Volunteer today by collecting items for our local troops.

Empowerment Equipment Box  


3 suicides (military members) in one month, right here in Brevard. PLEASE help us help them!  

Cortney Butler one of our women military vets suffering with PTSD shares her story here.  


Cortney Butler Story   


You can help right Now. Make a donation to help a warrior attend AVET Project Recuperation & Reintegration Retreat Cruise. Every dollar helps.


$270 will cover 1 military member's cabin.


 **For any military member to admit they need some help is a Big Step.** Right now we have vets on a waiting list hoping to attend with your help. 

Our cruise boat has cabins on HOLD but we need to pay balance asap, or we take a chance of prices going up.  


Thanks for helping our military family!

WE can't do this ALONE so Thank YOU ALL, sponsors, volunteers for being apart of the TEAM.
We always tell people: "we are not talkers we are an organization of Action".
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