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Discipleship: Family Ministry
3/21       Women's Bible Study, Panera
3/21       Wild Wednesdays
3/22       Theological Small Group
3/22       5Fs Fellowship Group
3/23-25 Confirmation Retreat
3/25       Agape Dinner, Fellowship Hall
3/26       Jump Start Prayer Gathering
3/26       Men's Bible Study 
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Dear Friend of FPC, 

WOW! I just returned from "A Weekend to Remember" Marriage Enrichment retreat at Maumee Bay State Park. There were 120 couples who attended and five of those couples were from FPC (plus Dan Skees' brother and wife). The weekend was filled with good teaching. The weather was outstanding. It began with a bit of anxiety as many couples arrived not sure what to expect. By the time Sunday arrived; love and hope were fully in the air. Couples were holding hands, hugging or arms around waist/shoulders, and exchanging glances and looks that said how much an opportunity to just get away as a couple and give yourselves to growing in faith and relationship can mean. My prayer is that the gains made by couples can be consolidated and become the foundation for much more growth.  

In the months to come you will hear about some additional opportunities for FPC couples to invest in each other and grow in their relationships. We brought back some resources and hope to build on what was learned. Did you know that the Bible consistently calls the Church the "Bride of Christ" and uses imagery from marriage to describe the kind of intimacy that God wants to have with Christian believers? Many of the principles gained at a marriage enrichment conference are the very principles that help a Church to grow in faith, hope, forgiveness, love, and service to the community. It is the Church that God wants to use to impact and transform a community as only a family of faith can. If we as a Church can give ourselves to God to grow intimate with Him and come to know Him better we can be transformed by love and love can be in the air all throughout Maumee.  

In the book of Acts, the early Church had this said about them, "behold how they love one another". Let us all pray for the day when that can once again be said about churches throughout America. Even as spring is in the air and Easter with its resurrection power is just around the corner; love springs forth and surprises us with its beauty and its power to transform individuals, marriages, families and the community. So if you get a chance to attend one of these events, don't hold back. Go expecting God to do great things. Blessings in the House of God.


Pastor Steve
Lent @ FPC
(See many ways to engage at:

The Agape Meal, Sunday, March 25, 5:30 pm, Fellowship Hall 

Two thousand years ago, the first Christians gathered on Sunday evenings for worship. Although they were still devout Jews and had already worshiped in their synagogues on the Sabbath (Saturday), they wanted to worship as Christians too. To do this, they invented a new service, an Agape Service. The First Presbyterian Church still celebrates this custom, and the Worship Commission and Board of Deacons will serve the Agape Meal on Sunday evening, March 25th at 5:30 in Fellowship Hall. All we need is you and your platter. Any finger foods, such as appetizers, hors d'ouevres, sandwiches, cheese, crackers, fruits, vegetables, dips, chicken wings, cookies, etc. will do (utensils are not used). It will be fun, memorable, and moving. Why not join us!

Serving at St. Paul's, Easter Sunday, April 8, 1:30 pmSt. Paul's
St. Paul's serving time is here again! FPC is scheduled to serve lunch at St. Paul's on April 8th, Easter Sunday. We have three people signed up to go and serve and need 4 more people. We also need cookies for this outreach. The Bick's have graciously volunteered to shop for and cook the food. This is a great opportunity to reach out and Connect Christ and Community on one of our most holy days. The team will leave and head to St. Paul's after the Edge Service to serve food at 1:30 pm. Contact Pastor Steve if you are willing to help. God will bless both the gift and the givers.

One Great Hour of Sharing Fish Banks
One Great Hour of Sharing Fish Banks were assembled as part of the Lenten Intergenerational Event and have been available in the worship spaces throughout Lent. If you have been using one of these banks throughout Lent (or if you forgot about it until now and would still like to put some money in it and donate), please be sure to bring it back to church the week of April 1st (Holy Week). Thank you for participating in this wonderful mission of the Church. For more information on One Great Hour of Sharing, check out the page on the PC(USA) website at:

Daily Devotions Available at
If you are desiring a daily devotion to take part in as part of your Lenten practices, check out the "Journey to the Cross" at This site has daily devotions always available, but will be focusing on a "Journey to the Cross" during the season of Lent.
Upcoming Events (For full schedule of events, please see our website)
Save these Dates!

It may be hard to believe, but summer is on it's way! Mark your calendars for these exciting church events:

Contact Jason Armstrong for registration forms at . Registration forms and payment are due to Jason Armstrong by Sunday, May 6th The cost of the trip is $100.00 per student. Please make checks payable to First Presbyterian Church  

Contact Jason Armstrong for registration forms at Registration forms and payment are due to Jason Armstrong by Sunday, April 15. The cost of the trip is $100.00 per student. Please make checks payable to First Presbyterian Church.  


Over the course of three days in late February/early March, waves of severe weather swept through several states, leaving an unimaginable amount of destruction in their wake. Now that the skies have cleared, many communities are faced with the daunting tasks of repairing and rebuilding not only physical structures but their very lives.

But, there is hope.

Responding to God's call in Isaiah 58 for us to step into the broken places of the world to be "the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to live in"-to make God's community livable again-we respond with prayers, support, and action. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) has already sent One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) funds to help with the efforts. Members of the National Response Team have also been dispatched to several communities to assist presbyteries in areas affected by this tragedy. The strength of PDA's efforts depends greatly upon your financial support and your prayers for the restoration of lives and homes wrecked by this disaster.

What You Can Do:

GIVE: Your generous support of OGHS and gifts designated to DR000015 (U.S.A. Disasters and Emergencies) will help meet essential needs of affected communities. Donations can be made online, or you can give in increments of $10 by texting either "OGHS" or "PDA" to 20222. Each gift brings us one step closer to a successful recovery.

ACT: Use resources from the PC(USA) website to educate others about immediate and long-term needs.

PRAY for the people impacted by these disasters and for those providing aid.

Thank you for making a difference!


Easter Food Basket Opportunity 

The tree is empty but our hearts are full. We will be reaching out to 20 community families to make a difference in their lives. Next Sunday, March 25, is the deadline for the food to be in at the church and we will sort the food baskets on March 26 at 6 pm. The food distribution will be Tuesday, March 27th from 5 -6:30 pm. We need three volunteers to help carry the bags out to cars and we need a Spanish speaking person to help us translate for those families who do not speak English. Let's "get our serve together". Blessings!   


Sure, you see the Deacons every Sunday as Greeters and hospitality workers. You know they deliver flowers to our homebound folks. They reach out to college students, military members, new people to the church, folks who have missed church, and those who need support during hard times. They organize caroling to home-bounds each month. They put the face on care within the congregation. Dolores Finch was one of our deacons. While in the hospital before she died, Dolores told me that she needed to get better quickly so she could be back church helping to serve others and grow the church. Even while very ill, her heart's desire was to love and serve God. This deacon's heart is present in many of our members and is wonderful to see. Dolores' death leaves a deep hole in the ministry of the Deacons of FPC. It is not just that there is one less person to do the work of the Board of Deacons. It is that there is a hole in the chain of care and love within the Church because of her death. In the movie, Glory, the Colonel asked a big question, "If the flag bearer falls in the formation during the battle who will pick it up and carry the colors?" Ezekiel 22:30 tells us that God looks for those who will stand in the gap for the land and for the that case He found no one and the consequences were dire for the nation of Israel. The nominating team is in the process of looking for people to serve on many commissions and teams; one of those teams is the Board of Deacons. Will you answer the call and care for God's people. There will be much to do, but the reward of touching and changing lives is great. If asked to serve here; prayerfully consider it and dare to say yes.

Discipleship: Family Ministry

Families!  Please plan to attend the upcoming Agape Meal.  It provides a great opportunity to help your children better understand the connection between the Passover Meal and the Last Supper. This is something that we have also been working on during Wednesday nights with some of the classes. 

Also, don't forget to bring your fish banks for the One Great Hour of Sharing beginning April 1st.  There will be a basket in the Narthex near the Children of God Bible Time story area. 


Several special worship opportunities are coming up:

  • Palm Sunday, April 1, Worship at 8 (Chapel), 9 (Fellowship Hall), and 11 am (Sanctuary): Pastor Steve Nelson will be preaching. Pastor Clint Tolbert will serve as liturgist. Children will participate in a procession of palms. 
  •  Maundy Thursday, April 5, 7 pm in the Chapel: Pastor Clint Tolbert will lead worship 
  • Good Friday Worship, April 6, 1 pm  in the Chapel: Pastor Steve Nelson will lead worship
  • Cross Walk with Maumee Churches United, April 6, 2 pm: We will meet in front of St. Paul's Lutheran Church. The walk begins and ends here.  14 stations of the cross are divided between  6 churches and St Luke's Hospital. A prayer passage is read at each station and the cross is carried by multiple individuals from station to station. Please consider joining us for this special ecumenical remembrance of Good Friday.
  • Easter Sunday, April 8, Worship at 8 (Chapel), 9 (Fellowship Hall), and 11 am (Sanctuary): Pastor Clint Tolbert will be preaching. Pastor Steve Nelson will serve as liturgist. 

We hope you will take this opportunity to invite a friend, neighbor, or family member to worship with you at FPC Maumee.  


February Finance Report:

February Total Income:    $33,707               February Total Expenses:   $55,329

Year To Date Income:       $445,455               Year To Date Expenses:     $394,078

Same Time Last Year:       $371,972              Same Time Last Year:         $371,530


In January we sent a check to the Maumee Valley Presbytery for $13,079.12 to cover our 2012 Per Capita dues.  This number was based on $27.71 per each confirmed member of our church.  Thank you to all who have contributed towards this bill.  To date, we have collected $3,485 towards this $13,079.12 bill.  If you would like to help us defray the cost of this bill, you can write a check to "First Presbyterian Church" and put "per capita" in the memo line. 

Please contact Susan Platz if you have any questions.  The full monthly finance reports are always available in the church. 
Joys and Concerns
Prayer ConcernsPrayer

Bill Bonser                      Otterbein Homes

Jim Hyland                      St. Luke's (Surgery on the 23rd) 


Our collegiates of the week are Aaron Skees and Jeff Montgomery. Members may send a card or note to Aaron at 526 Leroy Street, Apt. A., Bowling Green, OH 43402. Aaron's e-mail address is apskees@bgsu.eduMembers may send a card or note to Jeff at 5707 S. Harper Avenue, #1, Chicago, IL 60637. Jeff's e-mail address is Please keep them in your prayers.


Our home centered member of the weeis Geneva Ramseur. Members may send a card or note to her at Swan Creek Health Care Center, 1650 Swan Creek Lane, #127, Toledo, OH 43614. Please keep Geneva in your prayers. 


The sympathy of our congregation is offered to Barb Wilson and her family upon the death of Barb's sister. "I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever lives and believes in me shall never die." (John 11:25-26)


From Glenn Meerdink

"I was sick and you visited me!"

It is a wonderful and awesome gift - when experiencing a "rough spot" in life's journey - to be blessed with such an amazing outpouring of Christian love and concern. Your thoughtful and prayerful embrace, your messages of love and hope were eventually enhanced by those of a few prayer groups in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and even by a group of nuns in Fremont - fellow Christians all, most of whom I will never know in this life.

Thank you all for your love, your concern, and your prayerful support during my recent surgery. I love you.

God Bless  


From Bonnie Diller 

Dear FPC Family,

Don & I want to thank everyone for the many thoughts & prayers during the time of my Dad's death.   We appreciated everything...from the ride to the airport, emails, phone calls, cards, hugs & best wishes.    
Hugs & best wishes back to you



20th   Benjamin Clark, Mary Haid, Bradyn Saneholtz, Taylor Stalder

23rd   Nancy Fairhurst

24th   Marguerite Bonner, John Russell

25th   Martha Sheets

27th   David Lamberger

In Worship this Week: Sunday, March 25th, 5th Sunday of Lent 

8:00 a.m. in our Chapel Service. Pastor Clint Tolbert is preaching. Elder Gary Brown is Liturgist. Elder Bryce Harbaugh leads us in Spiritual Song.

9:00 a.m. at the Edge Service in Fellowship Hall. Pastor Clint Tolbert is preaching.

11:00 a.m. in our Sanctuary Service. Pastor Clint Tolbert is preaching. Elder Margo Leininger is Liturgist. The Chancel Choir & Youth Choir sings.


Sunday Worship Schedule
8:00 am Chapel Service                                      9:00 am The Edge Service
10:20 am Children of God Bible Time           11:00 am Sanctuary Service
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