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XTERRA Wetsuits
April  21-22 Smokey Mtn Relay, NC
Liz Blackwood
Abby Russell
Steph Hance
*They all got it done!
April  21-23 Starwars 5K, 10K & Half Marathon, FL
Michael Vaccaro -
5K = 38 (with family)
10K = 47:05
Half Marathon = 1:43

April 22nd  Heart & Sole 5-miler - Columbia, SC
Kelly Danias  - 45:23 - 2nd AG

April 22nd  Reedy River 10K, Greenville, SC
Shannelle Campbell - 58:46 - PR!
Mary Biebel  - 1:02

April 22nd  Reedy River 5K, Greenville, SC
Christy Warren - 42:11 PR!
Will Wood - 42:11
Nicole Ramsbey with her son Addison (only 6 years old!) 27:46

Addison & Evan

April 22nd  Reedy River MILE, Greenville, SC
Evan Shealy - 6:09! (only 12 years old!)
April 22nd  Ironman Texas,  The Woodlands, TX
Rachel Crunk - 11:00 - 13th AG!
April 23rd XTERRA off-road triathlon, Myrtle Beach, SC
Jess White - 2:09 - 4th OA & 2nd AG
April 23rd   Düsseldorf Bruckenlauf 10K, Germany
Johanne Duensing - 1:01 - 4 min PR!

If you have soreness or cramping on a regular basis - 
I absolutely love the Mg12 Products!

Who is Racing...
April 29th Harbison Trail Half Marathon - Columbia, SC
Kelly Danias
April 29th Fort Yargo Xterra, GA
Jess White
April 29th Clemson Sprint Triathlon, Clemson, SC
Katie Malone
David Schaffer
Joe Engram
Melanie Pfeiffer
Evan Shealey
Erica Melton
Phil Zitello
Kim Parenti
Beth Mullikin
Mary Biebel - Relay
Tina Rich
Dianne Fladdung
Melinda Lindberg
Abby Russell
April 30th Dauerlauf Severinsviertel, Germany
Johanne Duensing
April 30th Koa Koi Sprint, Hawaii
Will Wood
May 5th Swamp Rabbit 5K, Greenville, SC
Mary Biebel
Christy Warren
May 6th New River Marathon, NC
Abby Russell
May 7th Divas Half Marathon, Myrtle Beach, SC
Mandy Allen
May 7th Lake Norman Sprint, NC
Joanna Eubanks
* Please keep in mind that I do my best to get this correct but sometimes I unintentionally miss someone. Please let me know and I will go back and correct it the next week!

We are a Registered USAT Triathlon Club & a Registered IRONMAN Brand Triathlon Club.
Search for MALONE COACHING any time you register for a race and make your club affiliation known. See the bottom of the newsletter for more information on the IRONMAN brand club.

XTERRA Wetsuits 

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April 2017
Note from Coach
Wetsuit vs. No Wetsuit

Since tomorrow is likely going to be one of those days that this question comes up I figured I would go ahead and address it right now so everyone can go ahead and pack their wetsuits!

ALWAYS pack your wetsuit for early season races. If you don't have it with you, it is hard to wear it if they decide it is wetsuit legal on race morning!

I don't care if you are the fastest swimmer around  if it is wet  suit legal - WEAR YOUR WETSUIT 
- unless you just like giving your competition a head start?

" The primary function of a swimming specific wetsuit is the provision of additional buoyancy. This additional buoyancy results in le ss drag as the body is positioned higher out of the water. The result is a maximized performance potential."

If you feel like a wetsuit restricts your arm motion simply use a sleeveless wetsuit. If you have been doing triathlon for a long time or you plan to, it is worth it to invest in a long sleeve wetsuit, sleeve less wetsuit and a swim skin for non-wetsuit days.

Wear the wetsuit with sleeves in really cold conditions

Wear the sleeveless wetsuit on days when the temperature is borderline. *If you have shoulder issues you might want to ONLY wear sleeveless wetsuits.

Wear the swim skin in non-wetsuit legal swims to help reduce drag.

The moral of the  story is if you have a wetsuit and a race is wetsuit legal you need to WEAR IT!

I  have great discounts from XTERRA wetsuits ...use the code CO-MALONE and suit up for the season.

Coach Katie


MONDAY is Coach Katie's ONLY day off each week. This means that e-mail probably will not get answered. If you have a burning question please send a TEXT any time but especially on MONDAY! Typically Monday there will not be any individual sessions scheduled aside from the GROUP SWIMS that will take place at Lake Lanier every other Monday night. Thank you for your understanding!
Save the date!
April 29th - Clemson Sprint Triathlon
May 1st - 6:30 PM - 2nd OPEN WATER SWIM - Lake Lanier
May 9th -5:30 AM Group TRACK - Caine Halter YMCA front door
May 9th- 7:00 AM Group Swim Caine Halter YMCA
May 10th - Replacement uniforms arrive!
May 13th - Lake Murray Sprint
May 15th - 6:30 PM - 3rd OPEN WATER SWIM - Lake Lanier


Thanks to Dianne & Tina who rode laps on this course last weekend! Here is some good info to have going into the race.

We wanted you to be able to give the team a heads up about a really rough section of the Lake Murray bike course.  There were several complaints Jeremy fielded last year regarding this patch of road.  Between miles 8 and 9 of the map below as you are coming downhill there is a section of road that is really rough.  The holes are not deep but could potentially cause a flat.   On this part of the course you can be going pretty fast as this road is pretty flat with this downhill before a climb just after this bad piece of road.  You just need  to stay in the middle of the lane if possible  to avoid the bigger potholes.

We appreciate our Sponsors!

Without a team of sponsors that believes in what we are doing we would not look nearly as sharp at races! Our sponsors help keep us healthy and on track and looking good! I have a link to all of our sponsors to the left. Please support them any time you can. Here is a little bit about our special team:

SUPERCUTS - has been our sponsor for years so when you need a good hair cut and product check them out in the Greenville area! Mary Biebel, owner,  has been on our team for years and has earned herself the nickname "Podium Girl" since she is almost always on the podium!

EMERALD CITY BIKES - is located in Greenwood, SC but the customer service is worth the drive. Joanna Eubanks is a co-owner with her husband has been a member of our team for years now too. She is an amazing athlete even though she hasn't been racing much in SC over the last few years, she is always one to watch!

FRIGID Cryotherapy - is a new sponsor this year located at 8540 Pelham Rd. Greenville, SC. They specialize in cutting edge recovery techniques like cryotherapy.
Think of it as a very quick and powerful ice bath - except not as painful! They also have a NormaTec Boot lounge. 

By Madyson Taylor

When we are satisfied with our life, we do not look for experiences of winning and loosing to define our self-worth.

The urges that drive us to compete with others tend to be straightforward. Years of both evolution and societal influences have shaped us to pit ourselves against our peers. The needs and desires that inspire us to compete with ourselves, however, are entirely personal and thus far more complex. A need to outdo our earlier efforts--to confirm that we have grown as individuals--can motivate us to reach new heights of accomplishment. We are capable of using our past achievements as a foundation from which we venture confidently into the unknown. Yet if this drive to compete with our former selves is the result of low self-worth or a need to prove ourselves to others, even glowing successes can feel disheartening. Examining why we compete with ourselves enables us to positively identify those contests that will enrich our existence.
There are many reasons we strive to outdo ourselves. When we are ambitious in our quest for growth, we are driven to set and meet our own expectations. We do not look to external experiences of winning and losing to define our sense of self-worth. Rather, we are our own judges and coaches, monitoring our progress and gauging how successful we have become. Though we seek the thrill of accomplishment tirelessly, we do so out of a legitimate need to improve the world or to pave the way for those who will follow in our footsteps. Be careful, though, that your competitiveness is not the result of an unconscious need to show others that you are capable of meeting and then exceeding their standards.
Consider, too, that successful efforts that would be deemed more than good enough when evaluated from an external perspective may not satisfy our inner judge, who can drive us ruthlessly. In order to attain balance, we have to learn the art of patience even as we strive to achieve our highest vision of who we are. When we feel drained, tense, or unhappy as we pursue our goals, it may be that we are pushing ourselves for the wrong reasons. Our enthusiasm for our endeavors will return as soon as we recall that authentic evolution is a matter not of winning but of taking pride in our progress at any pace.
*Thanks to Dianne Fladdung for sending this great one my way!

Congrats to athlete Joe Engram for being selected to win a FREE set of SKINS for the season! 

Check out the SKINS website here!

Our team has been selected to receive special discounts from this vendor in exchange for offering our input on the product! Use discount code TRI-VAL

Time to Travel - Meet our new partner!
Take some of the stress out of travel to races! 

We are thrilled to announce that Premium Plus Sports (PPS) is the Official Travel Company for Malone Coaching, its athletes and customers.  I've used them before, so I know!

Why PPS?
  • They've been providing athlete logistics services since 1986
  • One-Stop Shop for
    • o   Airfare, Hotels & Transfers
    • o   Onsite - mechanic & concierge
    • o   Bike Shipments
    • o   Massage Therapists
    • o   Post-race trips/tour suggestions
    • o   Post-race bike/extra luggage storage
Premium Plus Sports specializes in travel packages for Ironman, 70.3, ITU, Xterra, Challenge races worldwide.  They handle all logistics, so participants can focus on the training & racing, for a more fulfilling experience.
Exclusive to Malone Coaching, PPS will provide:
  • Special pricing/discount for events listed on their website
  • Travel logistic resource to any event you are participating (purchase not necessary)
Visit their website at
Feel free to submit a request or Call 800-282-3636 and let them know you're a Malone athlete.
PPS will customize any trip to meet your needs and budget.

I will post items for sale weekly. If you wish for me to post something for you please include all the details below and send an e-mail to 

Date posted:
Asking Price:
Contact Info:

Date posted: 4-21-17
Rudy Project Helmet
Worn 3x by coach Katie - it does not fit my head!
Landrum, SC
Asking $75

Date posted: 2-1-17
Thule Aeroblade Edge Roof Bars L (Used on a 2013 Pathfinder, adjustable)
And Thule Circuit roof fork bike holder
Located: Charlotte, NC
Asking Price: $275
Contact Info:  Michael Vaccaro -

Date posted: 2-1-17
Item: Hard Case Travel Bike Box
Located: Landrum, SC
Asking Price: $125
Contact Info: Coach Katie

Date posted: 1-12-17
Item: Xterra Speedsuit
Description: XL NEVER WORN
Located: Greenville, SC
Asking Price: $60
Contact Info: Mary Biebel at  

Garmin Problems? 
Factory Restart/Reset/Reboot

Recently Nicole Ramsbey had some problems with her Garmin. Here is what she wanted to share with the team!

In a Garmin 920XT emergency you might want to try to restart a dead ish unit with the following:
a. Hold  POWER BUTTON on for 15 seconds. The device should hopefully start to turn off.
c. Press but don't hold the  POWER BUTTON for a second or so  - device should turn on
d. Wait for 1st beep then release  UP ARROW BUTTON
e. Wait for 2nd beep then release  DOWN ARROW BUTTON
and/or fiddle with combinations of the above
There is more info in the manual:  search for 'factory' in the manual



Please ask your members to   login to their IRONMAN Account and update their TriClub Affiliation by clicking on the " My  Athlete Profile" tab.  If your members need to   create and IRONMAN Account, please be sure they use their  email address. Once their account is verified, they must log in and out for their athlete information to display. After logging in and out, they will be able to select their TriClub Affiliation by clicking on the " My Athlete Profile" tab and entering the name of your club in the drop down menu. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and click " save".
Once your athletes are registered as members of your club within our athlete database, any time they race with IRONMAN anywhere in the world they will generate points that will go to your TriClub Ranking. You can check your  TriClub Ranking on
We also invite you and your members to join our  IRONMAN TriClub Connect Facebook group. TriClub Connect is a great way to learn about the IRONMAN TriClub Program, our races, and just connect with other TriClub members.


The location of the open water swims is Lake Lanier on the SC/NC border at my PRIVATE boathouse. There are no bathrooms available so please stop somewhere on the way. There is a place to get changed for before and after swimming.

Parking is off the side of the road or in a parking lot next to my boathouse that my neighbor generously allows us to use.

The address is:
2004 West Lakeshore Dr.
Landrum, SC 29356

*Swims are held every other Monday. 
* If the weather is bad I will make the call by 5:00 that night and post on Facebook & send an e-mail to all coached athletes. Swims might be rescheduled due to weather 
but that will be on a case by case basis.

May 1st
May 15th
June 5th
June 19th
June 26th
July 10th
July 31st
August 14th
August 28th

Open water swims will start 6:30 PM the water! That means you need to arrive a little earlier to allow time to squeeze into your wetsuits. 

Swims are held on Monday nights because that is when there is the least boat traffic on the lake. 

The open water swims are workouts, not just swimming and they are fun - so don't miss out! These give us 6 MONTHS of quality time in open water!

 As always we will have kayak support.  (If you know someone who would like to be kayak support please let me know - as we get larger groups in the warmer months I need help)

*If you wish to bring friends who are not MC athletes they must be USAT members. 
Please check with me first. Due to changes in coverage we are now considered a "club" and must change procedures in order to maintain current insurance. 

If there is interest we will grab dinner at El Sureno afterwards.

*Cell phones generally do not work at the lake so if you get lost please text since that usually will still go through.

Swim Opportunities!

We will start with our open water swims at some point in April when the water is warm enough. Still plan on every other Monday evening at 6:30 PM. Our open water swims are a WORKOUT! Every athlete that has attended these over the
years has seen huge improvement in open water swim races. Don't miss out on this opportunity! 

For the winter months we will be swimming on Tuesday mornings after the track workout at Caine Halter YMCA around 7AM.  Just make sure to verify with me if you plan on coming. What I am saying here is there are opportunities for you to work with me at the pool! 

The Endless Pool at my home in Landrum still remains open to you to use as a tool. with mirrors on the bottom and in front of you it is amazing the difference it can make in your swim because it allows you to see what you are doing. Schedule a time to get in and use it with me!

For those of you who need more work on your stroke former Malone Coaching athlete Cheryl Quinn is giving private lessons as well as coaching some Masters Swims! Cheryl has years of experience swimming and was an incredibly strong triathlete. She is kind and compassionate too. Check out her swim coaching Facebook page to learn more about her!

I love working with swimmers of all ability levels, but I get especially excited when I hear they want to improve their swimming for a triathlon. Over the past 2 years, I have become a USMS level 1&2  certified masters coach and  Adult Learn-to-swim instructor. Last year I took the plunge and obtained my USAT level 1 certification in hopes that my swim coaching might segway into working with some triathletes.  I would welcome any opportunity to help your athletes in the pool, whether as private lessons or part of my beginner masters workouts Monday and Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 PM
Monday am 5:30 PM at GHS pool. 
I also teach at the Kroc Center

Please feel free to contact Cheryl directly if you want to set up a lesson with her.
864-982-6022 mobile or
Learn more & Register for this fun series HERE!

Looking for some ride info and other general bike info? 

We are starting the year off with mountain biking to develop handling skills and work on a nice smooth pedal stroke. 

CYCLE BAR - this is a new spin studio in Greenville. I gave it a try last week and was pleasantly surprised at how different and fun it was. If you need something to get you out of the house this is a great/safe/social way to get in a great workout!

SPIN CLASS - There is a spin class on Thursday night at Caine Halter YMCA followed by a core class both taught by Tracey Ashall that some of you might want to check out.

April 8th - Assault on the Carolinas 9:00 AM - Brevard NC there is a 40K, 60K and 100K ride that goes over Caesar's Head. RIDE IS FULL.

April 22nd  - Issaquena's Last Ride, Walhalla, SC

April 29th -  Looking Glass Tour, Brevard- 50 & 100 miles, chip timing, for profit ride, food for sale post ride

April 29th   Tour de Cashiers, NC *I have heard this is a brutal ride!

May 6th -  Tour de Camden-30, 50, 62 complete meal, music, craft beer afterwards

May 15th  - MONDAY - Assaults  on Mt. Mitchell and Marion

May 20th Tour de Cure for the Diabetes Association - Cola?

May 27th -  Ride for Outward Bound Half Century, Carrier Park Asheville-50 miles

**June 4th - WNC Flyer 8:00 AM for 100 miler, there is also a 100K, a 50 miler and a 30K. Starts and finishes at Oskar Blues Brewery. This is a GREAT ride for a tri bike but also fills up quickly so if you plan to do this sign up NOW!

**July 8th - Hot Doggett - 100 miler, 100K and 60K rides

July 14-16 - Alzheimer's Ride to Remember - starts in Simpsonville and ends in Charleston

August 19th - Flight of the Dove 100K, Clinton, SC

October 7-8 MS 150 Breakaway to the Beach, Sunset Beach, NC

October 14th -  White Squirrel, Brevard, NC -chip timing, for profit ride, eats for sale post ride
*Thanks to Lisa Powell for most of this list!
**These are the next rides we will be going to as a group.
Group Track Workouts

Currently our group runs leave every other Tuesday from the FRONT DOOR of Caine Halter YMCA at 5:30 AM. The run to the track (Greenville High School) which is 2 miles. Usually we run 2-3 miles at the track and then head back. If you are not to a point where you can run that distance simply meet us at the track. Get there around 5:45 to do a warm-up and then join in the fun. We have different pace groups and I will be happy to advise you who to run with. 

Next group track workouts:
May 9th
*If interest remains and we have a good size group showing up we might be adding additional track workouts.

RACE for a good cause! Some options...

MAY 6th - In Charleston area
RACE THE HELIX - this race helps to support a great cause that is close to fellow racer Stephen Shenal's heart!
Register here!

May 13th - Here is a great little 5K in Greenville's Eastside. The proceeds help families with the costs of adoption. 
Register online here!
Tracey Ashall Provides Run Coaching & one-on-one running sessions and group run workouts!

After 3 years of leading run groups with the YMCA Covington and a private gym and doing online coaching friends (which I continue to do) I decided to set up an LLC.  My goal is to build my run coaching business in Greenville, SC and surrounding areas and to build an even stronger running community.  I aim to build runners from the inside out, developing the correct technique, smart training and reducing the risk of injury.  I develop skills beyond just running but how to cross train and do supplemental training effectively plus develop that mental attitude to push yourself beyond what you thought you could do!  Working in groups and one on one I will tailor a program to suit your ability and goals whether it be to improve your 5k to qualifying for Boston.  I specialize in training road racing from 5k to marathon. Tracey also has extensive personal training certifications to be able to work that into your schedule.
Personal PR's include:
5k - 19:06 (Sept 2015)
10k - 40:42 (Dec 2015)
Half Marathon - 1:29:12 (Feb 2017)
Marathon - 3:15:08 (Dec 2016)

If you have friends in the Greenville area who are looking for run specific coaching or if you need someone to push you during that interval workout contact Tracey!
Mobile: 228-222-7645

Fun Races
Your Triathlon Club is invited to participate in the "World Championships of Beach Triathlon Tri Club Challenge". Okay, that may be wee bit overstated - but we are having a  BEACH TRI CLUB CHALLENGE to see who is the most bad ass Tri Club of them all. This Challenge is open to any Tri Club or Tri Team in the world - so help us spread the word! Yes, there will be a trophy awarded to the BEST Triathlon Club. Actually 2 trophies will be warded - one for the BEST Male Tri Club Team - and, one for the BEST Female Tri Club Team. Thats right - trophy + bragging rights = badassery!

The Beach Tri Club Challenge is taking place Saturday, June 17, 2017 at Hilton Head Island - the Race is the  Atlantic Community Bank BEACH BUM TRIATHLON #1

  1. Please let us know by June 1 if your Club plans on participating (Remember, you do not have to enter a male AND female team - it can one or the other or both. AND, if you don't have enough members to field an all male or all female team - let us know and we can create a mixed team category if there is enough interest
  2. DISCOUNT - once you notify us of your Team's interest, we will provide you with a discount code to use online -or- in person - so your team members may receive a healthy discount on their entry. 

  1. Team Roster - names and emails
  2. Team Captain - name and email
  3. Team Name

I am in the process of working a special rate with a hotel across the street from the race site. I will post the rate and instructions on how to book a room once it is confirmed. 

SCORING (patterned after a cross country running):
  1. Minimum of 5 athletes scored - no max on number of athletes registered to that Club 
  2. Athletes are scored according to their overall place in the event - ie., 1st place finisher get 1 point; 10th place finisher gets 10 points; and so on...
  3. We will tally the points from the first five finishers of a Club - and the Club with the lowest score WINS
  4. Athletes race as individuals in the event and will also be eligible for individual awards

We hope you can join us for a great time of racing triathlon on Hilton Head Island. I am sure there will be questions - so email me directly or call me at 843-338-1481. Thanks - ao

Thank you,

Find Your Freedom!

Alfred | Go Tri Sports
Go Tri Sports   "Celebrating 16 Years of Serving our Community of Athletes "
Store : 31 New Orleans Rd., Ste. B, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Telephone: 843.295.9565

The Lake Lure Olympiad  is a competitive sports festival boosting challenging courses, entertaining activities, and family fun at diverse scenic locations benefiting area charities and service organizations. Read on to learn more about the many great race events offered!
Your Premier Destination Race Weekend  returns for the 13th annual year to the scenic mountain town of Lake Lure, August 11,12 & 12th 2017. Each year over 1,500 athletes come to compete at WNC's largest  three day sports festival , situated in the Hickory Nut Gorge of the Blue Ridge Foothills.

Malone Coaching | | |
790 Greenwood Road
Landrum, SC 29356