Faith & Trust 

Faith & Trust
YPL Posting - Equinox/Libra Edition 

Recently, I was asked to describe the difference between Faith and Trust from a spiritual point of view, as well as give my opinion on which ranked higher in the hierarchy of words.


I thought this an interesting question, especially since I had never considered there being a hierarchy of words.   So, I pondered this request and here are my thoughts. 


From a spiritual point of view, to me, Faith relates to Belief, e.g., I have Faith the Creator brought this dimension into existence.


Trust relates more to Acceptance, e.g., I Trust in the destiny given me as part of the Creator's plan. 


In other words, Faith is more of a "holding onto," whereas Trust is a "releasing of or "opening to."  The image that came to me of the former was of a closed hand, while the latter being an open palm.


As for the concept of there being, as in the case of numbers, a hierarchy of words, it seemed to make sense.  A reverence for sound dates, at least, as far back as the ancient Indian Vedic tradition and sounds do have various levels of vibration.  But, to which, if either, word could I grant more power?


What came to mind is that "holding onto" often leads to locking out new information or change, while the surrender implied in "releasing" can lead to more freedom and expansion.  


Nevertheless, I think we need both Faith and Trust in our lives.  The cultivation of each will give us the power to elevate our souls within the hierarchy of Creation.


Faith can take us from a somewhat typical posture, which might best be summed up by, "If I see it, I'll believe it" and bring us to "If I believe it, I'll see it."  However, Trust can elevate us from, "If I believe it, I'll see it" to "I know."


So, while Faith may be able to move mountains, Trust can open us to the entire Universe.  In that regard, I'd have to say Trust does have a higher vibration.


What are your thoughts?


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