September 5, 2017
First-Year Student eNewsletter
Important Dates & Deadlines

September 3 - 10 

September 11
Fall Term classes begin
September 22 
Last date to add a Fall Term or multi-term class  
September 22
Last date to drop Fall Term or multi-term classes without financial penalty 
October 9 
Thanksgiving Day (classes will not be held)
Welcome from the Dean!

It is a pleasure to welcome you, the Class of 2021 and 2022, to the Faculty of Arts and Science.
My name is Barbara Crow and I am the new Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science. The Faculty of Arts and Science is the largest faculty at Queen's and includes 27 departments and several programs. We are more than half of the University. You can feel our presence everywhere on campus. My role as Dean is the chief academic officer of the Faculty. Among other things, I am responsible for seeing that you get the best education. We have hundreds of the best faculty and staff in the world dedicated to assisting you with this goal.
I am looking forward to meeting as many students as I possibly can. If you see me when you are crossing the campus, please feel free to come up and introduce yourselves.  
The next four to five years give you a fantastic opportunity to become more than you are today. Resolve to become more educated, more equity and diversity focused, more knowledgeable, more skilled, more determined, stronger, braver, wiser. More the kind of person you have always aspired to be.
You are beginning an exciting chapter of your lives. Enjoy!

Dr. Barbara Crow
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science
Queen's University 
Come find us at the Sidewalk Sale this Friday, September 8 
Come find us at the Sidewalk Sale this Friday, September 8 for some yummy tricolour gatorade and welcome posters. Our Arts and Science booth will be located in front of Dunning Hall. We can't wait to see you!
Open Enrolment

Waiting Lists

All single-term Arts and Science classes have been set up with wait lists. Multi-term, full year (A/B) courses cannot be set up with wait lists. The wait list option gives you an opportunity to join a wait list for a class that is full. 
A note about using the EDIT function in SOLUS: if you are enrolled in a class but want to change your lab or tutorial and the one you want is full, you can use EDIT to go on the waitlist. BUT.... If you do that, you will lose your existing registration in the class ! If the lab or tutorial you want is full and there is a wait list, SOLUS will drop you from the class and add you to the wait list for both the lecture and the lab/tutorial. Before choosing to EDIT or SWAP, it is a good idea to make sure that the lectures, labs or tutorials are open.
First-Year Fall Computing Courses

Courses CISC 101 and 121 filled up during the July enrolment period. Students wanting to take CISC 101 should consider taking CISC 110 instead, since the courses overlap significantly and both are equally suitable preparation for CISC 121. The School has opened a second section of CISC 121 in the same timeslot; if you were unable to enrol in July, or are on the waiting list for Section 1, you can select Section 2 now.

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