Faith E-news    November 4, 2016  

Quick Notes and Reminders    

Please check the calendar for more information.

Faith Feast Menu:
November 9 will feature walking tacos and dessert.

Food Pantry Items The food item for November is soup.

Turn Back Time and Faith Breakfast 

Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends at exactly at 2:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 6. Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour before going to bed Saturday night.

Be sure to join us for our First Sunday Breakfast from  9:00 to 10:30 a.m. hosted by the Stewardship Committee. You get to sleep an extra hour and have breakfast !

This Week's Blog
Blessed Are Those Who Weep  

But only if we choose God's way.

Luke 6:20-31
As the story of Wednesday morning's horrifying events unfold, I am struck by two contrasting images:
An angry white man brandishing a confederate flag at a high school football game in close proximity to black spectators.
A black woman and a white police officer embracing, tears running down both their faces.
These two images actually have a lot in common: hurt, loss, fear.
That may not be as obvious with the first. However, if we view both images with eyes of compassion we can see it.
We can see a man who in his hurt is trying to hurt others.
We can see a man overcome by a sense of loss, seeking to take away from others.
We can see a man using his fear to make others afraid.
But it doesn't have to be this way-and we can see that in the second image. We do have a choice.
On this All Saints Sunday, Jesus tells us, "Blessed are you who weep." The blessings he speaks do not sound like blessings. The woes he tells of are the opposite of what we imagined.
How is this great reversal possible?
How do curses become blessings, and vice versa?
How can these impossibilities actually come to be?
Jesus tells us how: when we claim our citizenship in the Kingdom of God and reflect back the opposite of what the world expects.
Instead of lashing out at our enemies, we love them. And rather than returning curse for curse, abuse for abuse, we bless and we pray. And we give and we give and we give, regardless of how little is left or how much it may cost us.
This is the way that weeping turns into laughter. This is the way the rich and the full and the laughing come to stand alongside all who have not been so fortunate. This is the way we come together, rather than driving one apart from the other.
We do have a choice.
Pastor Sarah

Our Response to God's Grace 
God provides graciously and plentifully for all of our needs.  Our annual financial generosity is an uplifting expression of our love for God, for our neighbor and for ourselves.  Through your generous regular offerings, your faith is put into action in so many ways as we Proclaim the Faith through our various missions.  All that we have comes from God, and causes us to prayerfully consider, "How much of what is God's should I keep for myself?"

Next weekend in worship (November 12 and 13), we celebrate God's grace by offering our commitments of regular giving financial support for 2017. Please pray about making a financial commitment and bring to worship the lower portion of the letter you recently received.
Not in worship next weekend? It is easy to make your commitment through "Quick Links" at After selecting "Quick Links" go to "Stewardship 2017".
We are joyous as we embrace what God has in store for Faith Lutheran Church!

Adult Sunday School 
This week's discussion topic for Faith Journeys, our Adult Sunday School class will be: "The Apostles Creed: A History and How We Live it as Modern Christians." Faith Journeys meets from 9:30-10:15 a.m. in Messiah Hall, rooms 203 and 204, and is facilitated by Dee Paddock. Please join us!

Noisy Offering 

A month of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, paper money, (and miscellaneous foreign coins, screws, watch batteries, etc.) really added up. Over $1,766 was collected for the noisy offering for Hunger Awareness Month. This money will be donated to DMARC, our local food pantry system. Thank you to everyone that contributed!

Music Concert 
Luther College's Dr. Andrew Last will be the guest conductor at a concert here at Faith at 7:00 p.m. Monday, November 7. The concert will feature Waukee High School's A Cappella and the Urbandale Singers from Urbandale High School. The concert is open to the public. 

Cooking Club 

Please join with Faith members on Thursday, November 10, at 6:30 p.m. at the Gathering House for Cooking Club. Please bring a favorite potato topping to share at our Potato Bar.  Baked potatoes, dessert and drinks will be provided.

(*Enter the Gathering House from the ramp at the back of the building.)

Learn, Laugh and Lunch  
On Wednesday, November 16, the speaker for Learn, Laugh and Lunch will be State Representative Ako Abdul-Samad. He is a life-long resident of the City of Des Moines and has witnessed first-hand the challenges facing low income minority communities. His passion to help improve the community lead to his vision of creating a community agency that would provide comprehensive holistic services to develop and empower individuals and families.

Ako Abdul-Samad, has served the community in numerous capacities as an elected official and community organizer. He currently serves in the Iowa Legislature and is frequently called upon to mediate community and individual disputes. Ako also provides consulting services to community based and faith based organizations to help them set up human service programs. He will be talking to us about the Muslim community in Des Moines and Muslim culture.

Everyone is welcome to attend the presentation which will start at 11:00 a.m. Following the presentation, a
Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the fixings, including pumpkin pie will be served . A reservation must be made by Friday, November 11. Please contact Miranda at or 225-8334 if you plan to attend.

Comfort Food Cook-off 
It's again time for the annual Comfort Food Cook-off, to benefit Family Promise. Congregations prepare a favorite comfort food recipe and bring it to the event for the cook-off. Faith participated last year with Jan Burch's Calico Beans as our entry. It is always a fun time and an easy way to benefit Family Promise. The event will take place on Sunday, November 13, from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. (arrive around 4:30), in West Des Moines Christian Church, The cost is $15 per person and reservations can be made at 515-277-7051 or This year's recipe will be Shirley Wise's recipe for Crockpot Egg Casserole. Please let contact Jan Burch at if you are able to attend. If you are able to make a crockpot of Shirley's dish, you can download the recipe here

Thanksgiving Worship and Meal   
On Sunday, November 20, at 5:00 p.m., we will gather in the sanctuary to give thanks for God's abundant blessings in our lives and in the life of Faith Lutheran Church through a service of song and Word lead by Crossroads and the youth. After worship, we will move to St. Michael's Hall for a delicious meal. Please join us!

Jelly Update 
From trimming the vines,
netting the leaves to protect the fruit from God's little critters, to picking the grapes and  juicing them to the finished product, Jim has shown Alex the ropes (or most of them) of jelly making. Last Saturday, they made and jarred five batches of grape jelly. It took 42 cups of jelly to make 24 jars. With helping hands, God's bounty blesses us.  

Children and Family Ministry     


Parents' Night Out

Our next Parents' Night Out is Friday, November 11.  It will be a lego themed night of games, snacks, crafts, and The Lego Movie. Register here.  

Youth and Family Ministry     


7th-9th Grade Notes:
  • Election Day Bake Sale
  • Friday, November 11 - Friday Night at Faith
  • Friday, November 11 - Children and Family Parents' Night Out Helper
  • Saturday, November 12 - Fall Clean-up Day
  • Friday, December 9 - Children and Family Parents' Night Out Helper
10th-12th Grade Notes:
*SHYG meets every Wednesday evening from 7:45-9 pm - join us!