Dear Community Members
The Richfield Joint School District No. 1 has a number of large-scale significant facility needs that must be addressed in the near future in order to maintain a high-quality learning environment.  These items include replacing roofing, deteriorating brickwork, inefficient single-pane windows, unit ventilators and the kitchen air handling unit.  Another area includes exhaust fan upgrading to ensure code compliance.        

The district has launched an extensive process in order to address the large-scale significant facility needs. Through the Capital Improvement Planning Committee, the School Board has ordered a facilities assessment, and the district developed a long-range facilities plan during the 2014/15 school year.

Based on the district's significant and time-sensitive needs, the School Board m ay adopt a resolution to increase the revenue limit to implement energy efficiency measures or to purchase energy efficiency products.
Did you know?

  • The last time the district borrowed additional funds was for the Richfield Gymnasium Addition in 1997, nearly 20 years ago.  
  • The District's 2015/16 mill rate of 5.59 per $1,0000 is the 24th lowest out of 424 school districts.
  • The Richfield Joint School Districts continues to Exceed Expectations as rated by the School Report Cards.
  • The district has spent nearly $275,000 on heating and roofing repairs since the 2007/2008 school year.  The cost of repairs will increase due to age and level of deterioration if updating is not completed.
Photos depicting necessary capital improvements
Proposed Projects:
  • Low slope roofing,Circa 1995 has reached the end of its 
    designed service life, expansion joints are failing, fastener back-out has occurred. This should be replaced with new additional 2" insulation and membrane - 45,000 sq ft. Sheet metal at eaves will need replacing.
  • Replace existing AHU serving the kitchen and cafeteria with a modular unit and fan.  Locate condensing unit on roof.
  • Remove existing brick veneer and window stone sills stone veneer/sills along the south and east walls.
  • Verify code compliant bathroom exhaust rates and replace exhaust fans and resize/reroute ductwork.  Replace ceilings as required to access ductwork. 
  • Replace single pane wood windows along south and east elevations and selected windows at the north elevation (Total - 24 windows) with aluminum double pane insulated glass windows.
  • Remove and replace existing Unit Ventilators in south wing classrooms with Roof Top DX Units with both heating and cooling. 

Through the Act 32 borrowing process, these capital solutions would provide our students and staff members with improved learning facilities and our community members with tremendous value.  
Richfield's Capital Maintenance Timeline


  • Richfield School house constructed in the year 1867.


  • Richfield School house replaced.
  • Eight additions to the building since 1936.  Two of the major projects are listed below: 


  • Library was updated and expanded; computer lab was updated.
  • Art room and gymnasium were built.
  • Old gymnasium was converted into a cafeteria and multipurpose room with a new stage.  
  • Storage closet was converted into use for computers.
  • Nine classrooms received new heating vents.
  • New fire alarm, a bell system and clocks were installed throughout the school.


  • Building addition serving as secure entrance and office area.
  • ADA compliance with the addition of lift.
  • Two state-of-the-art science labs.
  • Fully renovated special education suite.
  • Bus loading zone adds safety during drop-off and pick-up.
  • Storage structure erected to hide garbage corral, preserve district vehicles, and store district property not in use.
Community Dialogue
To learn more, please contact District Administrator Tara Villalobos, or District Accountant Hope David.  You are encouraged to call or email, set an individual meeting, or attend an open house.