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July 2016 Issue                                                         The Metz Center for Sleep Dentistry
Fewer than 10 percent of the nation's dentists incorporate advanced sleep dentistry into their general practices.
The implications of untreated sleep apnea and even very mild inspiratory airflow limitation during sleep are of public health concern.
Thousands of dentists are missing an ideal opportunity to help their patients sleep better and live fuller, healthier lives, while adding an ideal revenue stream to their practices.
The goal of the medical professions is to enable conditions for healing.  Dentistry has traditionally been focused on the "fix."  Today, we must move from "diagnose and treat" to "predict and preempt".
How do we move forward? 
The answer is by embracing strong collection of data for the procedures we ask patients to accept - focusing on evidence.  At the continuum, speakers will summarize the current state of dental sleep medicine and emphasize the need for collaboration with physicians and others within medicine.

Dr. James E. Metz
"I invite you to join our Step Up to Sleep Dentistry Continuum in October 2016 and learn from the October 2016 diverse group of elite speakers - leaders in their field!"

Dr. James E. Metz
Columbus, Ohio

Registration is now OPEN for the October 21st & 22nd session of the Step Up to Introductory and Advanced Sleep Dentistry.
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Allow me to introduce you to our Featured Speakers!

Thomas Viola, RPh,CCP
Pharmacology and its Impact on the Airway
Dr. Viola maintains a pharmacy practice and also serves the professions of dentistry, dental hygiene and dental assisting as an educator, published writer and professional speaker. He is a member of the faculty of seven dental hygiene and dental assisting programs and several national board exam review courses. He currently serves as the Subject Matter Expert for Mosby's Dental Drug Reference. 
Learn more about Dr. Viola.
Using Vitamin D and the B Vitamins to Improve Your Health  
Dr. Grominak is a board certified neurologist and believes many neurologic diseases can be treated or improved by allowing the patient to stay in deep sleep longer. She also is investigating if patients who have abnormal sleep also have
vitamin D deficiency. 

Somatic Syndromes and Sleep Disordered Breathing
Dr. Gold links sleep disordered breathing to functional somatic syndromes and post traumatic stress disorder, via an out of the box paradigm. The iconoclast posits a connection via hypothalamic-pituitaryadrenal axis activation, a theory that moves away from commonly held beliefs within the medical community .  

Roger Price, BS, PharmD,  
Respiratory Physiologist 
Sleep Apnea and Dysfunctional Breathing, the Link Often Missed by the Sleep Study Industry 
Roger Price of Buteyko Breathing Well Pty Ltd is a qualified pharmacist and physiologist and accredited Buteyko Practitioner. He started his career as a pharmacist and went on to additional study and experience in the fields of pharmacology, physiology, forensic toxicology, homeopathic and naturopathic medicine manufacture.
Learn more about Roger Price.
On behalf of Dr. James E. Metz and The Metz Sleep Center, I regularly review literature for pertinent information pertaining to sleep-disordered breathing. As relevant information is found, we like to share it with you!
Sincerely,   Dr. Mickey Harrison

Association between Obstructive Sleep Apnea andCancer Incidence in a Large Multicenter Spanish Cohort
Francisco Campos-Rodriguez1, Miguel A. Martinez-Garcia2,3, Montserrat Martinez3,4, Joaquin Duran-Cantolla3,5, Monica de la Pen˜a3,6, Marı´a J. Masdeu3,7, Monica Gonzalez8, Felix del Campo3,9, Inmaculada Gallego10, Jose M. Marin3,11, Ferran Barbe3,12, Jose M. Montserrat3,13, and Ramon Farre3,14; on behalf of the Spanish Sleep Network  

Recent research in animal models and human population cohorts has shown that sleep apnea and, specially, intermittent hypoxia may worsen the prognosis of cancer. To date, however, the relationship between sleep apnea and cancer incidence in humans has not yet been assessed.

The goal of this study was to investigate whether OSA is associated with increased cancer incidence in a large clinical cohort. A multicenter, clinical cohort study including consecutive patients investigated for suspected OSA between ...
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Obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea (OSAH) causes excessive daytime sleepiness, impairs quality-of-life, and increases cardiovascular disease and road traffic accident risks. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment and mandibular advancement devices (MAD) have been shown to be effective in individual trials but their effectiveness particularly relative to disease severity is unclear.
The future dates for the Step Up to Advanced Sleep Dentistry Continuum thru 2017 have been confirmed.
October 21 & 22, 2016
April 7 & 8, 2017
October 20 & 21, 2017

Dentists and their staff play a vital role in the team approach to the screening and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea - a condition that affects as many as 100 million Americans and their families. 
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Combination Therapy TMD/OSA
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