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May 31, 2012
Dear Friends! 

Welcome to Summertime! I hope you're able to stay cool and have some time set aside for fun and relaxation. I encourage you to take God with you on your vacation! He brings peace, stability and joy to any situation.
 In this newsletter you will find lots of exciting things including an article recently published in the Pentecostal Herald, a FREE download and a new video blog. Feel free to forward this letter to a friend, or if it was forwarded to you, click on the "join my mailing list" link to become a regular subscriber. Be blessed and don't stress!
                            Shara McKee

Stewardship of Abilities by Shara McKee


I'll never forget the day I visited a friend's house and spotted the gift I had thoughtfully chosen, purchased and anxiously transported to them the previous year for Christmas. The item, which shall remain nameless, was unused and resting comfortably exactly where it had been left one year ago. The layer of dust was irrefutable evidence. I tried not to take it personally but I confess that I felt disappointment as I thought to myself, "Thanks a lot!"

There is a rewarding feeling of fulfillment that comes when we learn that a gift we have given is actually serving a purpose rather than gathering dust on a shelf.  Likewise, the Lord is pleased when we put the gifts or abilities He has bestowed upon us to good use. Conversely, when we set aside our gift, or bury it, Click here to read more
I wrote "Wherever I Am" last year based on Psalm 139. I hope it will be a blessing and encouragement to you. The CD is called "To Be With You" and you can find it on iTunes. The soundtrack is also available on iTunes and the Mark Condon iClub.
Shara McKee's Recipe Box
Gooey Butter Cake 
This St Louis favorite is an amazingly, dangerously delicious dessert I discovered a few years ago thanks to the Sharp Family. You'll be the hit of any party and the demise to any diet when you show up with this yummy treat!
Click HERE to get the recipe!
My Most Recent Video Blog
"Staying Submitted and Never Lose Your wonder"
Periodically I will make informal blogs where I just share a thought that is on my heart. Here is the link of this week's blog, you can go to my YouTube channel to find about 80 more!
Blog May 29th 2012 Submission and Wonder
Blog May 29th 2012 Submission and Wonder

Family Moments!
 Sophia Says "Thank You" 
My sweet 14 month baby girl Sophia, whom we affectionately call "Soso" has been saying new words every week. I hope hearing her say "Thank You" will make you smile.
Sophia says
Sophia says "Thank You"

Thank you for taking time to share with me today! I look forward to connecting with you on FB and Twitter or in person soon!
In His Royal Service,