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Look for updates on our "Four Pillars" each month:  Fitness, Nutrition, Community Service, and Artistic Expression.  Using these elements, FTR members gain strength in all areas and build a strong foundation for recovery. Comments? Suggestions? Contact newsletter editor Sarah Kappos at 
Community Service: Founder Ian Acker Joins the E-50 

Each year, the Community Foundation of Utah chooses 50 people in our state who make a significant difference in the lives of Utahns.  The following criteria are used to determine those elected by their peers. These individuals:
  • pioneer innovative and sustainable approaches to the critical issues facing Utah;
  • demonstrate a commitment to community engagement;
  • make a profound mark on Utah's quality of life; and
  • value collaboration, entrepreneurship and creativity.
By joining these ranks, Ian Acker will be introduced to a group of new colleagues with common goals: to share ideas, drive innovation and benefit our community now and for generations to come. Meet past members of the The E-50 (210-2015).
Fitness: Team FTR to run the Spartan Race

As lead Trainer James Sjostrom would say:
" At FTR we build your race car in the gym so you can race it outside of the gym. "

On August 13th an ambitious team will head up to Eden, Utah to take their race outside.  The Reebok Spartan Super Race is 8-10 miles of 24-29 obstacles designed to test strength and endurance. FTR Team "Mud Wookies" will climb ropes, walls, and slop through mud to the finish.  Look for an update next month!

The Spartan Race at Eden
Creative Arts:  A New River Writing Class 

In the cozy upstairs studio at FTR, you will find a very different mood from the blasting music and hard- working bodies downstairs in the gym.  You will find plush couches, lit candles and a small group of people kicked back with their shoes off. These folks talk softly and hold a notebook in their lap. These are the River Writers, and they have been meeting to share stories for the past year.  

Taught in six weekly sessions, participants foster a safe environment to write uncensored and to share their insights aloud with one another.  In many recovery circles, writing is a vital tool in developing awareness, dealing with stress, and processing the past.  It is also a delightful way to build lasting friendships, and grow the bonds of our community.  

Look for our next session in early September!  For questions or to sign up please contact Artist in Residence Sarah Kappos at:
Nutrition Spotlight:  Stephanie Roque

Meet Stephanie Roque, a dynamic leader of Food To Recover, FTR's nutrition pillar.  After earning her Masters Degree in Public Health and Community Nutrition from the University of Vermont, Steph set out to look for real world experience, and she found it at FTR.

Stephanie loves the professionally creative outlet she has found teaching our members about sustainability and down to earth nutrition. 

"I never had a chapter in my text book about nutrition for people in recovery," she says. Currently, she and the Food To Recover team are developing recipes for FTR recovery bars, fine-tuned to serve the nutritional needs of those in recovery, and to help the recovery process from exercise go faster!

Don't forget to come to this Saturday's (7/16) Boot Camp and enjoy the rich rewards of the Summer Smoothie Workshop after the workout.
Stephanie says FTR has given her a sense of purpose and direction in a new state.  Coming from Vermont, she has found a place to call home at our gym. She loves seeing the vulnerability of people in recovery, and admits it has inspired her to be more honest and open herself. Thank you Stephanie for all you do, and for your bright smile!

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