September 12, 2017
Student eNewsletter
Important Dates & Deadlines
September 22 
Last date to add a Fall Term or multi-term class  
September 22
Last date to drop Fall Term or multi-term classes without financial penalty 
October 9 
Thanksgiving Day (classes will not be held)
Have questions about Open Enrolment, fall courses, wait lists, SOLUS or more?    
Watch this short video to hear advice from Academic Advisor Spring Forsberg-Lewis. 

Advice from Academic Advisor Spring Forsberg-Lewis

As Spring mentions in the video, there are many great resources available on our website to help guide you through processes related to class selection.
Waiting Lists 

All single-term Arts and Science classes have wait lists. Multi-term, full year (A/B) courses cannot be set up with wait lists. The wait list option gives you an opportunity to join a wait list for a class that is full. 
A note about using the EDIT function in SOLUS: if you are enrolled in a class but want to change your lab or tutorial and the one you want is full, you can use EDIT to go on the waitlist. BUT.... If you do that, you will lose your existing registration in the class ! If the lab or tutorial you want is full and there is a wait list, SOLUS will drop you from the class and add you to the wait list for both the lecture and the lab/tutorial. Before choosing to EDIT or SWAP, it is a good idea to make sure that the lectures, labs or tutorials are open.
Degree Requirements Quick Check Station
Do you want to know if you are on the right path to graduate? Feel free to stop by our Degree Requirements Quick Check Station in Dunning Hall this week to speak to an advisor about whether or not you are on the right track. 
Note that you can also run an Academic Advisement Report to see what you have completed and still need to complete in order to meet your degree requirements. 
MATH 121 Sections
Are you in MATH 121 and hoping to switch your section? If so, please refer to your MATH 121 onQ site where you will a find a form that you can use to submit your request.
Getting a "busy" signal when calling into our office? Thinking about coming in to speak to an advisor this week but don't want to wait in long line-ups? Since it's the first week of classes, our office is much busier than usual and all advising is on a first-come, first-serve basis until September 15. Note that line-ups should be shorter next week if your questions can wait until then. In the meantime, see if you can find your answers on our website (try exploring areas within the "Students @ Queen's" section):

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