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March 17, 2017
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Down To The Wire - Where Is Your Pledge?
FunRaiser 2017 is Saturday May 6 at 6pm
Special Deep Listening Session: Interfaith Experiences
Did You Have Your Photo Taken by Our Youth Group
Emma's Revolution in Concert!
"I Am Mother"
Thank You to Prayer Shawl Ministry!
Young Souls Bagel Breakfast
UU Animal Ministry Invites You to a Viewing
Activism Through Singing
Care Network Corner
Flower Power
The Board of Trustees is Canceling Our Regular March Meeting
Senior Minister Vacation - **Date Change**
Staffing Vision - The Letters
VIA Presents- "The Social Justice Values of Pope Francis: Ending the Economy of Exclusion"
Upcoming Sundays for Children
Want your child in 8th Grade OWL next year?
Breath of Fresh Air

Upcoming Services
March 19- (Re)Imagine

Preacher: Rev. Mara
9 & 11
Associate: Rebecca Gurney 

Musician: Sam Whitesell

Flowers: Claire Graham-Smith  

This month, we are exploring the power of imagination-and it's relationship to our spiritual lives. As we've considered, our imaginations can help us connect with others across differences that might otherwise keep us apart, and can plant seeds of hope for a better future. But what happens when the future we imagined for ourselves doesn't come to pass? How do we make sense of a lived reality that falls short of our imaginings? This Sunday, we'll consider what it means to re-imagine . . . again, and again. How can a spiritual practice of reimagining help us navigate the joys and challenges of life, in all its complexity?



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Important Dates
March 19
Special Deep Listening Session: Interfaith Experiences

FUUSB Animal Ministry Presents: "Cowspiracy"

March 26
Special Deep Listening Session: Interfaith Experiences

April 1 
Emma's Revolution in Concert! 

April 2
Young Souls' Bagel Breakfast

April 13

Mother Up! A Gathering for Families

May 2
Young Souls' Bagel Breakfast

May 6
FUUSB FunRaiser

May 11

Mother Up! A Gathering for Families

June 8

Mother Up! A Gathering for Families


  Saturday, April 1 at FUUSB! 

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Down To The Wire - Where Is Your Pledge?

We are getting down to the wire and need your pledge in order to finish up our budget for the 2017/2018 fiscal year. As you've heard recently, this is a time of great need and every single pledge makes a huge difference. We still have nearly 100 members/friends who have not yet turned in their pledge card and that means our budget will be down by around $92,000! Holy Moly! So please click on the button, it will only take a minute, and give us your pledge. Go ahead! Do it right now! You know you want to!!!

And for all of you that have already turned in your pledge card, thank you!
FunRaiser 2017 is Saturday May 6 at 6pm

What's a FunRaiser? 

It's a huge opportunity to have fun building community by sharing our skills, talents, creativity, and time with other FUUSB peeps! We also have a goal of raising $15,000 (or more!) to support programs, staff, and our meeting house, as part of this year's annual budget.

How can each of us participate?
  • Join the team that makes this great event happen!
  • Get creative! Host a barbecue, a nature walk, a bike tour, a theme dinner-lunch-brunch, a dance party, a visit to a museum or historic site, a children's event, a day on the lake, a trip to Montreal, NYC, Boston, use of a vacation home, donate air miles, host a "meet the author" event, a yoga and breakfast mini retreat, tickets to an event, think big or small!
  • Consider teaming up with a friend(s) to cogitate and co create!
  • Show up, have fun, and bid! Silent and live auction!

More information coming soon about how to donate to the FunRaiser.

Save the date, Saturday, May 6 starting at 6pm.
Special Deep Listening Session: Interfaith Experiences
by Andre Mol, FUUSB Ministerial Intern

colorful_tree_chat.jpg Have you participated in any of our gatherings with the Islamic Society of Vermont such as their Friday prayer services in December or their community dinner in January? We are offering deep listening sessions to allow you to share and process your experiences in small groups while also learning the experiences of others. Offering these sessions also allows us to better understand our society's relationship with our Muslim neighbors as we deepen our interfaith relationships in our community.

Our Healthy Congregations Team and Ministerial Intern are hosting these sessions which will be offered the next two Sundays, March 19 & 26 at 12:30 - 1:30pm. Please come ready to share your personal stories and experiences as well as listen to the stories and experiences of others.

Please note that these sessions will not focus on questions about Islam or ideas on additional activities with the Islamic Society or other faith communities. If you wish to discuss such questions or ideas, or if you have questions about these listening sessions, please contact Andre Mol, our Ministerial Intern, at
Did You Have Your Photo Taken by Our Youth Group at The Bicentennial Celebration? 
by Tiffany Tillman 

The Youth Group at FUUSB is really excited to release their You Are Welcome Here video on Social Media to spread the message of the importance of inclusivity and acceptance in these times.  

We realize that by allowing us to take your photo you were aware that we were going to use your photo in our video, but just to make sure  we need you to fill out this Permission Form.  Please fill it out and return it asap so we can use our video that the group worked so hard on!   WE NEED THE FORM BY MARCH 19! We will have permission slips available in the parlors the next two Sundays!

Please list your child's name on the form if your child is younger than 16!  We need permission to use your photo AND their photo.

You can view the video here:     Password:  youthrock

Special thanks to Noah Patullo, Myla Jacobs, Sarah Forbes and Annemarie Granillo for helping with the poster and video!

Looking forward to getting your permission slip soon!

Tiffany Tillman
FUUSB Youth Ministry Coordinator

Emma's Revolution in Concert! 
by Barbara Alsop

What: Award winning, activist musicians, Emma's Revolution (Pat Humphries & Sandy O) in concert--Revolution Now, Vermont recording release concert

When: Saturday, April 1st, Burlington VT
Where: First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington, 152 Pearl Street at 7:30

Tickets: $18 advance / $22 door

Advance Tickets: Available online at or in person at the First Unitarian Universalist Society (on Sundays), at the Peace & Justice Store, 60 Lake Street (7 days a week) and at Phoenix Books, 191 Bank Street.

Facebook Event:
Emma's Revolution contact: Susan Frazier,, (517) 484-1712
Emma's Revolution official website:

About Emma's Revolution

Smart, funny and informative -- like Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart with guitars.

If there was ever a time for a powerful, loving transformative revolution, that time is now--and this is the music to fuel it! This concert celebrates the release of their latest album "Revolution Now." Covering issues from killer drones to wind energy, from the Black Lives Matter movement to the sustaining power of love, the songs span folk to jazz to funk and will keep you going through this unimaginable-inauguration-to-come and beyond.

As Emma's Revolution's friend Pete Seeger inspired them to sing, "Hope changes everything!"

THE NEW YORK TIMES ~ "Fervent and heartfelt"

The duo's songs have been sung for the Dalai Lama, praised by Pete Seeger and recorded by Holly Near. "Peace, Salaam, Shalom" is sung around the world and has been called the anthem of the anti-war movement. "If I Give Your Name" won Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and the band's music has been featured on NPR's "All Things Considered", Pacifica's "Democracy Now!" and "The Thom Hartman Show".

Emma's Revolution is well known to UU audiences. Since their 2005 appearance with Pete Seeger at General Assembly in Fort Worth, the duo has performed at General Assemblies from Salt Lake City to Portland, OR. Emma's Revolution wrote "Love Reaches Out" for the 2014 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly theme and premiered the song at a featured performance at the GA in Providence RI. Their songs, "Keep on Moving Forward","Swimming to the Other Side" and "Peace, Salaam, Shalom" are sung by UU congregations across the country and are included in the "Earth and Spirit Songbook", the UU Tapestry of Faith series and the new UU Spanish Hymnal.
"I Am Mother"

Last year's Mother's Day service included a multi-voice poem,   I Am Mother,  written by Kristin Kany. Joining Kristin in the reading  were FUUSB members Kayla Billings, Zoe Hart, Cheryl Herrick, Ginger Hobbs, Jane Packard Bryant, Valerie Wood Lewis, Robyn Woodworth, and Xu Zhou.

Many in the Meeting House that day suggested Kristin pursue publishing of the poem. Rev. Mara thought the UUA WorshipWeb might be a good place to contact, and voila  I Am Mother is now available for other ministers and lay leaders to use in their services.   I Am Mother is featured on the "What's New" page of Worship Web and Rev. Erika Hewitt will be featuring it on her Facebook page the coming weeks. 

Kristin feels that  I Am Mother, with its UU flavoring of inclusiveness, hope and love, is particularly applicable in our current cultural re-configuring.

You can read her poem here:
Thank You to Prayer Shawl Ministry! 
by Martha Molpus

Many thanks to Lynn Douglas and members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry who create these beautiful garments, taken by the Care Network to members in need. The shawls bring comfort and love and are welcomed with gratitude. Blessed be.
Young Souls Bagel Breakfast
by Emily Koella

Who: Anyone in emerging or early adulthood

What: A chance to meet other UUs, chitchat and maybe discuss the current month's spiritual theme and recent sermons*

Where: Meet in the sanctuary then walk to Brueggers on Church St

When: Sunday, April 2nd 12:30pm
(Will continue on the first Sunday of every month.)

No need to RSVP, contact Nina Buss or Emily Koella with questions. 

* This is a social group intending to bring young adults together; if you would like a more detailed theological discussion, please ask us about joining a theme circle.

UU Animal Ministry Invites You to a Viewing of: Cowspiracy
Article Subheading

Sunday, March 19th starting at 12:30 pm, everyone is invited down to The Community Room for a sampling of delicious Vegan Food as well as a viewing of the acclaimed environmental movie Cowspiracy.  Sponsored by UU Animal Ministry.  If you would like to become a member of Animal Ministry, please email: 
Activism Through Singing
by Jonathan Sands

sing out Activism through singing: The Central Vermont Solidarity Singers started up this month and plan to appear at marches, demonstration, vigils, and other events. All voices are welcome. 

Rehearsals take place on the first and third Sundays at 12:30-2 in the Montpelier UU Church Sanctuary. Contact leader Heidi Wilson at or 802-454-1979.
Care Network Corner
by Sarah Weber
In accordance with the shared covenant of our community, members of the Care Network will offer support to those members of our faith community who are alone, hurting or in spiritual need through one-to-one caring relationships. This means things like visits to those who can't easily get out and about, meals to others, and even occasional rides to services.

We welcome new members. If you have any interest in this sort of helping role, please contact Martha Molpus or Janice Lange, our co-coordinators for the rest of this year.

We still have one family in need of meal assistance. Please check out the calendar in the Meal Train link below and contribute if you can. Thank you for all you do!

On behalf of the Care Network, Sarah Weber,

Meal Train for Kathy Bonilla and Family (Click Here)
Flower Power
by Gabriel Ely

There's still time to order bulbs/bare-root plants to support the Youth Group's service trip to Martha's Vineyard in April! You can order easily at the link below or email Gabriel at if you'd prefer to pay with cash or check.
The Board of Trustees is Canceling Our Regular March Meeting
by Tracy Titchner

Your Board of Trustees has been hard at work conducting listening sessions over the past few weeks to hear your stories about love, justice and transformation.  We are scheduled for a half day retreat on Monday with our UUA consultant, Joe Sullivan, to digest what we've learned from you and to discuss next steps.  Our regular Board meeting will be conducted as part of Monday's retreat, and our usual meeting on Tuesday, March 21 will be canceled.  As always, feel free to email us at at any time.  We look forward to sharing the results of our focus groups with everyone soon!
Senior Minister Vacation - **Date Change**

Due to time lost for this week's snow days, Rev. Mara will be postponing the start of her upcoming vacation, which was to begin Monday 3/20, to Friday 3/24 instead. She'll be back to worship on Sunday April 9, when Bill McKibben will be our very special guest preacher, and back in the office Tuesday April 11.

While Rev. Mara is out, Christina Fulton, our Director of Operations, is Acting Executive and Chief of Staff. If you need support on a pastoral care issue (hospitalization, death in the family, spiritual crisis), while Rev. Mara is out, please call our Pastoral Care Number - 802-870-0447, and we'll get you connected with Andre Mol, our Ministerial Intern, or a member of the Care Network, for support!

Staffing Vision - The Letters

Most of you should have received an envelope with two letters by now. One letter from Rev. Mara and Christina, and the other letter from Martha Dallas. These letters are quite long, but contain important information on our vision for transforming our professional staff team, so we truly hope you will take the time to read them carefully. Just in case you did not receive the letters, we are providing you with links:

We are excited for and believe deeply in this vision for expanding our ministry, but we also know that change can be difficult. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to speak with either Mara or Christina. There will also be opportunities in the near future to meet with us to delve deeper into this vision, we'll let you know as soon as those dates are scheduled.

In faith,
Rev. Mara Dowdall and Christina Fulton
VIA Presents- "The Social Justice Values of Pope Francis: Ending the Economy of Exclusion"
by Debbie Ingram

Come to a Vermont Interfaith Action event to report back on an international gathering to further "The Social Justice Values of Pope Francis: Ending the Economy of Exclusion". Every year of his papacy, Pope Francis has held a gathering to expose the economy of exclusion and inspire grassroots groups to address injustices that pertain to land, labor, and lodging in our world. This year for the first time this gathering was held in the United States, and VIA sent a delegation of six to represent Vermont. Hear about their inspiring, life-transforming experiences at this gathering!

Burlington report-back

Thursday, March 23 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm

First Congregational Church of Burlington, 38 S. Winooski Avenue (please do NOT park in the church parking lot; park on street or in city lot)

Central Vermont report-back

Thursday, March 30 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: Unitarian Church of Montpelier, 130 Main Street
RSVP to Debbie at (802) 651-8889 or

Upcoming Sundays for Children
by Martha Dallas 

Mar. 19 - Classroom Sunday
Mar. 26 - Multigen Worship featuring our 6th Graders and YUUth Group!
Apr. 2 - Classroom Sunday preceded by Children's Chapel
Apr. 9 - Classroom Sunday: last one of the year!
Apr. 16 - Multigen Easter Service
Want your child in 8th Grade OWL next year?
by Martha Dallas

Are there publications that only members have access to? Provide your new members a list (or link to a list) of publications that they now have access to. What are some upcoming publications and release dates? Publications can be a key draw for new members. Inserting a link in your article lets you track which topics attract the most interest. This Sunday, March 19, come along with the group when kids are sung out of worship. Martha will lead an info session in the Community Room during 11:00 RE. The 7th graders will get an intro and overview and then go to class, while parents will stay longer for more detailed info and to complete OWL Program Application forms, which are a required first step to confirming your place in this popular class which has limited spots available.

If you can't be there, look on Sunday for 2017-18 docs and the application form on our website [] and submit your form asap. This popular class draws applicants from outside our congregation, and while it's offered to UUs first, you do need to act quickly.