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Christine Baccarella, President
Jackie Malaska, Executive Director



NJAHPERD 2017 Annual Convention
Excitement is mounting as the NJAHPERD Convention Planning Committee finalizes the details of the upcoming professional development event. Over 1000 professionals have already pre-registered, the exhibitors space is sold out and speakers are ready to provide you with the best content-specific sessions ever!
In order to make your experience at the convention the best it can be, we have a few suggestions.
Badge pick up will be easy IF your membership is current AND we have received payment or a hard copy of the purchase order.
Don't wait in a long line! Before you arrive at Ocean Place Resort...
 1. Check the Attendee list. If your name is NOT there, you are NOT registered!
 2. Make sure your NJAHPERD membership is current and paid for. We update your membership date when you register expecting payment. Don't ignore our emails to renew please!
Your membership expiration date is: 

3. If your school is paying with a Purchase Order and we do not have a hard copy you will be expected to pay by credit card until we receive the PO. 
 4. Review the session descriptions online and plan your schedule using the new app.
 5. Know your shirt size for easy pick up of a complimentary NJAHPERD t-shirt! S-M-L-XL
 Other tips that may help...
  •  Arrive early and carpool if possible.
  •  Wear professional, comfortable attire for participation and smile for the camera!
  •  Bring an empty flashdrive to upload speaker resources or $10 to purchase one.
  •  Filming of sessions is not permitted, so have a notepad/iPad. We will provide a pen.
  •  Reserve your hotel room asap to receive the convention rate.
  •  If you have any questions, ask one of the friendly volunteers at the NJAHPERD booth or with a NJAHPERD logo t-shirt. 
  • Unless the Governor declares a "state of emergency" the convention will go on as scheduled! 

Are you attending one of the Pre-Convention sessions on Sunday, February 26, 2017?
Dress for activity. Pre-Registration recommended. 
Lunch is provided by NJAHPERD to all pre-convention attendees! 
The  registration is separate.  So many FREE resources will be provided.
Convention Program Book 
Hard copies will be available onsite.
Download the Convention App.

First Time Convention Goer Tips!
It can be overwhelming deciding what sessions to attend (so many choices!), so here are a few tips:
1. Review the session titles and descriptions in the convention program book or on the app and create a draft schedule.
2. Review the hotel floor plan, so you have an idea where to go!
3. Don't be afraid to ask questions! The NJAHPERD volunteers are happy help. They will be wearing an umpire's vest or will be behind the NJAHPERD booth.

Celebrate NJAHPERD Award Recipients on Sunday, February 26, 2017!
                            Reception 4pm    Dinner 5pm     Reservations Required

Let's Move! Active Schools/CSPAP Tract
Let's Move Active Schools

Does your school incorporate physical activity before, during and after school for at least 60 minutes a day? Do you need resources to "move" your school in the right direction? This FREE program can help. MORE
GET IN THE ACTIVE SCHOOL SPIRIT                               

Funding for the LMAS/CSPAP tract is provided by a grant from the New Jersey Department of Health through the CDC.

Pre-Convention Sessions
Sunday, February 26, 2017 
SPARK training is truly a special event: Smiles are prevalent, laughter frequent, and a special rapport occurs between participants and their trainer. Participants leave ready, willing and able to implement SPARK effectively and maximize student outcomes. The workshop is limited to 40 Professionals.   More Information & Registration
Monday, February 27, 2017
Pokemon Move - Gamifying the Let's Move Active Schools initiative (LMAS tract)    Seabright
Amanda Amtmanis, Middletown Public Schools 2014 CTAHPERD Elementary Teacher of the Year
You are invited to examine all of the aspects of Pokémon Move - the creative result combining all of the strategies for developing a more active school community under one theme and making a game out of it. Participants will evaluate the effects of this model on organization, understanding, motivation and participation rates among staff and students regard-ing active schools initiatives. In addition, participants will have hands-on opportunities to explore a variety of strategies to add more physical activity for students throughout the school day. Bring an iPad or tablet if you've got one. Elementary
What's Inside Your Healthy School? (LMAS tract)                   Promenade 7-8
Sue Cornell, NJ YMCA Healthy U
What does a healthy school environment really look like? This interactive workshop will share best practices for building a culture of health in your school including, building support among faculty, administration, and students, engaging families, and creating a physical environment that promotes healthy living. This workshop will share ideas from schools throughout the state as well as allow time for the group to share and brainstorm and create ideas to bring back to their school. All

Danceable Brain Energizers (LMAS tract)                                Monmouth 3-4
Teresa Osborn, Freelance Dance Educator, WA
  Energizing Danceable Brain Breaks are a quick easy fun activity to popular music which can improve physical activity, aerobic activity and cognitive performance. These dances, exercises and games can be learned at your desk or in a small space. Students of all ages love them because they help break up classroom lessons and get you moving. They help prepare your students for the day ahead and are recommended that you use them in every lesson. All

10:30-11:30 AM
School Gardens (LMAS tract)                                                   Promenade 5-6
Beth Feehan, Farm to School Program Coordinator, New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Food and Nutrition
School gardens are increasingly proving to be a wonderful connection between what is being served in the cafeteria and what is being taught in the classroom. Students who plant seeds, water and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables not only gain lessons in biology, math, and nutrition but also are able to see the connection to how food is grown and prepared. These life skills go far beyond the classroom and are taken into adulthood experiences to create lifelong healthy choices and lifestyles. All

12:00 -1:00 PM 
Before the School Bell Rings (LMAS tract)                           Atlantic 2
Ewunike Akpan, BOKS - Build Our Kids' Success
Here's help for school administrators and educators struggling to find time for children to engage in physical activity while still giving them enough time in academic instruction. BOKS (Build Our Kids' Success), an initiative of Reebok and the Reebok Foundation, is an evidenced based, FREE, physical activity resource for elementary and middle schools. This running, fitness skills and game based program helps wake up a student's mind and body and prepare them for a successful day of learning.
Elementary, Middle
1:15-2:15 PM
Comprehensive Physical Activity (LMAS tract)                        Atlantic 2
Nicholas Kline, US Games
Attend this session ready to be immersed in physical activity techniques that can easily be taken back to school and used immediately. Classroom brain-boosts, recess activities, and a variety of other ways to increase MVPA outside of PE will be presented. Topics will span a wide-range of grade and interest levels. At the end of the session you can be the advocate within your school community for implementing comprehensive physical activity. All

2:30-3:30 PM
Physical Activity- Teaching and Learning through Movement (LMAS tract)     Promenade 1-2
John Rutigliano, Kidsfit/Action Based Learning
The basis of neurosciences and the impact of physical activity and movements for PE will be discussed in very practical and useful terms. Learn to justify why physical activity during school times is critical to the PE Educator's mission. and understand differences between cardio/muscular skeletal exercises and purposeful/dedicated movements to enhance academic performances. Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Secondary
Tuesday, February 28, 2017 
8:00-9:00 AM
Nutrition is the MISSION! (LMAS tract)                                        Atlantic 2
Ron Malm, Focused Fitness
Your mission if you choose to accept it: Is to teach nutrition! The good news is that this is not an impossible mission. This session will give you the necessary tips, tools, techniques and totally awesome activities to make nutrition BLOW up in your classes! Elementary, Middle, Secondary

9:15 -11:30 AM 
Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment: 6-12 Edition  (LMAS tract)Atlantic 2                                                             
Susan Toth, Speyer Legacy School, NY
2013 SHAPE America Eastern District Physical Education Teacher of the Year
Join us for an interactive and dynamic experience that will provide professionals with activities, teaching strategies and assessments that can be implemented immediately. This workshop includes hands-on activities for teaching various fitness components including aerobic endurance, flexibility and muscular strength and endurance. Discover how to in-trinsically motivate students to move and participate, as well as to develop self-responsibility toward fitness. Most of the activities can be done in either small or large groups, from elementary to high school and will involve students in social/emotional skills such as cooperation, communication and problem solving. Double Session Middle, Secondary    

12:00-1:00 PM
Making It Happen through Policy & Practice: Gold Standard Wellness Policy (LMAS tract)
Promenade 7-8
Sara Hastings, Consultant
What is your role in creating policy and implementing best practice to change school culture? Let us help you understand the importance of school wellness councils, implement best practice, and explore a model policy in order to promote school wellness. Please bring a hard copy of your school or district wellness policy to help you compare.
1:15-2:15 PM
Brain Energizers (LMAS tract)                                                Atlantic 2
Justin Schleider, Springfield Elementary School You will be presented with over 25 activity energizers that will re-engage, re-energize, and refocus your students from ages 3-21.

Convention Session

Monday 1:15PM
A New Tide Has Emerged - Engulf YOUR Students in Something Remarkably Good Promenade 3-4
Peggy Cowan, Debbie Marchione, NJ Physicians Advisory Group
Good news! Only 41.2% of high school teens have EVER had sexual intercourse (CDC) - a drop from 46.8% in 2014. Increasingly, teens are avoiding the high risk behavior of early sex. Empower the decision of Sexual Risk Avoidance and help you position your students to be beneficiaries of this wave of change. Middle, Secondary, Higher Education, College/University Pre-Professional Students

Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart Events


Attention Coordinators!
Special Recognition for all 2015-16 JRFH/HFH Coordinators!

Coordinator's Breakfast Tuesday, 7:15-9:00AM Please reserve your ticket by emailing the NJAHPERD office or adding it to your online registration. Receive a special gift!
Closing Session Recognition
All Coordinators will be recognized and a special performance will be given by the KerboomKidz Dance Team.
Jump Rope Sessions:
Monday 10:30 Double Dutch-Ocean Double Dutch Team
Tuesday  9:15 CPR Programs
              11:30 Manchester Jump Rope Team



Social Events
Dance the Night Away...'til 10PM!

President's Social 7:30PM
Join us at the Seaview Lounge for cash bar and light snacks!

Dance Gala Performance  6:45 Monmouth 1
All Convention Social/Dance Party 8:00-10:00PM
Seaview Lounge
DJ, magician, snacks, cash bar and great conversation!
Advocacy Sessions
Legislative Updates at the Convention

Monday 1:15
Be an Expert...Be an Advocate...Be a Leader
                           Monmouth 1
Christine Baccarella, NJAHPERD President
NJAHPERD Executive Board Members
Brendan O'Reilly, Coordinator of Comprehensive Health & Physical Education, NJ DOE Join us to find out how you can connect with professionals and advocacy opportunities that can improve your instructional practices and inspire you to be a leader in your school community. An array of current topics that directly affect the profession will be discussed including ESSA, Option 2, Health and PE mandate, LMAS and current legislation.

TuAdvocating for Healthy Lifestyles in Your School       Promenade 3-4
Jennifer Sullivan, NJAHPERD Legislative Consultant, JSullivan Associates
 Marybeth Beichert, NJEA Government Relations
JoAnn Doherty, NJAHPERD Advocacy Chair
Joseph Przytula, Health & PE Supervisor, Elizabeth
Jairo Labrador, Belinda Jimenez, Terence C. Reilly School 7, Elizabeth
Come learn about the New Jersey law that requires 150 minutes of health and physical education per week in NJ schools, and how you can advocate with others to work to achieve this goal in your school.
Be sure to attend SPEAK Out! Day April 25-26, 2017, to ensure your members of Congress support implementation of ESSA in New Jersey! Travel scholarships available.
2017 SPEAK Out! Day
Registration is available on the SHAPE America website.
Please request your professional/personal days now. Retirees and Future Professionals, this is a great opportunity for you to get involved and SPEAK Out about your profession.  
Contact Jackie Malaska after you have registered with SHAPE America for a Travel Scholarship Application.
Last year, we had nine NJAHPERD members (7 professionals and 2 future professionals) attend. Our goal this year is to double the number and visit all our New Jersey Federal Legislators.
Driver Education Sessions
Driver Education Sessions
Driver Education ADTSEA curriculum and more
Learn more about the ADTSEA Curriculum, New Jersey GDL and ADTSEA/Michelin Tire Safety.
Each attendee will receive a complimentary copy of the ADTSEA 3.0 Driver Education Curriculum, including printed materials and a DVD with slides and videos. The curriculum will include a newly developed lesson Beyond the Driving Test on tire safety and maintenance. A professional driver education teacher will conduct the workshops and a Michelin tire safety expert will be present during the workshop to answer questions and provide hands on activities. A free set of Michelin tires will be given away! REGISTRATION
THANK YOU to the National Road Safety Foundation for their financial support to provide the ADSTEA curriculum and binder to each participant!
Move Over AwaReness Campaign M.A.R.C.                                                   Promenade 1-2
Donna Setaro, Move Over Law
The Move over AwaReness Campaign presentation will include the types of driving distractions, a driving distraction video, NJ Statute (39:4-92.2), the penalty, the story behind the campaign and more. High School
Driver Education Best Practices                                                                      Promenade 5-6
Cathleen Lewis, AAA Northeast Driver Education is the foundation that ensures a lifetime of safer driving. This session will explore the best practices, current standards and what's on the horizon. High School

Tire Safety for Everyone!
Mike Wischhausen, Michelin
Visit the Exhibitors with Driver Education Resources!
Brain Injury Alliance of NJ
NJM Insurance Company 
NJ Sharing Network
Teen Safe Driving Coalition NJ
The National Road Safety Foundation 
Convention Partners & Sponsors



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Kean University

 Physical Education, Recreation and Health Department sponsors the

Dr. Nettie Smith Opening Session.




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