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March 8, 2018
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Join Us for Worship This Sunday
Daylight Saving Time Starts This Weekend
Coffeehouse and Potluck
Soup Luncheon Fundraiser
A Divided America: What Can We Learn from the Nordics?
From the Care Network Team
Black Lives Matter Banner Dedication Remarks
A Call to FunRaising
From the Stewardship Team - Gratitude
From the Stewardship Team - Did You Know?
Letter from Our Partner Church
General Assembly Scholarships
Upcoming Service
Join us for worship on Sunday, March 18 at
9 a.m. and 11 a.m.!

Worship Lead: 
Andrea Spencer-Linzie, Developmental Director of Family Ministry

Worship Associate: 
Kenneth Russell

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Join Us for Worship This Sunday
Sunday, March 11  at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Worship Lead:  Rev. Mara Dowdall, Senior Minister
Worship Associate:  Kristin Kany

"Stewardship Sunday"
As we kick off our annual stewardship season, we'll reflect on the meaning and value our faith community plays in our lives, and how we in turn can help it thrive.

Daylight Saving Time Starts This Weekend

Remember to set your clocks  forward one hour on  Saturday night, March 10 Daylight saving time starts at  2 a.m. this Sunday, March 11.
Coffeehouse and Potluck
Sally Russell

Saturday, March 10: Sanctuary City Coffee House and Second Saturday Potluck - "We are all immigrants seeking Sanctuary"

Potluck Dinner 5:30-6:30 p.m., 
Coffee House 6:30-8:30 p.m., FUUSB  Parlors.

The music team and a small planning group have scheduled Coffee Houses/Potlucks for the 2nd Saturday of the month, January-April of 2018.

In the true spirit of a potluck please bring a dish of your choice to share with others. What better way to survive the winter weather, than to break bread together, while we entertain each other!

People of all ages are encouraged to attend. We have some people who have agreed to perform a few songs: Herb Schroeder, Linda Patterson, Susan Herrick, Abby Grim, Brian Haas, Todd Schlossberg and the Titchner sisters.

Additionally there will be time for an "open mic" so If you sing, play an instrument, want to recite a poem, etc., you will have an opportunity to perform. Invite your friends and come join us.

Please contact Brian Haas at or Jonathan Sands at with questions.

Soup Luncheon Fundraiser 
The 5th-6th grade RE class will again be serving delicious  soup  after the  11 a.m.  service this Sunday, March 11 to raise money for their Boston trip. Bowls are $5; cups are $3. C ome early for the best choices, or to get yours to go! 

A Divided America: What Can We Learn from the Nordics?
Gene Bergman, Economic Justice Task Force

On Friday, March 16 at 7 p.m. in the Sanctuary, George Lakey, a ctivist, sociologist, and author, will discuss " A Divided America: What Can We Learn from the Nordics?"   According to Lakey, polarization may be as much an opportunity as it is dismaying. Sweden's and Norway's highly successful movements for economic democracy came out of a deep polarization in the 1920s and 1930s. Scandinavian countries have now out-performed the U.S. model for half a century, including virtually abolishing poverty; creating more equality, individual freedom, and economic innovation, including start-ups; and accelerating actions to achieve carbon neutrality and climate justice.
Lakey, a recently retired Swarthmore College professor, lived and worked in Norway, and in 2017 was the keynote speaker at a conference of 300 Nordic economists. He has led over 1,500 social-change workshops on five continents, and local, national, and international projects. His recent book, Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right - and How We Can, Too will be sold at the talk by Phoenix Books.
The talk is free but donations are accepted.
Sponsored by: Transition Town Charlotte.  
Co-sponsors:  First UU Society of Burlington-Economic Justice Task Force , Vermont Interfaith Power & Light, Peace & Justice Center, Transition Town Jericho, Burlington Friends Meeting (Quakers), Vermonters for a New Economy,  350VT, and Transition Williston.
From the Care Network Team
Have questions about what it means to cook vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free meals? On  Sunday, March 18 at 12:30 p.m., the Care Network Team will be hosting Abbie Nelson, a member of our congregation, Education Coordinator for Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA VT), and Director of VT Food Education Every Day (VT FEED). Abbie will  help us understand these different ways of cooking and eating and  how to make substitutions in our favorite recipes.  Delicious samples will be served. Bring recipes and we can discuss the best way to make changes, if needed, to change it from vegan to vegetarian to omnivorous and back. 

Please let the Care Network Team know if you are aware of someone in the community who could use some support, whether it be a visit, a snuggly prayer shawl, or a meal. The email is: 

Share a meal with one of the following families. Nothing fancy is required. Your assistance does NOT have to be a 4-course gourmet meal. Anything helps.  Bon appetit!

*  Miriam (Tammy) Strauss is dealing with long-term health issues caused by being rear-ended by a cattle truck.  One meal every week  is a major support to her.  

 Elz Curtiss is caring for her partner, Lynne Matthews, and would love a meal once a week on Mondays for herself. She is the sole caregiver for Lynne on the weekends, and so by Monday has exhausted her food stores and hasn't had time to replenish them. 

*  Kathy Bonilla has been fighting a long-term health battle and she and her two granddaughters truly appreciate the help that a few meals a week can be. 

 John Lincoln had additional shoulder surgery right after Thanksgiving and his partner, Jill Stevens, also has some long-term health challenges. They welcome some assistance a couple times per week for several weeks as John heals.


On behalf of the Care Network Team,
Sarah Weber 
(802) 373-0197  (for any questions)

Black Lives Matter Banner Dedication Remarks
Zoe Hart, Racial Justice Task Force

Image credit: Deborah DeLadurantaye
Thank you to everyone who joined us for the  Black Lives Matter banner dedication last Sunday. It was heart-warming to see so many of us encircling the banner on the lawn that afternoon. Several people have asked for a copy of my remarks at the dedication, so here they are . Onward, friends. I look forward to the good work that lies ahead of us.
Image credit: Maeve McBride

A Call to FunRaising

Christina Fulton, Director of Operations and Finance

For the past many years our annual FunRaiser Auction has been put on by Stephen Rainville and an amazing team of lay leaders. They have done a wonderful job putting on a fun event that has raised tens of thousands of dollars over the years. They have tweaked the event each year to appeal to a larger majority of our membership, and have added group events and family events. We truly appreciate all the hard work they have put in. Stephen is ready for a well-deserved sabbatical from the auction leadership. Thank you, Stephen!
So it is now March and it's time to be planning this event. This year's budget projected the FunRaiser Auction to raise $13,000 and we need a team of people who are excited about putting it on! We especially need a leader.  Do you love the auction? Do you have a better idea for how to raise a lot of money? Do you have a better idea for how to run the auction? Are you just committed to helping the Society meet our budget? If the answer to any of these questions is yes or even maybe, then I would love to hear from you!!! This is a commitment of about 3 months; planning should begin now and the auction should happen in early May with everything wrapping up by the end of May. It's a short, intense commitment. 
Please contact Christina at if you'd like to explore how you might help us with this project. 

Debby Bergh

What is it about the UU I am grateful for? Gratitude for all the opportunities for reflection, learning, growth and recharging that our services, theme circles, small group ministry and RE to name a few, nurture within each of us. Gratitude for all the work that the Care Network ministries and pastoral care nourish among us. Gratitude for all the social justice work on racism, immigration, and economic justice promote beyond us. Gratitude for our beautiful historic building that is a beacon for social justice and provides sanctuary in times of loss and need. Gratitude for the leadership we have had in our ministers, lay leaders, staff and all the people in the community who take on tasks public and behind the scenes. Gratitude for this strong and vibrant community of members and friends who share a common core of values and principles which is our abiding strength. And as much as we mourn Mara's departure, I feel gratitude for the leadership I feel confident we will have going forward.
Now it is up to all of us to translate our gratitude into generosity. As we think of the importance to us and the UU community and the broader community, how is that reflected in the priority we make to our financial commitment here as a part of our budget? What will it take for us to continue on the path to sustainable staffing so we can attract and keep the kind of ministers we have been so blessed by? What financial commitment reflects all that the First UU Society means to you and is generous for your circumstances?    
If any of you have any questions about how to make a financial commitment for the upcoming fiscal year, a member of the Stewardship Team will be glad to answer it. There will be Stewardship folks at a table in the Parlors after services in March. And you can reach us at  
From the Stewardship Team -
Did You Know?
Your pledge supports these valuable UU offerings:
  • One week with Sunday services:
        • $1300 (salaries only)
  • One year of Religious Education for one child:
        • $600/year or $60/month
A Letter from Our Partner Church!
Dear Bill and Partner Church Committee!
We have received the $2000 from your congregation.
On behalf of the Lupeni Church and congregation I would like to transmit our gratitude for this money and for the fact that you have thought of us and have organized this collection during the Christmas Holidays.
It is extremely helpful for us. As I already told you we have spent a lot of money on the wood. We also have smaller but really important projects for this spring. We are only waiting for a better weather condition to be able to start working outside. We would like to work in the courtyard and in the parish house as well. The church is in pretty good conditions at this point. Perhaps we will do smaller things there too. We also will buy wood for the next winter which again costs a lot here. This money will help a lot. We will try to get some help from Cluj too, but we are very grateful for you!
As soon as we will start working I will send you pictures as well. Meanwhile please visit our Facebook profile. It is called: Unitárius Lupenyi (Lupeni Unitarian). You can see many photos of people and activities going on here in our community.
Again, thank you very much for your financial help. It means enormously much for this community.
Always waiting for your responses, w ishing all the best,


General Assembly Scholarships
June 20-24, Kansas City, MO

General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Its programming includes open business meetings, workshops, worship services, an exhibit hall with displays from congregations, UUA departments, and other UU or UU-related organizations, and tons of other great events, meetings and fun programs! Thousands of UU children, youth and adults gather at GA every year. It has a contingent of youth, but it is not a youth conference. 

The UUA has created new funding opportunities and processes to make it easier and more economically accessible for youth and young adults to attend GA. 
A list of funding sources and a link to the online application can be found at Scholarship Opportunities for Attending General Assembly. The application process is now open, and the deadline for applications is March 31.
For more information about General Assembly, check out their website!