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February 9, 2017
From the Pastor
Rev. Steve Ramsdell
"Have you ever gone to an event, a camp, or a sporting event where you paid a fee to get in, and they had a special stamp that marked the back of your hand?  The mark is always hard to see, but if at any time during the day you left the event and chose to re-enter, all you had to do was pass your hand beneath a special light and the mark indicating that your admission had been paid would be in clear view.  The mark would, of course, enable you to regain admission to the park.
As a baptized Christian, you now bear the mark of Jesus Christ in your life and person.  An unbelievable price has been paid for you by Christ on the cross.  Now you can understand the solemn exhortation that the apostle Paul gave to his spiritual son when he . "...   Continue

Thursdays March 2 - April 13, 10:30 a.m.

"24 Hours That Changed the World": Join 
Pastor Molly for a study on the last 24 hours 
of Jesus's life, 24 hours that changed the 
world forever. We will look at the Last 
Supper, the Crucifixion, and the events that occurred  in between. All are welcome!
Meeting in room 110 (March 9 will be 
off-site  as the building is closed for cleaning during  Spring Break).

March 4 & 5, Family Life Center

First Methodist will celebrate Baptism by Immersion, March 4, 6:30 p.m. and March 5, 11:50 a.m. Invite your friends and family to 
join  in the celebration. If you need more information  or to make reservations, email 
Sara Holmes or call 772.5630.
Wednesday, March 15, 6 p.m.

If you are considering membership, please 
visit with us on, Wednesday, March 15, 
6 p.m.,  in  the Children's Worship Center. 
"Coffee  with  the Pastors" is a great way to 
learn more  about FUMC Waco in a relaxing atmosphere.
If you need more information or to make reservations, email Sara Holmes or call 254.722.5630. See you there!

March 24 - 25

Save the Date: Father Son Campout! Grab 
your tent for a fun weekend of fishing, 
archery, campfires, and friendships. Cost is 
$10 per person.
If you need more information or to make reservations, email Sara Holmes or 
call 772.5630.
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