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FIT 10 Year Anniversary

We are down to the last few days of September. Reminder that you need to attend at least 10 FIT classes or events (FIT Hike counts) this month to be eligible for some cool swag. On October 10th I will be announcing our winners. We will be giving away 10 FIT hats, 10 FIT towels and I may even throw in some other cool stuff.

Gear up with some FIT swag
FIT Hiking Club
Explore the newly opened Mt. Umunhum
Adjusted Time
The drive to the trailhead is long and windy
Meet at EVHS @6:30
Depart via Car pool from EVHS @6:45 a.m.
Meet at the Trail head - Bald Mountain 7:15 a.m.
Hope to be on the trail by 7:30-7:45

85- exit at Camden
Right on Hicks Rd. (long windy road)
Right on Mt. Umunhum Rd. - parking lot on the left.
Do not go to 1st parking lot you see on the right. Bald Mountain parking lot is a couple miles up on the left.
3.7 miles to the Summit - 7.4 miles round trip
*Be careful using Google Maps as it may take you to another area.
If you have lived in San Jose and occasionally looked west to the Santa Cruz Mountains you have seen the peak with the interesting box on top. That is Mt. Umunhum. From 1957 to 1980 that box served as the base of a radar used by the US Air Force to monitor our airspace during the Cold War. The area has been cleaned up and prepared to be visited by the public to experience expansive views and natural beauty. It will be open to the public for the first time on Sept. 18. The FIT Hiking Club will be exploring it on September 24 at 7 a.m.

FIT Hikes of 2017
January -  Ranch Canada Del Oro
March - Mt. Diablo
June -  Berry Creek Falls
Sept. - Mt. Umunhum

FIT Nutrition - 21 Day Challenge Nutrition

These salads not only taste great but contain all the nutrients needed for a healthy, wholesome meal. Lettuce and veggies provide vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, and fiber. Cheese, nuts and avocado add good fats and protein. Olive oil adds omega 3's to round out a healthy meal.

Feel free to add, subtract, or substitute ingredients according to personal preference or to add variety. 

21 Day Re-Focus Challenge Sept. 16 - Oct. 7
21 Day Re-Focus Challenge 

Our 21 Day Challenge is under way and completely sold out.

Next challenge starts Saturday after Thanksgiving: November 25 -Dec. 16

More Upcoming FIT Events
My Story
I got scammed. I received an invitation to be a vendor at the "Fun Color Run". I was offered a free booth with table, chairs, etc. There was a website, e-mail for info and phone number. All looked very legit. Vendor had to submit an application and pay $100 to secure their spot. Money was to be refunded upon check in. Cool. I signed up. Payed by credit card and received an e-mail receipt. As the race date got closed I became concerned that I did not receive any info and started calling the number. Always got a voice mail, "thanks for calling the Fun Color Run, leave your name...blah, blah, blah". I sent e-mails. I never got any return calls or e-mail. So I called the hotel where the "Expo" was to be held and was told nothing was scheduled. I then Googled "Fun Color Run Scam" and sure enough, there was no such race. There were stories of the scam targeting racers who would sign up and then either have the race canceled or just never occur. Maybe this is a new angle to scam vendors. The "Fun Color Run" scam has occurred all over the country.

I normally would be wary of having to pay something up front, but the use of "Color Run", a legitimate race, in their title, the pics, the website and the contact info all looked legit. 

I thought I would pass this on so you don't get scammed in the future.

2017 Gladiator - Team FIT Happens
Not a FIT member but want to run an Adventure Race?

Sign up for our 6 week Adventure Race Training Package and and get 3 boot camp classes a week for 6 weeks. You'll be Gladiator or Spartan ready at the end of the 6 weeks.

Sign up Now and start your boot camps September 18 through Oct. 27.

Be Gladiator Ready for the Oct. 28 Race.

2017 Gladiator - Team FIT Happens

2018 Spartan Sprint - Team FIT Happens

Keep Your Kids Strong and FIT This Fall with Student Focus 
Do you have a college student returning home for the summer? or a high school student who needs to stay focused on fitness to be ready for a Fall sport?

School is back in session and sport seasons and PE fitness tests are coming up. Help your student be prepared to perform at their best and stay injury free with our Focused fitness program. 

Sign them up for our Student Focus and they can attend up to three classes per week. They can choose any class on our schedule.

Sign Up Your Student (auto bill)

Sign Up Your Student (single month)

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Stay Focused and be great this week and every week: I am so proud of all of our FIT members for the hard work and dedication you put in each and every workout as well as they way you inspire each other. You are all the epitome of TEAM.


Mike Coleman
Focused Integrated Training
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