July 10, 2017
Incoming First-Year Student eNewsletter

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Important Registration Dates & Deadlines 
July 10
Enrolment appointment times begin for 1st year Arts students (BAH, BMUS and BFAH). Check your enrolment date and time in SOLUS.

July 11
Enrolment appointment times begin for 1st year Science students (BSCH and BCMPH). Check your enrolment date and time in SOLUS.
July 17
Program specific (BAH vs. BSCH students) restrictions on 1st year classes will change at noon to allow any first-year ASC student into previously blocked 1st year classes. These classes will remain closed to upper-year students until July 19.

July 19 - 28
Enrolment restrictions expire and waitlists are initiated for courses that 
have them.
July 28
Registration closes.

July 31 - August 18
The Faculty of Arts and Science office is on reduced services during this period. No appointments will be booked with advisors during this time and there will be limited availability for phone and email consultations. Urgent requests will still be handled by calling our office directly.

August 22
Open enrolment begins. At this time you can make changes to your classes if you need to. Be sure to pay attention to the deadline dates for adding and dropping classes. See our important dates calendar
Class Selection (Course Registration) begins Monday, July 10th
Advice from our Registration Assistants

Have questions about choosing classes? Watch this short video to hear about what Jenny and Francesca have to say about course registration. 

Course Registration Tips for Incoming First Year Students

It's important that you follow registration procedures and adhere to deadline dates. The key is to be as informed as possible.  Nervous about choosing your courses? Not to worry. If you follow our easy steps, you'll find that registering in your classes isn't as scary as you think:
  1. Read the Arts and Science 101: Handbook.
  2. Watch a recording of our course registration webinar.
  3. Call our first-year registration hotline at (613) 533-6708 to speak to one of our registration assistants. We'll be happy to help - just please be patient as our lines are very busy at this time of year. 
Check out our web page for first-year students that contains tips for course registration, first-year Science timetables and much more!
An important note about your email and our communication
with you
This will be the last time that our office will use your personal email address to contact you. Moving forward, all communication will be via your @queensu.ca email. So make sure you check it often.
Student Wellness S ervices

Student Wellness Services recognizes that health and well-being are intertwined with academic and personal success and are an essential part of life and learning. We offer integrated health and wellness, and accessibility services to support your well-being and learning while at Queen's. Learn more about our services and the processes for each here
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