Happy holidays!

Happy holidays and all the best in 2015, from everyone at IFS Coatings!


2014 has been a great year and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to each and every one of you for your interest in IFS Coatings. We look forward to serving you next year and will continue to do our best to innovate, improve and inspire. Enjoy the holiday season and we wish you, your families and your business all the best in 2015.


IFS Coatings and Gheen rev up the stakes on automotive coatings


IFS Coatings have an exciting range of powder coatings, designed specifically with the automotive market in mind. Used extensively to refinish cars and bikes, these tough, great looking powders offer an excellent finish that will last.

Gheen Irrigation came to IFS initially looking for high quality powders to use in their underground irrigation pipe division. However, after a quick chat with their IFS sales representative, Tammi Brey, they soon discovered the many chemistries and colors available in the IFS range.


Gheen's second division is a custom job shop, so when a customer approached them looking for tough, hardworking powders for a bike job that was coming up, they knew exactly where to turn. The bike, a Honda 125, quickly captured their attention. "It really reminded me of a childhood bike I loved to ride" commented Stewart Thomas, Gheen Production Supervisor. "I had an XR75 and my friend rode exactly the same bike that came to us - the Honda 125 - and I could never keep up. It brought back great memories so it was a pleasure to be involved in restoring it to its former glory".


Transforming the bike involved recoating an extensive list of parts - the frame, swingarm, bottom triple clamp, motor mounts, foot pegs, foot peg mount, exhaust mounts, top triple clamp, fender brackets to name but a few, all of which benefitted from IFS automotive gloss and satin blacks.


" We were delighted with both the powder and friendly service we received from Tammi at IFS" continues Thomas, "and we will certainly be using IFS in the future - for automotive powders and much more."


The IFS automotive range features a vast array of colors and effects, from a bright chrome finish, to a deep matte black, and the bright greens, reds, blues and textures that have become so popular in coating everything from wheel trim to off road vehicles.


For more information on IFS automotive coatings, talk to your representative or call 940.668.1062



 Fabulous Fabtech


Atlanta in November 2014 was a memorable one for the powder coatings world. Not because the temperature dropped 51 degrees in two days, though that was most certainly noticed, but because Fabtech 2014 took over the Atlanta convention center.


Fabtech is North America's largest annual metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. From the latest trends and end-to-end solutions on display to the industry's leading education and peer-to-peer networking, it is a great opportunity to see what's new, what's happening and prepare for the future.

The expo featured over 1,400 exhibits, hands-on demonstrations, keynote speeches, special events and attractions, and IFS was right at the heart of it. The IFS booth was busy from the moment the doors opened, as attendees learnt about our coatings, color matching capability and innovative effects and watched some of our translucent powders being sprayed at our portable spray booth.


"The guests that joined us at our booth really enjoyed being able to watch the powder application and curing process," commented Kieran Mason, one of five IFS representatives who manned the booth. "Seeing the powder be applied, cover the aluminum bottle and the logos, then cure to a translucent where the logos were visible once again, certainly piqued many peoples interest. And of course they loved taking the decorative bottle home with them!"


IFS was also a "student friendly exhibitor" and it was refreshing to see large numbers of young people interested in manufacturing, asking questions about powder and getting stuck in and having a go. Several sprayed their own water bottles, watched them cure, and proudly took them home along with a new appreciation for coatings.


Fabtech 2015 will head north once again and take place in Chicago at the McCormick Centre. While we can certainly look forward to lower temperatures there, we're really looking forward to meeting more people at our 2015 booth. We hope to see you there!



Trouble Shooting Gallery

Having problems on your line? The IFS technical team is always willing to help. Here's their approach to an issue that sometimes crops up.


Q. We seem to be getting contamination in the powder, especially when using reclaim. Any suggestions?


Reclaim is one of the great things about powder coatings, and yet another reason why it is a more sustainable alternative to liquid paints. However, occasionally problems can occur, as above. Contamination might be caused by overspray or dirt in the spray booth, on the conveyor or on the hangers. The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the booth and conveyor and strip and clean the hangers. You should also ensure the parts are properly dried before entering the booth and before coating.


The International Builders Show

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders' Show (IBS) is the largest annual light construction show in the world. Located in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, the show starts on January 20th and runs until January 22nd. Aimed at design and construction professionals the show offers a huge array of exhibits, and is expected to draw more than 75,000 specifiers, builders, dealers, and suppliers who will visit the 2,000 exhibiting brands.

Members of the IFS architectural team will be attending the show, visiting the exhibitions and talking with customers. Will you be there? If so get in touch and we will make a point of meeting up with you. Email flevin@ifscoatings.com to let us know. See you there!


Keeping it clean

Did you know you can add anti-graffiti capability to any IFS powder?

Offer your customers an additional level of protection and choose IFS anti-graffiti powder coatings.


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