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XTERRA Wetsuits
May 12-13th Knock on Wood 50K run - Conestee, SC
Chris Crecente - got in a 40 MILER for training!
May 13th Lake Murray Sprint, Columbia, SC
Joe Engram - 1:21 - 7th OA and 2nd AG - HUGE PR! Almost 5 MIN!
Catherine O'Sullivan 1:25 - 3rd OA & 1st AG
Nicole Ramsbey 1:29 - 7th OA - 2nd AG
Evan Shealey 1:29 - 2nd AG
Dianne Fladung 1:31 - 9th OA & 1st Masters Open
Tina Rich - 1:35 - 2nd AG
Lisa Powell - 1:38 - 2nd AG
Phil Zitello - 1:38 -
Melinda Lindberg - 1:54

Joe on the Podium with a 5 min PR on this course from last year! In a SPRINT! Hard work does pay off! Here is last year vs. this year.

If you have soreness or cramping on a regular basis - 
I absolutely love the Mg12 Products!

Who is Racing...
May 20th Mountains to Main Street Half Marathon, Greenville, SC
Erica Melton
Liz Blackwood
Hannah Fox
Keith McConnell
May 20th I CAN Tri Super Sprint, GA
Steve Erwin
May 20th Brooklyn Half Marathon, NY
Kitt Zuk
May 20th XTERRA South East Championships, Pelham, AL
Jess White
Jock White
May 21st  Charleston Tri Series Race #1, James Island, SC
Rachel Crunk
Cal Sinkler
Jannette Finch
May 21st  Chattanooga 70.3, TN
Michael Vaccaro
May 21st Mountains to Main Street Half Ironman, Greenville, SC
Katie Malone
Brad Fraedrich
Carol Brunson
Will Wood
Beth Mullikin
Kim Parenti
John Miles
Melanie  Pieffer - Relay "Ask Daddy Mommy is Busy"
Mary Biebel - Relay "Super Cuts"
Bob Boyle
Nicole Ramsbey
Scott Kaylor
Lisa Powell
Joanna Eubanks
Neil Waldrop

* Please keep in mind that I do my best to get this correct but sometimes I unintentionally miss someone. Please let me know and I will go back and correct it the next week!

We are a Registered USAT Triathlon Club & a Registered IRONMAN Brand Triathlon Club.
Search for MALONE COACHING any time you register for a race and make your club affiliation known. See the bottom of the newsletter for more information on the IRONMAN brand club.

XTERRA Wetsuits 

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May 2017
Note from Coach
FREEDOM of not chasing a PR!

There is something liberating about going into a race knowing there will be no PR (personal record) chasing done that day. As a coach I see many triathletes and runners missing the the scenery in a race because their noses are glued to their Garmins; constantly monitoring every heart beat, every step, every churn of the crank, every watt produced. The beauty of a race that is a longer distance (M2M) topped off with a challenging course is you can bring the focus back to what makes racing fun. What is that? That is the innate tendency we have to chase the leader and fight for position, to find peace in a hard effort and to drive yourself to a bonding of the physical and mental effort it takes to perform to your potential. Racing "fun" isn't just about a number, it isn't a specific time or placement that will bring satisfaction. It is going out and testing your limits and loving it. Going fast, swimming in the pack and drafting, executing smooth flawless turns on the bike, climbing so hard that you feel like your heart will pump out of your chest, maybe even burning a match or two on the course because what is racing if you don't test yourself at least a little? For each person the "test" might be very different but make no mistake about it we all have have that inner will to besiege ourselves and by this I mean, beating down that little voice inside your head that creeps up and tells you that " you can't ". With every hill you climb and every step you take you gain confidence and momentum which stay with you long after the race is done, this is why to simply race is to be a stronger and better version of yourself when you are done. There is joy to be found in anything that gives us all that in one day. So when you head out to race and you feel the buzz of energy at the start of the race and see the finish line at the end know that it isn't the end but really just the beginning.

"Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don't have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up." 

Coach Katie


MONDAY is Coach Katie's ONLY day off each week. This means that e-mail probably will not get answered. If you have a burning question please send a TEXT any time but especially on MONDAY! Typically Monday there will not be any individual sessions scheduled aside from the GROUP SWIMS that will take place at Lake Lanier every other Monday night. Thank you for your understanding!
Save the date!
May 10th - Replacement uniforms have arrived! Everyone should have theirs!
May 19th & 20th - Come Visit Coach Katie at the M2M Expo!
May 20th & 21st - M2M Half Marathon & Half IM
May 21st - 7:40 at BIKE EXIT  - GROUP PICTURE!!!
May 24th - 7:00 PM - Ladies Track Workout in Spartanburg -location TBD
May 31st - 7:00 PM - Ladies Track Workout in Spartanburg - location TBD
June 3rd - MTY Sprint Triathlon - Duncan
June 4th  - (Sunday) WNC Flyer Bike ride  - REGISTER NOW!
June 5th - 6:30 PM - Open Water Swim

Abby Russell (working for Set-up), Kelly Danias racing, Kelly Page our favorite Set-up friend & Nicole Ramsbey all got to visit at Lake Murray!
We appreciate our Sponsors!

Without a team of sponsors that believes in what we are doing we would not look nearly as sharp at races! Our sponsors help keep us healthy and on track and looking good! I have a link to all of our sponsors to the left. Please support them any time you can. Here is a little bit about our special team:

SUPERCUTS - has been our sponsor for years so when you need a good hair cut and product check them out in the Greenville area! Mary Biebel, owner,  has been on our team for years and has earned herself the nickname "Podium Girl" since she is almost always on the podium!

EMERALD CITY BIKES - is located in Greenwood, SC but the customer service is worth the drive. Joanna Eubanks is a co-owner with her husband has been a member of our team for years now too. She is an amazing athlete even though she hasn't been racing much in SC over the last few years, she is always one to watch!

FRIGID Cryotherapy - is a new sponsor this year located at 8540 Pelham Rd. Greenville, SC. They specialize in cutting edge recovery techniques like cryotherapy.
Think of it as a very quick and powerful ice bath - except not as painful! They also have a NormaTec Boot lounge. 

This weeks best meal....

This recipe wins as the best of the week...maybe the best of the month! I made a lot extra of this and it tasted even better cold and leftover the next day. I didn't have any jerk seasoning so I just used whatever I had (Thank you Kelly Danias for the seasoning). Oh and to make this super easy and quick spend the money on already pealed and deveined shrimp and don't overcook the shrimp either!


Check out the SKINS website here!

Our team has been selected to receive special discounts from this vendor in exchange for offering our input on the product! Use discount code TRI-VAL - *** The code should now be working. It is good for a 30% discount!

 I have been wearing the new compression tights a lot and find them VERY helpful AND comfortable!

Time to Travel - Meet our new partner!
Take some of the stress out of travel to races! 

We are thrilled to announce that Premium Plus Sports (PPS) is the Official Travel Company for Malone Coaching, its athletes and customers.  I've used them before, so I know!

Why PPS?
  • They've been providing athlete logistics services since 1986
  • One-Stop Shop for
    • o   Airfare, Hotels & Transfers
    • o   Onsite - mechanic & concierge
    • o   Bike Shipments
    • o   Massage Therapists
    • o   Post-race trips/tour suggestions
    • o   Post-race bike/extra luggage storage
Premium Plus Sports specializes in travel packages for Ironman, 70.3, ITU, Xterra, Challenge races worldwide.  They handle all logistics, so participants can focus on the training & racing, for a more fulfilling experience.
Exclusive to Malone Coaching, PPS will provide:
  • Special pricing/discount for events listed on their website
  • Travel logistic resource to any event you are participating (purchase not necessary)
Visit their website at
Feel free to submit a request or Call 800-282-3636 and let them know you're a Malone athlete.
PPS will customize any trip to meet your needs and budget.

I will post items for sale weekly. If you wish for me to post something for you please include all the details below and send an e-mail to 

Date posted:
Asking Price:
Contact Info:

Date posted: 5-18-17
Item:  2016 S-Works Tarmac for sale 52 cm. Completely original in mint condition. Dura Ace di2, hydraulic disc brakes, Roval carbon wheels. It's the top of the line road bike and retailed for $9250 Asking $5500 OBO
would probably fit someone between 5'6 and 5'8
Description: Only has 600 miles on it! Owner is only doing off-road riding
Located: Greenville, SC
Asking Price: $5500
Contact Info: John Messer - 864-230-5676

Date posted: 4-21-17
Rudy Project Helmet
Worn 3x by coach Katie - it does not fit my head!
Landrum, SC
Asking $75

Date posted: 2-1-17
Thule Aeroblade Edge Roof Bars L (Used on a 2013 Pathfinder, adjustable)
And Thule Circuit roof fork bike holder
Located: Charlotte, NC
Asking Price: $275
Contact Info:  Michael Vaccaro -

Date posted: 2-1-17
Item: Hard Case Travel Bike Box
Located: Landrum, SC
Asking Price: $125
Contact Info: Coach Katie

Date posted: 1-12-17
Item: Xterra Speedsuit
Description: XL NEVER WORN
Located: Greenville, SC
Asking Price: $60
Contact Info: Mary Biebel at  

Garmin Problems? 
Factory Restart/Reset/Reboot

Recently Nicole Ramsbey had some problems with her Garmin. Here is what she wanted to share with the team!

In a Garmin 920XT emergency you might want to try to restart a dead ish unit with the following:
a. Hold  POWER BUTTON on for 15 seconds. The device should hopefully start to turn off.
c. Press but don't hold the  POWER BUTTON for a second or so  - device should turn on
d. Wait for 1st beep then release  UP ARROW BUTTON
e. Wait for 2nd beep then release  DOWN ARROW BUTTON
and/or fiddle with combinations of the above
There is more info in the manual:  search for 'factory' in the manual



Please ask your members to   login to their IRONMAN Account and update their TriClub Affiliation by clicking on the " My  Athlete Profile" tab.  If your members need to   create and IRONMAN Account, please be sure they use their  email address. Once their account is verified, they must log in and out for their athlete information to display. After logging in and out, they will be able to select their TriClub Affiliation by clicking on the " My Athlete Profile" tab and entering the name of your club in the drop down menu. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and click " save".
Once your athletes are registered as members of your club within our athlete database, any time they race with IRONMAN anywhere in the world they will generate points that will go to your TriClub Ranking. You can check your  TriClub Ranking on
We also invite you and your members to join our  IRONMAN TriClub Connect Facebook group. TriClub Connect is a great way to learn about the IRONMAN TriClub Program, our races, and just connect with other TriClub members.


The location of the open water swims is Lake Lanier on the SC/NC border at my PRIVATE boathouse. There are no bathrooms available so please stop somewhere on the way. There is a place to get changed for before and after swimming.

Parking is off the side of the road or in a parking lot next to my boathouse that my neighbor generously allows us to use.

The address is:
2004 West Lakeshore Dr.
Landrum, SC 29356

*Swims are held every other Monday. 
* If the weather is bad I will make the call by 5:00 that night and post on Facebook & send an e-mail to all coached athletes. Swims might be rescheduled due to weather 
but that will be on a case by case basis.

June 5th
June 19th
June 26th
July 10th
July 31st
August 14th
August 28th

Open water swims will start 6:30 PM the water! That means you need to arrive a little earlier to allow time to squeeze into your wetsuits. 

Swims are held on Monday nights because that is when there is the least boat traffic on the lake. 

The open water swims are workouts, not just swimming and they are fun - so don't miss out! These give us 6 MONTHS of quality time in open water!

 As always we will have kayak support.  (If you know someone who would like to be kayak support please let me know - as we get larger groups in the warmer months I need help)

*If you wish to bring friends who are not MC athletes they must be USAT members. All are welcome in 2017! This is part of my Service to the Sport for USAT.
 Due to changes in coverage we are now considered a "club" and must change procedures in order to maintain current insurance. 

We almost always grab dinner at El Sureno afterwards, so please plan to join us!

*Cell phones generally do not work at the lake so if you get lost please text since that usually will still go through.

Swim Opportunities!

We will start with our open water swims at some point in April when the water is warm enough. Still plan on every other Monday evening at 6:30 PM. Our open water swims are a WORKOUT! Every athlete that has attended these  over the years has seen huge improvement in open water swim races. Don't miss out on this opportunity! 

The Endless Pool at my home in Landrum still remains open to you to use as a tool. with mirrors on the bottom and in front of you it is amazing the difference it can make in your swim because it allows you to see what you are doing. Schedule a time to get in and use it with me!

For those of you who need more work on your stroke former Malone Coaching athlete Cheryl Quinn is giving private lessons as well as coaching some Masters Swims! Cheryl has years of experience swimming and was an incredibly strong triathlete. She is kind and compassionate too. Check out her swim coaching Facebook page to learn more about her!

I love working with swimmers of all ability levels, but I get especially excited when I hear they want to improve their swimming for a triathlon. Over the past 2 years, I have become a USMS level 1&2  certified masters coach and  Adult Learn-to-swim instructor. Last year I took the plunge and obtained my USAT level 1 certification in hopes that my swim coaching might segway into working with some triathletes.  I would welcome any opportunity to help your athletes in the pool, whether as private lessons or part of my beginner masters workouts Monday and Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 PM
Monday am 5:30 PM at GHS pool. 
I also teach at the Kroc Center

Please feel free to contact Cheryl directly if you want to set up a lesson with her.
864-982-6022 mobile or
Learn more & Register for this fun series HERE!

Looking for some ride info and other general bike info? 

We are starting the year off with mountain biking to develop handling skills and work on a nice smooth pedal stroke. 

CYCLE BAR - this is a new spin studio in Greenville. I gave it a try last week and was pleasantly surprised at how different and fun it was. If you need something to get you out of the house this is a great/safe/social way to get in a great workout!

SPIN CLASS - There is a spin class on Thursday night at Caine Halter YMCA followed by a core class both taught by Tracey Ashall that some of you might want to check out.

May 20th Tour de Cure for the Diabetes Association - Cola?

May 27th -  Ride for Outward Bound Half Century, Carrier Park Asheville-50 miles

**June 4th - WNC Flyer 8:00 AM for 100 miler, there is also a 100K, a 50 miler and a 30K. Starts and finishes at Oskar Blues Brewery. This is a GREAT ride for a tri bike but also fills up quickly so if you plan to do this sign up NOW!

**July 8th - Hot Doggett - 100 miler, 100K and 60K rides

July 14-16 - Alzheimer's Ride to Remember - starts in Simpsonville and ends in Charleston

August 19th - Flight of the Dove 100K, Clinton, SC

October 7-8 MS 150 Breakaway to the Beach, Sunset Beach, NC

October 14th -  White Squirrel, Brevard, NC -chip timing, for profit ride, eats for sale post ride
*Thanks to Lisa Powell for most of this list!
**These are the next rides we will be going to as a group.
Group Track Workouts

Next round of group track workouts are in Spartanburg on Wednesday Nights at 7:00 PM. The last few weeks we have been at SCSDB but we will possibly be changing locations next week. Message me for more info. Sessions are FREE to those I coach and $15 per session for people who just want to join in and have a coached track session.

Fun Races
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790 Greenwood Road
Landrum, SC 29356