California Indian Legal Services Upcoming ICWA Training Events
California Indian Legal Services, through the support of the California Department of Social Services will be providing training to tribal leaders, tribal social workers, and ICWA Advocates to assist them in successfully pursuing ICWA compliance in state court child welfare cases. Attendance at these trainings will be free, but limited to 35 participants each. We hope to see you there!
ICWA Advocate Trainings:
(2 ½ days each)

3/27/17-3/29/17  Morongo Casino Resort & Spa
                           Block rooms available until
                           March 17th
6/12/17-6/14/17  Thunder Valley Casino Resort  
Greater San Diego Area Trainings: 
(9am-5pm, TBD )

4/17/17  BIA ICWA Regulations  
4/18/17  Tribal Customary Adoption
4/19/17  Tribal Criminal Background Checks

Bishop Area Trainings:
(9am-5pm, Whiskey Creek, Bishop)
5/1/17  BIA ICWA Regulations  
5/2/17  Tribal Customary Adoption
5/3/17  Tribal Criminal Background Checks

Eureka Area Trainings:
(9am-5pm, Bear River Casino Hotel, Loleta)
5/22/17  BIA ICWA Regulations  
5/23/17  Tribal Customary Adoption
5/24/17  Tribal Criminal Background  Checks

Greater Sacramento Area Trainings:
(9am-5pm, Thunder Valley Casino Resort, Lincoln)

6/19/17  BIA ICWA Regulations  
6/20/17  Tribal Customary Adoption
6/21/17  Tribal Criminal Background Checks

Who should attend these trainings?
Priority attendance will be given to Tribal Leaders and Representatives, Tribal Social Workers, and Tribal ICWA Advocates.  All others wishing to attend will be placed on a wait list and approved for training 10 days before the event date as space permits.

ICWA Advocate Training:
2 ½ Day Course - This course will provide an overview of the ICWA requirements and its interplay with California juvenile dependency procedure. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to apply the legal framework to real-life simulated facts, and hone their advocacy skills.

BIA ICWA Regulations Training:
Full-day course will provide training on the 2016 BIA ICWA Regulations, focusing on their practical implementation in California. The goal is to help tribal and county social workers collaborate during the dependency process and elicit feedback regarding what is needed to better support county/tribal relationships.

Tribal Customary Adoption Training:
Full-day course designed to provide training in the legal and practical considerations necessary to implement Tribal Customary Adoption. By learning more about Tribal Customary Adoption and Tribal Customary Adoption Orders, tribes will be able to more efficiently assess the appropriateness of Tribal Customary Adoption and to navigate the process.

Tribal Criminal Background Check Training:
Full-day course designed to provide tribes the level of training and resources in the legal and practical considerations necessary for new California legislation that allows tribes to conduct criminal background checks and consider appropriate waivers/exemptions, potentially increasing the number of placements available. 
To register and for more information, please contact Laura Svoboda at or (707) 443-8397 x 103. 
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