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Employment Alert for Oregon Employers:
Minimum Wage Increase by July 1, 2017/
New Portland Metro Rate Takes Effect As Well
June 20, 2017

Starting next month, new minimum wage rates take effect under Oregon's geographically-tiered minimum wage law, including the first Portland Metro-area-specific increase from the base rate. The base hourly rate for Oregon will be $10.25, the Portland Metro rate will be $11.25 and the rate in the nonurban counties will only increase to $10.00.

Below is a chart of the planned increases to the minimum wage for the three geographic areas from 2017 to 2022 provided by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI):

July 1, 2017
$10.25 $11.25 $10.00
July 1, 2018
$10.75 $12.00 $10.50
July 1, 2019
$11.25 $12.50 $11.00
July 1, 2020
$12.00 $13.25 $11.50
July 1, 2021
$12.75 $14.00 $12.00
July 1, 2022
$13.50 $14.75 $12.50
July 1, 2023
Adjusted annually based on the increase, if any, to the US City average Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers $1.25 over the standard minimum wage $1 less than the standard minimum wage

If employers have questions regarding the applicable rate or other wage and hour compliance questions, please contact the FWW Employment Practice Group. 

Farleigh Wada Witt Employment Attorneys for Wage & Hour Issues

Kelly Tilden  focuses her practice in the areas of employment law, business, and litigation. She advises clients regarding the hiring, discipline and termination of employees, compliance with state and federal civil rights, wage and hour laws, and leave laws. Kelly offers practical guidance and experienced-based insight to help employers confidently apply state and federal regulations.

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Kim McGair 's practice emphasizes a wide range of litigation matters including employment, commercial litigation, commercial collections, personal injury defense, and real estate litigation. She is an advocate for her clients and provides them with sensible advice and strong representation to protect their interests and help them achieve their objectives as efficiently as possible.

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Trish Walsh  focuses her practice in the areas of litigation and employment law, protecting clients' interests inside and outside the courtroom. In her employment practice, Trish drafts, audits and updates policy handbooks and provides advice on employment issues under Oregon, Washington and federal laws.

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