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Presented by John Kriger of Kriger Consulting, Inc. and provided through a grant from the
Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders through the Office of
Human Services, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Unit  


Technology Dependence

For Adults 18 yrs or Older!  

When:  Thursday, April 26, 2012, 7:00-8:30 pm   

Where:  Emergency Services Training Center  

       53 Academy Drive, Westampton, NJ  08060

       (609) 702-7157  **Please call to register.** 

*** This is a FREE workshop.  Please come and enjoy!*** 

Six potential indicators of Tech-Abuse:
1.  R U texting while driving, during meals, in important meetings?
2.  Constantly checking email or texts and anxious when you can't?
3.  Ever choose email over meetings or have more online than personal friends?
4.  Ever felt guilty, or have someone get frustrated or angry over your tech use?
5.  Do you ever misuse work computers playing games, shopping or surfing the net?
6.  Have increased eye strain, higher BP, poor nutrition, or ignoring personal hygiene? 


Potential impact in your organization or school:    

Difficulty in:
  -  Working in groups
  -  Talking through problems
  -  Thinking creatively
  -  Maintaining attention during important discussions or meetings
  -  Getting employees to meet, when they would rather email or text


Impending impact on individuals:

Your members or students may be:

  -  Over or under reactive                                       - Constantly distracted

  -  Isolating                                                             - Lacking social supports

  -  Excessively stressed                                            - Expressing increased physical complaints

  -  Overtired from nocturnal technology usage       - Experiencing increasing interpersonal problems


What you can do:

  -  Discover how to offset the negative effects.

  -  Learn to help others and what signs to watch for.

  -  Find how to gain balance in your own computer use.

  -  Gain knowledge of how tech-addiction can cause sleeplessness, depression, and worse!

  -  Learn how tech-addiction may be impacting you, your family, your workplace or your school.

For a sneak peek of this workshop:
John Kriger on Tech Dependence 
John Kriger on
Technology Dependence
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