Eight years ago I was stuck on an island for weeks chasing bone-fish and Trigger fish.
I was designing flies and had this great sort of worm fly, using material from a child's toy.
 The fly did not work very well. That was another lesson in fly design.
Using the same material and an excuse for buying a new toy.
 Over the past two seasons, a very effective fresh water fly has been fish tested and developed.
You will be able to read about it and buy it soon.
Cheers Stu.
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       Certain things in life, make you SMILE

Hello guys,
Thought I would share this wee story that made me more than smile.
Matt has become a huge inspiration in my life and business.

For over 15 years now I have been teaching fly casting and taking people on guided fly fishing trips and fishing since the age of 8. I am now nearly 50 years young.

For many years now I have been slowly developing my New Zealand fly fishing school, which is still very much in the infancy stages.

Two years ago Matt contacted me and wanted to learn how to fly fish especially fly cast, which he had already figured out, you need to be able to do to have the best chances of catching fish.

Fly fishing had interested him for years though he had never tried it and wanted to learn the best he could from the start, without any bad habits.

He hired me for a one day New Zealand Fly fishing school and went away for a few days practicing and then came back and then he went out for a few days on the rivers.

 He instantly fell in love with the casting and the skills he was learning of his new found fly fishing passion.

Recently he contacted me to let me know what he had just been involved in.
It made me so proud of him and I wished I was there to experience it all with him. 

 It is feed back like this that keeps me smiling and striving to become always better at what I do, no one knows it all. Though maybe Matt is on his way!

You have to remember that he, unlike the people he was in the competition against,  Matt does not fly cast or fish every day, some of them were pros.

Trigger and Stu

Hi Stu

One of the coolest things to happen was last weekend! I entered the Go Pro Mountain games up in Vail Colorado just trying to go and cast well and have some fun.

 There were 89 people who entered, the fist round was 3 accuracy targets at 20, 30, and 40 feet, then 3 distances casts you had to land in a 10' lane, then one distance cast that could be anywhere. I placed at 11th after the first round which took me to semis! (Also a free pair of Costa's of my choosing :))

Semis was in front of 300-400 people in the middle of the games and was 5 targets casting down from a bridge and I ended up placing 6th which took me to finals! To get 6th I beat out 2 USA Team members haha, it was incredible you should have seen me out there I killed it!!!

I fished in Finals with 2 Yellow Dog international guides, Winstons General Manager, and some other well known guides in the area. I placed 5th in finals, two spots off the podium and out of the money!

It was such an awesome experience, I wanted to thank you so much for teaching me everything you did with casting and fishing! Please know it is still being used and getting better and better.


Thank you so much for the reply! and yes you are correct it was awesome walking up just to have some fun and eventually making it in front of hundreds of spectators competing with the professionals!

Honestly the ONLY reason my cast is what it is (pretty decent) is because of you and the time you spent with me on and off the river!! So I literally can not thank you enough :)

     A Vintage Tackle - Man - Takes it Online.
A tech fly fishing geek takes on the world of Vintage fly fishing tackle!
Are you one of these people who have a big collection of old fly fishing tackle and think its worth a bit?
Maybe you just like collecting old rods, flies, reels.
Well there is a man in the USA taking the collecting and using of old tackle to another level.
Even if you just like to look and see what prices things go for check it out by clicking on the photo below.
I do not have any old tackle or photos. So here is a sign I found when I was fly fishing for trout in India. Click on it.
                              COOL SHIT
?The Hidden? (Trailer) - Official Selection, IF4? 2017
The trailer for some young fly fishing dudes in Iceland.
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