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It can be tough to navigate conformity assessment requirements in the arc rated and flame resistant PPE industry-- who makes the call on compliance of my product? What is the manufacturer responsible for? What if I'm only making components like fabric or trim? If you're confused about the testing and compliance process, you're not alone; let us break it down for you [...] Read More
Ever wondered if arc testing results are affected by color?  Check out our blog to learn what we've found out about color through years of testing [...]  Read More

Updates and Compliance with the New ANSI/SEA 107 Standard for High Visibility Products
  Register for a free webinar on December 6th at 2:00 p.m. EST. This presentation, lead by Cristine Fargo of ISEA and Richard McNeely of ORAFOL Americas, covers the recent standard changes and regulation compliance.
  • December 12-16

  • January 16-20
  • February 20-24
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