Faith E-news    October 21, 2016  

Quick Notes and Reminders    

Please check the calendar for more information.

Faith Feast Menu:
October 26th ham & turkey sandwiches with cheese on hamburger buns, chips, fruit and dessert.

Food Pantry Items for October are: nacho cheese soup, cans of black beans, canned chicken, and taco seasoning packets

This Week's Blog
The Get Down 

How low can you go?
I love Netflix.
The online streaming media company has given me some great opportunities to experience other worlds while I am stuck at the kitchen sink washing dishes in my suburban Midwestern kitchen.
Recently I binged a series (for the unfamiliar, that means I watched all the episodes in a matter of days) called, "The Get Down" about the South Bronx in the late 1970's. The series reminds us of how the community was viewed from afar-specifically in terms of race, poverty, and violence-sprinkling real headlines and news footage into each show. The historical footage gives context to the episodes, but also reveals great contrast.
On the ground, everything looks very different:
The "hoodlums" are complex, gifted human beings,
the "blighted wastelands" are neighborhoods both struggling and vibrant,
even the "graffiti" reveals itself to be life-giving art.
While "The Get Down" refers to an emerging hip hop scene, it could just as well describe the experience of the viewer as the story pulls them down to ground level. It's not always the most comfortable place to be, but for the learning to be had, most certainly worth it.
Which reminds me of the most important instruction I ever got in my training as a hospital chaplain: Get Down.
When visiting someone in a hospital bed, on a gurney, or crouched, waiting in a hospital hallway you should do your best to get down to where they are.
If you remain standing, you will inevitably be looking down on them, speaking down to them, keeping your distance from them. This will adversely affect their experience of you, but more importantly this will negatively influence how you experience them and therefore how you treat them.
However, if you crouch next to them, sit so you can talk face to face, squat on the dirty floor and share a tiny bit in their discomfort--you are being with them.
And down there, everything, everyone looks different:
The car accident victim, the parent who made a terrible mistake, the family of the gang member with a bullet in his head, the people who can't speak English, the alcoholic delirious with cirrhosis, the one whose poverty is immediately apparent in the smell of their clothing-
All human beings.
Not all that different from you and me.
All children of God.
All in need of healing.
When our perspective changes, so may our hearts, and if our hearts can change, so may our way of being in the world.
Keep all this in mind this week as we hear Jesus tell us about two men praying-one standing tall, looking down on others, and one with head lowered, humbling himself before God.
Pastor Sarah 

Adult Sunday School 
This week's discussion topic for Faith Journeys, our Adult Sunday School class will be: "Faith and Uncertainty: What about Repentance and Forgiveness?" Faith Journeys meets from 9:30-10:15 a.m. in Messiah Hall, rooms 203 and 204, and is facilitated by Dee Paddock. Please join us.

Responding to God's Grace     

2017 will be an exciting year at Faith! One way we respond to God's grace is to offer our commitments of financial support for the upcoming year.

A letter soon to arrive to your home features a tear-off commitment slip. We invite you to bring this slip to worship on November 12 and 13. Prefer to give online? Faith's webpage features a "Stewardship 2017" link! Also check out "Simply Giving" under "quick links"-a convenient way to support Faith!
We are joyous as we embrace what God has in store!

Package Meals with Faith
Join members of the congregation at Meals from the Heartland on Saturday, October 29, from 9:00-11:00 a.m. We will be packaging meals for food pantries here in Iowa and for disaster relief efforts around the world. Meals from the Heartland is located at 357 Lincoln Street, West Des Moines. Please sign up before attending.

Stop by Meals from the Heartland's table in the Commons this Sunday to taste meals and sign up to package. You can also sign up on the form in your pew or online at Contact Ruth Meyer at 250-3969 or with questions.

DMARC Food Drive     

Please bring non-perishable food items to church in the month of October. DMARC appreciates all kinds of non-perishable items, including 100% juice, canned beans, vegetables and meat. Place items in the red food drive bins or at the table in the Commons. These items are paired with Meals from the Heartland meals to provide nutritious meals to hungry families here in our state. You may also make a donation by placing your check written to Faith Lutheran Church, with "Meals from the Heartland" in the memo line.

Ensemble Name Changes    
hand_holding_note.jpg Greetings friends of Faith. I would like to make you aware of some ensembles that have changed their names to better match their mission in our music ministry. The first one is the Confirmation Ringers who have changed their name to the Agape Ringers. This ensemble is no longer just confirmation age. As of this year they have even included adults who want to learn to play bells. Agape, which means "Love", is the perfect name for this bell choir that wishes to share God's love through their playing. Another ensemble that has grown and changed their name is the Treble Choir. This ensemble now has junior and senior high kids singing, both men and women. After searching for an appropriate name they have decided on Chor Spiritus. Chor is the German word for choir, spiritus is the Latin word for breath. How appropriate for these young, very smart musicians - a choir that breathes! So now when you see the Agape Ringers and Chor Spiritus listed on the church calendar or in a worship bulletin you will have a little background. Blessing, Dave

Luther Park Community Dedication and Ribbon Cutting
Come celebrate the completion of Luther Park Community Center's remodel on Thursday, October 27, beginning at 3:00 p.m. The Luther Park Community Center is located at 1555 Hull Avenue, in Des Moines. All are welcome.

Guys' Night Out 

The Guys' Night Out group is meeting at The Beerhouse at 4810 NW 86th Street, in Urbandale, on
Monday, October 24 at 7:00 p.m. Come watch Monday Night Football or maybe a World Series game. Please let Dave Eppert (710-8558) or Tim Tessier (707-0880) know if you will be attending by sending a text.

Life-long Learning 
Members of the Emmaus Adult Education Team share why life-long learning is important to them. Check out our Adult Education opportunities on the website or call the office for more information 515-225-8334.
Jerry W 
Jerry W

Children and Family Ministry     


Halloween Party

trick_or_treat.jpg We will host a Halloween party during the Sunday School hour on October 30.  This will be a fun, casual, party for kids to wear their costumers and trick or treat inside the church.  If you're interested in helping to plan the party please contact Sara Richards:

Youth and Family Ministry     


7th-9th Grade Notes:
Sunday, October 30:  In-service opportunity to help with CFM Halloween Party from 9:30-10:15 am
AND Out-service opportunity to help with a meal at Catholic Worker House
10th-12th Grade Notes:
*SHYG meets every Wednesday evening from 7:45-9 pm - join us!