Faith Formation November 27, 2017
Normal classes this week
I hope your family had a fantastic Thanksgiving!! We will have our normal classes this week and then go into our Advent Family Night next week. Details on that are below.

Family Night, December 6, 2017
Our Advent Family Night will be December 6. The early session will be from 5:15-6:30 and the later session will be from 6:45-8:00. If you have children in both sessions, you have the choice of attending just one of them with all your children, regardless of their grade. All kids should attend one of the sessions and I would like all the parents to attend one of them also. Contact me if you have any questions on this, thanks!

This week's moment with Jesus.
Quick notes:

Classes for this week:
K-5 from 5:15-6:30
6-11 from 6:45-8:00

Youth Day
Our next youth/service day will be Saturday, December 9 from 9:30 - 1:00. We will be having some fun activities/games/prayer at the parish hall and decorating Christmas cookies at Sun Valley nursing home. Youth Day is open to all current 5th graders and up. I hope you can join us in the fun and sharing the love of the coming Christmas season!

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