. You might adore all your co-workers, but struggle with a regular client who just doesn't get your communication style, and for some reason ALL your interactions with this person are awkward. Is it you, or is it them? You can find out with us. 


This short 2 hour session will help you look at unique personalities in a new light and provide you with the tools and responses that will make dealing with your polar opposite so much easier. Book a CTS subscriber's place for only $66!


Incident response and workplace emergency prevention
Nov 14 - 8.30am - 12.00pm

By now you've heard that we run half-day safety professional development seminars? Our Certificate IV in WHS students (like Mandy) attend, however these seminars are open to the public too! Topics covered in our next seminar include:

  • Planning for and responding to incidents
  • Recording and reporting
  • Assisting workplace investigations
  • Communicating and implementing recommendations Book a place for only $66!

Safety for Supervisors 1 Day Course
11 December- 8.30am - 4.00pm
$330 includes catering!

There is so much important information covered in this 1 day course that it would be remiss of us to not give you our personal invitation to attend, or ask you to consider sending a supervisor or manager this offer.

Supervisors have the authority and responsibility to create and support a workplace culture that promotes safe work practices and take their responsibilities under safety legislation seriously. 

Let's face it, the health, safety and wellness of the people we work with is serious business, and it's important that supervisors understand how to practically apply their duty of care obligations on a daily basis. 

NOTE: This in NOT a lecture-fest. This is a truly engaging experience that encourages dialogue, interaction and the brain picking of our passionate and helpful safety facilitators who are also safety advisors and safety auditors. 

We have a special offer just for subscribers below and you can  download the flyer to learn more!

Subscribers ONLY

We want you to experience one of the best Safety for Supervisors courses available in the South West, so we are offering a major discount to our subscribers when they sign up to this course.

If you are on our email list and use the link below, you can join our Safety for Supervisors 1 Day Course for only $270. Be quick, because this special offer only applies to our 11 Dec course!  Sign up and get your $50 discount!

We know who!

The Fair Work Ombudsman has released new online training courses for record keeping and payslips. We've checked these out and think these course are pretty good. 

There are nine 20-40 minute courses for employees and managers and these are definitely worth a look.  See more.