Faith Formation November 6, 2017

Holy Trinity Auction, this Saturday, November 11
Doors open at 4:30. Come see all the great items available for the auction. The FF classes put together some awesome baskets!! Hope to see you on Saturday!

Family Mass is this Sunday, November 12-10:45 Mass
All faith formation families are encouraged to come to the Mass this Sunday for our first Family Mass of the year. The 4th and 5th grade classes will be contributing to the Mass this month.

This week's moment with Jesus.
Quick notes:

Classes for this week:
K-5 from 5:15-6:30
6-11 from 6:45-8:00

Youth Day
Our next youth/service day will be Saturday, December 2. More details coming in a few weeks.

The November youth day was a huge success. We helped out an older gentleman that really needed help with his yard work and the kids had fun with our 4-square game, our taco lunch and sharing in our discussion about our faith, heaven and answered prayer:)

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