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November 27, 2013

In today's article  we take a look at things that have an impact on the quality of our life.  


Many people live their life believing that we are impacted by the environment, but this is only partially true and in some instances a cop-out.  What is known is that the quality of our life and how satisfied we are with it is impacted more by the way we perceive things that happen to us, as well as the expectations we have of others and situations.


I hope you will enjoy the articles in this newsletter.  In fact, each of us has the ability to create our own happiness, or misery more than we may think.

All the Best,
David Feder, BA, BSW, MSW, RSW, 
CSAT(c), founder of My Life After an Affair


Featured Articles

Which Pair of Glasses Are You Wearing?
by David Feder, MSW, RSW, CSAT(c)



When all of our time is spent looking for 

what is wrong, it prevents us from seeing 

that which is right.  It is humanly

impossible to do both at the same time.


                                                            David Feder, 2013


 More and more each day I am convinced that we live in a state of imperfection and that the forces in society are determined to prove that this is true.  We listen to the news and it is dominated by news that highlights the worst of what man is capable of.  Our bookshelves are filled with self-help books that remind us our self-esteem is too low, our parenting practices are poor and our relationships are unsatisfying.  We are told of different ways to make more money, how to make ends meet and how to get more things.  After all, don't we all need the newest I-phone or Android product?  In other words, what we have is never enough and we are all naturally imperfect.  But, is this true? to continue reading 


Three Stages to a Better Relationship


Stage 1:          Stop the Damage


Stage 2:          Reverse the Damage


Stage 3:          Create a New Relationship



Are You Happy With What You Did Today?

 by David Feder, MSW, RSW, CSAT(c)


What did you do with your day today?  When you look back at the past 24 hours, are you satisfied with what you did?  Are you proud of how you spent your time?  Will you do the same as you did today, tomorrow?  And if you did, how would you feel about yourself after doing it?


Would you feel proud of yourself, or would you feel guilt?  Would you feel contentment, or would you feel shame?  Finally, if this turned out to be the last 24 hours you got to spend on this earth, is what you did today how you would choose to spend your last day on this planet?


It's 7:25 pm on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 and I am asking myself "am I happy with what I did today?"  From that other questions popped up including, did I do anything worthwhile, did I spend my time wisely, was I selfish today, or did I do something that was of benefit to another?  In short, did I do anything of value today?


The majority of us live each day believing that we have all the time in the world, but this is simply untrue.  One day we must all come to the realization that none of us are immortal and yes, our days are numbered.


I have grown to believe that I have a responsibility to every person I meet because each meeting is both special as well as a gift.   I realize that every living thing is precious and deserving of our honour and respect.  I made a vow to myself that whoever it is that I am fortunate enough to meet, it is my responsibility to ensure that when our time together ends that I did everything within my power to make sure that that person feels better about them self than they did before we met. 


Now, I admit that I don't always meet this goal but when I do I can say that I am truly happy with how I spent my day!  How about you, are you happy with what you did today?

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