The end of the year always seems like a roller coaster heading down fast from the top of the ride. Here at FIT, we believe in staying focused and we want to motivate you to finish the year strong. Check out our latest news here and if you have any questions, comments or ideas, please send us a note.
Annual Post Turkey Day Open Boot Camp
Burn Off Those Holiday Calories with a FUN FIT Challenge
Friday November 24th @ 8:00 a.m.

For members and guests
Invite your friends
21 Day Re-Focus Challenge
Holiday Edition
Nov. 25 - Dec. 16
10 Spots Open
Why not get ahead of the curve?
The average person gains 10 pounds over the Holidays. Imagine if you stayed focused and lost 10 pounds instead. What a great jump start for the New Year.

Great News: You can do the Challenge from anywhere. So even if you're traveling, we've got you covered.
FIT Member Spotlight
I am happy to introduce our two featured spotlight members. Both of theses ladies have been making exceptional progress and are standing out in class. In the month of September, Mary attended the most classes of any other member and it shows. Monika, was one of our top performers in the 21 Day Re-focus Challenge and has continued to follow the program and make additional progress, at last count she has dropped 11 pounds. See their stories below.
Mary Phung

"My biggest struggle has always been to create a healthy lifestyle with my busy schedule"

I’m a structural engineer that works out of San Mateo. My commute is approximately 1.5-2 hours one way and a majority of my life is sitting in the car or in front of a computer. I’m also a mother of a 7-year old boy that keeps me busy with his activities on the weekdays and weekends. My biggest struggle has always been trying to create a healthy lifestyle as it’s difficult with my commute and day-to-day schedule. At times I’ve felt like I’ve failed in trying to create that balance as healthy eating is sacrificed with fast food dinners and processed food. 
Monika Mittal

"One goal of mine is to keep pushing my limits and to improve my weak areas"

I am a 45-year old mother of two daughters, sixteen and nineteen years. I moved from India about a year and a half ago with my daughters and my husband. Cooking and Aerobics are two things that I live for. Morning workouts, especially cardio exercises, keep my day going. From the day I came here, I had been trying to find the perfect exercise center for months, until I finally started the FIT program. I felt like I found the right place for myself, one where you get to work on your entire body according to your own capacities. 

2017 Gladiators
Congratulations to ALL the FIT participants.
2017 marks FIT's fourth year participating in the Gladiator Rock and Run Race. As always, it was a fun and challenging event that brings us together as a team. We hope you will put it on your to-do lis for 2018.
Meri works her way to the top of the rope climb
Kim and Padmaja show their strength on the keg carry.
Padmaja lets us know the view from the top of the cargo net is just fine.
FIT Nutrition
From The Iron You.
From The Iron You.

These (Vegan) Creamy Crock Pot Coconut Curry Lentils are the bomb. Seriously.
If you like my  Chickpea Tikka Masala  then you’re going to love this.
So creamy, rich, and delicious yet healthy, light, and completely vegan.
FIT Gear
It's Hoodie Season
Stay warm and cozy before and after your workout!
also available
Gear up with hoodies, t-shirts, tanks, caps and towels and show your FIT pride.
They make great holiday gifts too!
Give The Gift Of FIT
Now through the Holiday Season you can purchase Fit gift Cards and get some special discounts. Who's on your Holiday gift list that you can use a little FITness??
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